This Wednesday’s W.I.P. and Finish

It is time to give you an update on the projects I have been working on.

First of all, I am working on a bit of a facelift (just a nip and tuck) for my blog. I have already  added a page of Finished projects for 2013 and another page for the W.I.P.’s of this year. I would also like to change some of the pictures on the “header”,  but that is a plan for later.

Secondly, I have added some FMQ to the “Growing blocks” quilt. This is what the back looks like now:

Just the left bottom corner needs some more FMQ and then some pebbling in another block centre.

These need to be changed into this:


And thirdly, I also have something new to share! My mother asked me to make little pillow for a friend of hers who has been having some medical problems with one of her feet. She can rest her foot on this pillow.

The request was to make it similar to this pattern we found online after googling “orange quilt” ( Yes I know, not a very inspiring search LOL  Sometimes I just want someone else to think up an idea for me… ha ha!)

This gorgeous quilt pattern is called “the Tempest” and can be found on the Cherry House Quilts website.

The request was for a little pillow (13,5 inches square) so I drew up a paper piecing pattern to make sure I got exact blocks! There is a second request to make two more cushions with the same pattern. I will have to change the block size though. Some math ahead!

OK, here is the little orange cushion!

With of course an envelope style back… because I still don’t know how to do zippers, LOL!

I FMQ an organic design in each block. I am proud of how the binding turned out, just perfect!

See you Friday, boys and girls! Tomorrow I am off to Tongeren in Belgium with three friends! Going to see some “Roman and Etruscan stuff”


p.s. I am linking up with Freshly Pieced for “W.I.P Wednesday” and Sew Much Ado for “We Did It! Wednesday“!

40 thoughts on “This Wednesday’s W.I.P. and Finish

  1. Your free motion quilting is just incredible, Esther! Love how you did the different sections of the pillow in different styles. You are becoming quite a pillow person! I am sure your mom’s friend will love it! Probably request one for the head as well as the foot! Ha, ha!

    • Good morning Ruth!
      Thanks so much for your kind comment! My parents already “ordered” two of these just for themselves! I will need to buy more fabric (what a punishment!) this afternoon! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  2. Love it!! The ‘flame’ colors are so lively with the flecks/small blocks…..just perfect!! Your FMQ sets it off wonderfully (I bet you had fun doing all that!!!). Hugs, Doreen

    • Hello Marie,
      Here I am again! (LOL, I finally have some time to respond to all of these wonderful comments this week!) I would never have guessed 6 months ago, that I would be “so into FMQ”, ha ha! Can’t wait to see what will be “my thing” in 6 months time!
      Bye bye

    • Hello Kelly,
      Some bribery was involved though… whenever I visit my parents I always stay for dinner! 😉 I make pillows for them, they cook fabulous meals for me! Good trade off, he?

  3. beautiful! I LOVE the orange. I’m working on something now and forced myself to work in warm colors. I’ve hated it every step of the way until the last few hours when it started coming together. Now – I’m all about orange and your orange is pretty great!! 🙂

    • Yeey for orange!
      Orange is one of my favorite colours! I have many orange accents in my sewing room. No orange in the other rooms in my apartment, strangly! Wonder why…
      I believe I have “colour zones” in my house, come to think of it! 😉 Blue-green in the bedroom, mustard-yellow and creme in the livingroom, pink and white in the dining room…
      Well, anyway… I need to buy some more orange fabric this afternoon, I do not have enough to make two more larger ones for my parents living room!
      Groetjes (greetings)

  4. Your FMQ is AMAZING!!! I thought that was made with a long-arm! Wow…
    I love the orangey pattern for the cushion and the placemat, and again, I’m impressed with your quilting, it’s so even. What a lovely work!

    • Oh I wish I had the money and space for a long-arm! Not many people own one over here, and I think the machines have to be imported. Shipping those things must be horendously expensive! And I am not even talking about the regular US price….
      It is so strange to see myself being “into FMQ” as much as I am at the moment. I started the quilting-experience with lots of paper piecing. Funny how things change in just a few months!
      Have a wonderful day!

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  7. I know this is an older post, but I have a few questions about this beautiful design (originating from The Tempest). Do you sell directions for making this pillow? Can you tell me what fabrics/colors you used? I’m looking to make a similar 15″ pillow, and I love this design. I haven’t finalized my colors yet, but I’m thinking about Kona Coral as the medium orange, and Kona Rich Red as the darker color. I haven’t found the correct light color yet. I’m feeling a bit lost on how to proceed, so I thought I’d reach out to you. Thank you!

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