Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 3

Part 3

Welcome to the third part of this tutorial B for the Cloud Nine pattern. You can find more information on this tutorial here and here.


Block 2 is very similar to block 1! They are each other’s mirror image. Let’s have a look!

See? Mirror images!

The steps of block 2 will be very familiar to you!

Step 1.

Take 1 strip WOF of the Focus Fabric (fabric number 1). Take the strip  (of at least 30″) of the Main Accent Fabric (fabric number 4).

If there are selvages on the fabric, please cut them off.

Place the two strip on top of each other: right sides of the fabric facing.

Use a ruler with a 45 degree angle and place it on top of the strip. Align the 45 degree angle line with the top of the strip.

( In the picture you see that I have forgotten to take the selvage off before. I just moved the strip a little bit so I could cut the selvage off in one swoop with the triangle)

There are two ways of going through the next part of step 1. First I will show you how I did it.

I aligned the ruler and cut off a triangle on the right.

Than I sewed each part  along the 45 degree angle. (I saved the little square for my doll’s quilt again)

Now for the other way of doing this:

– Align the ruler in the same way as in the pictures above

– Draw a line on the fabric along the ruler

– Pin the fabric into place!

– Now sew NEXT to the drawn line on the fabric. Sew on both sides of the drawn line.

– After sewing you cut the fabric on the drawn line.

This last way is better if your fabric is especially stretchy on the bias!

Ok, just do whatever works for you!

After pressing the seams and opening the patchwork open you can go onto the part of the cutting!

As before we are creating a rectangle of 5 7/8 ” long.

We need two of these rectangles for one block. When you have two you can start building block 2.

Step 2.

Grab one 5 7/8 ” square of the Light Background Fabric and sew the rectangles onto it.

Please check if you have pressed the seams to the centre square!

Step 3.

Use the remainder of the strip of the Focus Fabric for the two long rectangles left and right.

Please check the back to see if the seam is pressed to the edge of the block (towards the outside).

Cut the remainder of the strip off and subcut the remants into two squares!

Like this! Save the squares for block 3.

Hey presto! Block 2!!!

We need two of these blocks! Please make another one NOW! 😉



3 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 3

    • Hello Rosa,
      Thank you very much for your visit to my blog! More on that tutorial will follow… when things cool off a bit here! Toooooo warm to turn computer on! LOL!!!
      Have a great week!

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