Wednesday progress

Hello everyone!

It is Wednesday again! Phew-eee, time flies when you are having fun! This last week was a fabulous one! I went to visit a couple of friends who were celebrating their 10th anniversary as a couple: great party, great people, great sleep-over, great lazy Sunday morning, great shopping excursion, great dinner and great “something to drink in the sun”…. Anyway, it was fabulous weekend! Monday and Tuesday was spent with dear friends (more soft drinks in the sun) and loving family. What can you say… I am loving this summer break so far!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I also have been able to squeeze some sewing in. Last week I showed you some pictures of the pillows I was working on. Here is one of those to refresh your memory.

There will be two pillows with the same pattern and fabrics. I have just finished the front of one of these pillows. Here you see it on the design wall next to the pieces of fabric destined to become pillow number 2.

I have used different FMQ patterns on each of the fabrics.

I will start work on pillow numer 2 this evening. Hope to finish them both tomorrow!

Maybe you also remember that I worked on some slab blocks for Cheryl’s quilt block drive for the Canadian flood victims? Please check out her site if you would like to participate! Do read through her latest posts on the subject as there is some additional information. Here is my favorite of the three slab blocks that I have sent to Cheryl in Canada.

Well, I had to rummage in my scrap bins to build those slab blocks. I also came across some two pink fabrics that I really lovedย  three years ago when I first started quilting (on a very small scale, and by far not the addiction that it has now turned into LOL). These pink fabrics were of the same type of muted colours as the two pillows I am working on. I wanted to experiment a little bit more with the those type of colours and try to use up the last bit of pink fabrics. This is what the little scraps turned into:

The floral fabric on the right is something I am considering for the back. Here again is a piece of fabric that I bought a while ago. All of my other fabrics in my (growing) stash are much more bright so I think I will have to use this one up too!

I have used some vintage fabrics for the log cabin blocks: the blue-ish gray ’60 floral in the middle of the block and the light gray stripy fabric. All of the others are quilter’s cotton.

The block is a bit of a “mix-up” ofย  “a square in a square” (?) and a log cabin.

I have already added three borders around these nine log cabin blocks to get to a 37″ square. I will show photo’s later this week! The borders have brightened the whole thing up a bit. Even though I like the colours, together they may be a bit too “quiet” for my personal taste.

I am envisioning this as a baby quilt for using in a car with a baby carrier or something similar. Do you think that this size is big enough for that purpose? I do have some fabrics I could use to make it bigger (square or rectangular). Please advise!

Thank you!


I am linking up with WIP Wednseday at Freshly Pieced.


38 thoughts on “Wednesday progress

  1. Wow! Your FMQ is incredible!!!!! The pillows would look cute without it, but with it, they are absolutely spectacular!!! You are definitely my hero for your pebble FMQ. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Marjorie!
      Neat? I do not consider myself neat, LOL! A lot of junk lying around in my house, as I am not a fan of cleaning up after I have used something. A lot of creative people need their stuff lying around I think. At least that is what I keep telling myself.;-) When it comes to FMQ I aim for precision. I am well aware that precision FMQ is only achieved with a computer, so I just hope to get as close as possible. I practise on paper before I start the FMQ. And… I do not styress about it… just DO IT AND HAVE FUN!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a great post! Absolutely love the pillows! Eye catching beautiful and whowwwwW! the quilting is amazing. So inspired by your log cabin and what a srap bin can do. Thanks for sharing. Marie

    • Hello Marie,
      I have finally decided against the floral fabric for the border of the log cabin quilt. In colour it was perfect, but the style was soooo different. I will use it on something else. I have found the PERFECT fabric to go with it actually last Friday! As soon as my sewing machines are back in working order I will show pictures! Sigh… yes the machines are still broken. I will have to keep busy with cutting fabrics for new projects (yes even more LOL) and writing the tutorial on Cloud Nine (on point)
      Bye Bye

  3. The pillows are outstanding!!!! The quilting is gorgeous! Your baby quilt is so delicate and lovely. Although it’s dimensions are not that large, it would be perfect for a newborn! I love the color combo!!! Hugs…….

    • Hi Melanie!
      How nice of you to drop by / hop over from the Linky Party! It is always so much fun to see what others have made and to be inspired by their work! I just love Linky Parties!
      Bye Bye

    • Good evening Carla!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! Yes, the “old” fabrics and the “new fabrics” are so different! LOL!!! You live and learn, right?

  4. Esther, your projects are just gorgeous and your FMQ is really special! Thanks so much (in advance) for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday. By the way, I featured your green diamond quilt from last week!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Kelly

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