W.I.P’s on Wednesday

I have lots of W.I.P’s at the moment… a bit to many! So I am letting you know that I am trying to finish at least 4 (maybe 5) of those first before I will start a new one. OK, no promises! I am just stating an intention! 🙂

Here is the update on the W.I.P’s on my to-finish-list. First of all I did some more FMQ on the “Growing blocks” quilt in the shocking pink and yellow.

I have  done about 1/3 this week. Hope to finish the FMQ and add the binding next week. I have set myself the goal of  “one spool a day” or more if I feel like it. 1 Spool is not much, but it is manageable on days I do not feel like it. I just want this quilt finished!



Now another W.I.P. you have not seen in a while! The red Cloud Nine Quilt!

I backed it with a solid red and added large stippling FMQ in a bright blue thread. The next pictures are a bit “bleached” as the sun was sooooo bright! (we are in the middle of a heat wave!)

The front:

Of course I did not have enough thread (I was one spool out!) to finish, so the FMQ was not done at the moment this picture was taken! (Status report: FMQ is now finished, binding has been added, “oh and ah” was said! 😉  I love it!!! )

And the back:

And here is a W.I.P. you have not ever seen, just maybe read about! Remember that I broke BOTH my sewing machines in ONE day? I only had to wait about a week before I could use them again (thanks to hard-working B.I.L.), but the create-a-quilt-urge did not leave the house with the machines. So I had to create something… I wrote up some of the tutorial (still to finish) for the On Point Cloud Nine Quilt and I cut up a stack of fabric and laid it out neatly on the design boards that I made in January or February.

The day after the Janome came back home I put this quilt together. It is now a quilt top 45″ x 60″. Basting will start after the weekend.

The blocks are of my own design.

These colours are also a bit washed out due to the bright sun. I promis better pictures one of these days.

Do not know which of my other W.I.P. will be next on the list, we will see which one “speaks to me”! (“finish meeeeeee”)

I am off to bed now, boys and girls! Hope the heat will not bother me that much!

“Slaap lekker allemaal”  Good night you all! (Loose translation)


I am linking up with Freshly Pieced for “W.I.P Wednesday” and Sew Much Ado for “We Did It! Wednesday“!


16 thoughts on “W.I.P’s on Wednesday

  1. Love that quilting!! Being w/o machines certainly didn’t cause you a misstep at all. Beautiful piecing, too. I think your original blue quilt is so-o-o nice!! Hugs…..

  2. Your quilting is so awesome, makes me want to practice more everytime I see it! You are a quilt machine, you sew girl:)

  3. Awesome quilts and quilting!!
    I hanquilting my quilts so I have some Ufos tops waiting to be quilted and I use stencils to do it.I enjoying quilting but don´t do it quickly.Have a fun day!!

    • Hi!
      The red quilt is one of my favorites (sharing first place with a WIP) at the moment. Can’t wait to show you all the “finished” pictures!
      Have a great weekend!

  4. The little strawberry fabric in the Cloud Nine quilt is just so cute! I love your quilting – I wish I had the talent and the patience! :^)

    • Hello Nony!
      The strawberry fabric is by a brand called Dapper from the Netherlands, I think. And I have been hunting for it since the moment I started that particular quilt… I LOVE IT!!!
      Have a great weekend!

  5. Your quilting is amazing! What type of machine do you use? I appreciate you info on the No Reply issue…I wondered why your comment didn’t come through! Happy Sewing, Sharon

    • Hello Sharon,
      I am using a Janome 7700 for all of the piecing and quilting. I have used the special D1s stitch for the FMQ, but a bent needle damaged the needle plate. After it was replaced I have only been using the normal D1 stitch with lowered feed dogs. It seems to be working perfectly too and I think I am going to stick with the D1 stitch.
      The binding of the cushions was attached with my old Pfaff from 1961 (Yeah Grandma’s!) because I used very thick fabric for the back. The Janome has trouble with that may thick layers and the Pfaff just wizzes over it, no problem at all! Amazing that such an old machine is so perfect for the job. I have also used the Pfaff for the FMQ when the needle plate of the Janome was damaged, and it also works perfectly, until the foot pedal got very hot… also broken! So that is the story of the two broken machine in half an hour! LOL. Everything is fine now, but it was such a “Murphy’s Law” moment! Hope that I never have to go through a week without a sewing machine. Or else I might have to buy a third machine…. maybe!
      I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy!

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