More growing to do

Hi there!

I hope you are all fine and enjoying the summer vacation. It was a lovely day here today with the perfect amount of sunshine! I know I have been complaining a lot about the (lack of) sunshine… 😉 , but it is fine now!!! (Oh I hope I have not jinxed it now!) Hoping for more perfect days just like this for the rest of the summer break!

The pile of paper I spoke off earlier has been”attacked” and sorted into three slightly smaller piles. One for “private”, one for “school” and (the most important) one for “crafting”. Lots of other papers ended up in the recycling bin that is just behind the appartment building I live in. So practical!!! Alright, I will still have to re-attack each of these piles and store the papers in the correct folders, but that is a job for later this week (or month 😉 )!

But after all this cleaning up, I have some new pictures to share!

I have been working on two orders from family members. All pillows! Oh, I love working on pillows! I can experiment to my heart’s content and than go on to another project!

Here is the first “assignment”: two pillows please with a pattern similar to the Boomerang quilt by Emily Herrick of CrazyOldLadies. Here is the original, gorgeous and most perfect pattern!

I wish I had a fabric stash as colourful as in the original design! Don’t you just love the sharp sides in the binding?

As I said, I looked at this gorgeous quilt as my inspiration. I used different measurement for the chevrons and the colours are so much more toned down. I am working with one patterned fabric and solids in lilac/purple, creme and gray.

Pillow order number 2:

Something funky!

I have been seeing these diamand blocks all over blogland. The pattern “Fire Drill” comes from the book “Modern Patchwork”. Have a look at these beauties I found online: here, here, here and here. I do not own the “Modern Patchwork” book (yet), sadly… so I eyeballed the pattern and made it my own!

Some vintage, some solids from the regular stores and some gorgeous quilt cottons! (Maybe my stash is not in such a bad shape as I may have stated above 😉 )

And last but not least…. an overdosis of PINK!

About 40% is quilted…. hardly visible on the front….

(I am loving the pin stripes!)

….And as many of you commented on my previous post: “A big surprise at the back!

I do not consider myself a traditional quilter, but I love playing with the feathers. I want to LEARN it all! (and having lots of fun along the ride!)

I think I am getting the curve of the feathers right. The “backtracking” needs some work though 😉 I am thinking about doing a whole cloth quilt with just feathers…. maybe….. when all of the other projects are finished! HA HA, like I am ever going to have no more WIPs! I always have a new project in my head or on my cutting table!

I wish you all lots of joyfull family filled days with sunshine and happiness!


I am linking up with “Anything Goes” by Stitch by Stitch and Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily’s Quilts
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29 thoughts on “More growing to do

    • Hello Vera!
      I think those patterns are very versatile and modern. I do still have to figure out how to align the blocks a bit better! 😉
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. I LOVE the back of that quilt! The thread choice is so nice on the pink. And that boomerang pattern is so cute! Love the colors you chose.

    • Hi!
      The muted colours fit the recipients more than the funky, summery colours of the original. I hope to finish the two pillows by Thursday!
      I will keep you all “posted” 🙂

    • Hi Beth,
      I am so grateful for all the quilters on internet! I do not think I would be making what I am making if it weren’t for the web! The inspirating and the support are wonderful.
      Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. This boomerang design looks great. I really like the colours you’ve chosen adn that FMQ is amazing! Do you mark the feathers? Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day! Great to discover your blog.

    • Hello Camilla,
      I only marked the spine of the feathers, but I did some drawings on paper and a kind of plastic that I had put on top of the fabric before I started the quilting. I counted how many curves I had to do before turning corners and such.
      Thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Hi Esther:

    Boomerang: I much prefer your range of colors: I can just imagine how any pillow you make will fit into the recipient’s decorating style .. same is true for your other projects. Let me know if I can help you get the Modern Patchwork book. Might need an excuse to go shopping one of these days .. especially in a book store.

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