Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 2

Goodmorning to you all! Another gorgeous day here!!!  Before I go and sit in the sunshine I want to give you the second part of Tutorial B.



This is block 1:

Step 1. Take 1 strip WOF of the Focus Fabric (fabric number 1). Take the strip  (of at least 30″) of the Main Accent Fabric (fabric number 4).

If there are selvages on the fabric, please cut them off.

Please the two strip on top of each other : right sides of the fabric facing.

Use a ruler with a 45 degree angle and place it on top of the strip. Align the 45 degree angle line with the bottom of the strip.

There are two ways of going through the next part of step 1. First I will show you how I did it.

I aligned the ruler and cut off a triangle on the right.

Than I sewed each part (red lines in the picture below).

Now for the other way of doing this:

– Align the ruler in the same way as in the pictures above

– Draw a line on the fabric along the ruler

– Pin the fabric into place!

– Now sew NEXT to the drawn line on the fabric. Sew on both sides of the drawn line.

– After sewing you cut the fabric on the drawn line.

This last way is better if your fabric is especially stretchy on the bias!

Ok, just do whatever works for you!

After pressing the seams and opening the patchwork open this is what you get. The little square I am saving for a dolls quilt.

Turn the strip on your cutting table so you can safely make the next cut. If you are lefthanded, you might want to turn the whole thing upside down!

Cut the strip of Main Accent Fabric (green) off!

Step 2

Now take a 5 7/8 ” square of the Light Background Fabric and align it to the strip we have created. Cut a rectangle from this strip.

Pin the rectangle to the square. Sew!

Press the seams and open the patchwork up.

Now you need to repeat all of the parts to create another on of those rectangles we stared with. When you have two, align it to the larger rectangle we have created . Use the remaining strip of the Focus Fabric (cherries)

Pin and sew.

Step 3.

After pressibng the seams and opening the patchwork up, please attach two long rectangles of 11 1/4 “.

These long rectangles are cut from the remainder of our WOF strip we were using.

Before you start sewing. Please check to see if the seams are pointing in the direction as indicated in the pictures with the black arrows.

Pin and sew.

Now attach the other long rectangle in the same manner.

Press the seams on the back towards the edge of the block, please. (Press towards the outside)

You will have a little bit of the Focus Fabric left. Please cut two squares out of it! Put these squares to the side for the construction of block 3.

That was Block 1! We need two of these, so now quickly do another one!

The End! 😉

The next post contains the information on block 2!

Bye bye



5 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 2

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  2. I’m not sure I should be doing a “visual only” follow along but your directions seem to be very clear. I so love the pattern and will bookmark this tute!!!!!

    • Good evening!
      I am so enjoying the slight breeze coming in the house… it was so hot today! It is past midnight now at the moment… still to warm to go to bed, so I am trying to catch up with all of the comments!
      I hope to finish the tutorial two last parts this week and even finish that whole quilt in the weekend. All depends on if I finally get my order of fabric for the backing I have been waiting for (toooo long). I seem to have a nack for ordering fabric at stores which are very bad at sending stuff on time / sending me the right stuff / sending it to me at all!
      We will see, tomorrow… if the mailman arrives with a package… or not! 😉

      • I do so hope the postie comes with your needed yard goods!! Between that and the warmth… can really get a tad frustrating. We are having storms come through at the moment (8:15 pm) with many warnings around the area (not right here at the moment!!). The temp is 86F with very high humidity and quite uncomfortable but we just got a new central A/C unit that is a God-send! I sure am looking forward to watch for your finish!!! Hugs and blessings……..

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