Poof, there’s poof!!!

It’s magic!!!

Nah, not really   😉   Murphy’s Law was firmly pushed to the side this week and I got these two cushions finished!  The cushions were designed for a husband and wife. As you can see I used the same fabrics and pattern.

I did use different FMQ designs. One cushion has more angular FMQ shapes…

…and the other one has more organic FMQ designs.

I love the fact that the cushions are a set without being too similar or even identical!

I used the IKEA MINNA fabric for the back (envelope). The patterned fabric on the front is the only real quilting cotton in the whole project. All of the others are normal cottons from the regular fabric stores. I made the pillows about 19″ square as I knew that the IKEA pillow forms are about an inch smaller than the 20″ that is advertised on the package.

The pattern of the cushions is very similar to the Boomerang quilt by Emily Herrick of CrazyOldLadies. The person who commisssioned the cushions really liked that look and asked me do to try it out. I just eyeballed the pictures and gave it a go.

I am linking up with TGIFF, Finish it Up Friday, Can I get a Whoop Whoop, and of course FMQ Friday over at Leah Day’s blog.

Please come back tomorrow for an important post ( important for me at least 😉 ) There is a blogaversary to celebrate!




44 thoughts on “Poof, there’s poof!!!

  1. Love the way you stitched each one and I do spy a beloved paisley motif!!!! Each gives a certain personality distinction. No specific faves……BOTH win!!!!! Looking forward to that V.I.A. (Very Important Announcement)!!!!! Hugs……..

  2. Hello Esther,

    Lovely cushions! The different FMQ designs give a great effect, and they have that smart clean cut look that I never seem to manage. Perhaps it is because I am terrified of white in case I get it grubby.


    • Hi Muv,
      I thought about that too, but these cushion were going to a family of grown ups, I thought it would be OK. And they have a washing machine LOL! Also the cushions were made to be used, so when they wear out, that is fine!
      Thank you for visiting my blog!
      I hope your weekend will be nice and relaxing!

    • Good evening Izzy!
      I hope you are well! It is passed midnight here, nice and cool near the fan! We are in the middle of a heat wave, so trying to fall asleep can be difficult!
      It was a lot of fun to create these pillows. It was very interesting doing some “research” on the FMQ designs. Lots of new interesting websites and inspirering pictures. I hope you will have a great weekend!
      Bye bye

  3. Love the different designs in the quilting. Which is your favorite? and which was the hardest to do? of each of the designs I mean. I am reading Angela Walters book and was curious:)

    • I think my favorites are: the “organic wood grain/wave”, the “paisley / oyster” (in the two last pictures) and the one that I would define as “tetris” in the third picture (grey). I found the spirals the hardest because of keeping an even distance between each of the lines. I also found it hard to stay in the borders of the fabric. I slipped several times into the creme fabric. Still practicing on that.
      The more organic shapes come easier to me than the angular ones. I read somewhere that this is different from person to person. The geometric design definitely were harder for me. They kept turning into organic ones, LOL!
      I am curious about what you think about the book. I have been eyeing it too online. I have not seen it in any store here so I can only rely on other people’s opinion for what it looks like on the inside and how helpful it is. Do you find it helpful/inspirational or do the various free YouTube video’s and online pictures help more?
      Bye bye

    • Hello Lynette!
      Thank you very much for your visit! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend full of inspiring fabric! Thank you for hosting the Linky Party!

    • Thank you very much! It was lots of fun working on them, except for the machines breaking down. LOL! So I am happy for them to be finally finished and gifted!
      Bye bye

    • Hello Carla,
      Thank you very much for your comment! I love them too! The couple who received them also loved them… Maybe I should name them “beloved-cushions” ? LOL! 😉

    • Hi Cathy!
      Thank you for dropping by for a look at the two cushions! I am having lots of fun with the FMQ. Trying out more patterns with each projects! I still have a lot to learn, but that is OK!
      Have a great day!

  4. They’re awesome. If you hadn’t already pointed out how cool it is that they’re distinct despite being made from the same pattern and fabric… Well done. Your fmq keep me in awe. xx

    • Hi Mareenchen! Ha Ha, I could say the same about you, girl! Your dresses are superb! I have to really try my hand at making clothes, especially dresses. LOVE dresses!

    • Hi Amanda,
      The first I bought were 20″ but the new ones were all 19″. I think it depends on the factory making them.so check the size before you start making a cushion!

    • Oh, it has been I while since I started them! Just glad that they are done and already gifted. Everybody happy! 😉
      Please check out my latest post, there is a giveaway!

  5. Just came across your blog and I’m very glad I did!! Love your cushions and your idea to differentiate by your quilting! Tried to add a picture to my Pinterest board, but the only pic available does not do justice to your beautiful cushions.

    • Hello Kitty,
      I just added some detail pictures of the orange cushion to my pinterest board. You could repin them from there!

      I hope that the one you like is there.
      By the way, your last name sound Dutch/Belgium. Are you too from Europe?
      Bye bye

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