Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 1

Exactly one month ago I posted the first part of the “Nine Patch Construction” Tutorial for my Cloud Nine Pattern.

In the next few days I will be posting the “On Point Construction” for the same Cloud Nine pattern. Please read my considerations and comparison of the two construction methods so you might pick the construction method that suits you best! You can find the links to the whole set of instructions of the first tutorial on my Tutorials page.

So here goes!


This tutorial was made with different fabrics than in the quilt top in red and blue. I can not show you the end result of the new blocks in PINK (that make up this tutorial)  as both my sewing machines ( yes! 😦 ) are broken. I was not able to sew them together. When that quilt top will be finished I will add it to this tutorial! Here is a computer drawing of that one so you will get an idea of what we are building.

In the picture above I have added black lines to point out the “On Point Construction”. You can use the empty drawing  below as a template. Just save it to your computer (right mouse click). Print it and use colour pencils or felt tip pens to design your own quilt.

We will be constructing several blocks. There are 8 different ones, but the are NOT hard! Let’s have a look at them.

Block 1 and 2 (mirror images of each other)

Block 3:

Block 4:

And the edge blocks 5, 6, 7 and 8 which are very similar to each other!



When making this quilt you are left with some scraps that could be used for the backing or maybe a doll quilt. I have aimed to give you scraps that are of uniform size.



Somehow I have lost my notes on how much fabric I used. I have tried to calculate how much fabric you will need by looking through my pictures. I hope I am right. Sorry in advance if they are not. Please let me know if I have made an error!

The fabric requirements are only calculated for the quilt top itself, so no backing and no border!

I have assumed that the WOF is 40″.

Let’s have a another look at the drawing  and the blocks so you see what fabrics I am referring to.

Here is a numbering of the fabrics.


*** 1 *** Focus Fabric: hot pink cherry.

– 9 strips WOF,    3,25″ wide.    (In total you need 29,25” WOF)

Do not subcut.


*** 2 *** Light Background Fabric (light pink)

– Cut 3 strips WOF,   6,5″wide   (In total you need 19.5″ WOF)

Subcut these into:

strip 1: 6x square 6.5″

strip 2: 4x square 6,5″ + 2x rectangle 5,875 (cut back to square 5,875″)

strip 3: 2x rectangle 5,875 (cut back to square 5,875″)

WHY OH WHY  does the third strip have to be 6,5″ wide instead of 5,875″? Remember that I am aiming for uniform scraps? The remnant of this strip can be cut into two strips of 3,25 that can be used for the back or the dolls quilt.


*** 3 *** Dark Background Fabric: (hot pink)

2 strips WOF,    6,5″ wide  (In total you need 13″ WOF)

Subcut into :

– 4 squares 6,5″ (later to be subcut diagonally)

– 4 rectangles 5,875 –> cut those into SQUARES of 5.875″

WHY OH WHY  does the second strip have to be 6,5″ wide instead of 5,875″? Remember that I am aiming for uniform scraps? The remnant of this strip can be cut into two strips of 3,25 that can be used for the back or the dolls quilt.


*** 4 *** Main Accent Fabric: green dots.

6 strips WOF,   3,25″ wide  (in total a maximum of 19.5″ of WOF) It is possible that you will only need 5 strips instead of 6, depending on the width of you fabric!!!

In total you want these piles:

– 24 x square 3,25″

– 24 x rectangle 5,875 x 3,25″

– 1 strip of at least 30 x 3,25″

Subcut like this:

strip 1:    1x 3,25″     ,    1x 5,875″       Use the rest of this strip for the construction of Block 1 –> do not subcut further!

strip 2:    7x 3,25″   ,    2x 5,875″         (Maybe you will be get another 5,875 out of your strip! If so, please do.)

strip 3, 4 and 5:    from each 6x 5,875″           (Maybe you will be able to get another 5,875 out of your strip! If so, please do.)

strip 6:    3 x 5,875    (or less depending if you were able to get more pieces 5.875 out your other strips.)

*** 5 *** Extra accent fabric : white with blue flower.

2 strips WOF 3,25″ wide    (in total you need 6.5″ WOF)

Subcut into 20 squares 3,25″.

I have fussy cut these flowers from a larger piece of fabric! I needed more than the given measurements here.


Congratulations! You have made it this far!

Part 2 of this Tutorial will be posted tomorrow!

Bye bye!!!



6 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 1

    • Well thank you Marie!
      I hope to finish the tutorial this week. Working on the laptop computer is something I am trying to avoid a the moment as that thing gives off a lot of heat. And we do not need more warmth in the house!. Today it was 84 F inside my apartment! (NO there is no airco… we are just not building houses with airco over here) It is almost midnight here now and it has cooled off a little bit, just enough te be able to sleep, I hope!
      Hope that the weather is a little bit cooler where you are!
      Bye bye

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