Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 4

Part 4


Let’s go on with block 3!

Step 1.

Remember we put the little squares of the Focus Fabric to the side? We need them now, so dig them out from all of the stuff on your sewing table! πŸ˜‰

We also need the rectangles and squares from the Main Accent Fabric.

Attach the two squares.

Press the seam toward the Main Accent Fabric (so away from the Focus Fabric).

Now attach the rectangle to the left of the two squares. Press the seams to the side, again toward the Main Accent Fabric.

We need two of these sets for block 3. Repeat all of the above steps to create the second one.

Step 2.

Now we get to play with some new fabric. We are building squares made of the Light Background Fabric and the Dark Background Fabric. Cut the squares diagonally.

Create sets of one light and one dark triangle.

Sew them together!Β  Press the seams.

Now we need to cut the square to the correct size. Line up the ruler with the 45 degree angle.

Line up the ruler with the 5 7/8 ” marks on the ruler. Cut the two squares to size!

Step 3.

We have now all of the parts for the construction of block 3. Line up the four parts like this:

Make sets like this and sew them together.

Press the seams towards the square made up of the two triangles.

The last thing we have to do is to sew the two parts together now. Pin the two parts. Pay extra attention to the interlocking seams (nesting seams).

In the next picture you can clearly see that the seams are each pointing in the other direction.

Once you have sewn the parts together, you only need to press the seam!


We need four of these blocks in total!

Soon part 5 will follow. I promis that block 4 is very simple!!!

Have a great Wednesday!



3 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial B – part 4

    • Hello Susan!
      Thank you for the great comment. I love working on the tutorial. I hope to finish the the last two parts this week.
      Good night, sleep tight, do not let the bed bugs bite! πŸ™‚

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