No, I am not going to “bomb” you with a lot of hip-hop slang ( just a little bit šŸ™‚ ), but I had a blast reading the “25 greatest outdated rap slang words“. Sku me girlz, no more saying “bling bling”, cuz it is not dope anymore!Ā Ā  šŸ˜‰

I have been hopping from W.I.P. to W.I.P. this week!

Two are finished, two are more closer to the finish line than before.

W.I.P. 1: “Growing Blocks”

This is what I had, front and back:

This is what it became! All finished!Ā  (Just needs a washing to get rid of the blue chalk lines, and than some thread clipping/burrying)

I liked getting some real practise with the feathers and all, but I am liking the next FMQ pattern much more!

W.I.P.2: “Reetepetit”

(Jazzy sounding name, but with a different spelling than the song. Name may still be altered)

I basted and started to quilt this quilt top. Of course I ran out off thread, so it there will be a trip to the shop tomorrow! (Maybe I will go and check out a quilt store I have not been too yet.)

I found a interesting picture online of a design that I could best describe as a “5 lobbed floppy feather with an echo”. (I have tried and tried to find the website again, but I did not succeed! How come the search results on google change on “FMQ” in a few days?)

Does anyone know the correct name of the pattern I used?

The floppy lobes in the design resemble the paisley motive in the elephant fabric. Anyway, I loved doing this pattern. It was so more loose and free than the regular feathers I have been working on in the “Growing Blocks” quilt. I felt a little bit liberated actually LOL!) I am REALLY in LOVE (YES!) with this pattern!!!

EDIT: My quiltingbuddy Treadlemusic knew what the pattern is called. She even knew were to find a picture! Please give her a shout out; she is just terrific!

I started out with rather large shapes, ranging from 3 inches to 5 inches. Here are two pictures from the back (light blue solid).

I really really really like how it is turning out!

When about two thirds of the top was done, I decided to add a scalloped edge, then to scale down the design to about half the size and also to go from 5 lobes to 3 lobes for a while.

I will add at least one more row of “little ones” before I will return to the large-scale pattern.Ā  (After I get my “thread-fix”!)

W.I.P. 3: Dizzy test block, turned into a little cushion stuffed with pillowform from IKEA.

I added some scraps and a left-over bit of binding to get the block to 14″.

I stitched in the ditch and added some fancy stitches from my sewing machine.

W.I.P. 4:Ā  Another Dizzy test block on its way to becoming a cushion.

Oh, and all the while this was going on, the sheep came back! Yes, the sheep! MEH!

They are eating the grass in the field opposite my apartment building. Boy, they make a lot of noise! MEHHHHHH all day (and night) long!

Love them being there though! So much better than the horrible tractor with the plow that used to come and completely destroy the field every few months.

I leave you with another MEHHH!


p.s. I am linking up with “Anything Goes“at Stitch by Stitch and “Linky Tuesday” at Freemotion at the River.


22 thoughts on “W.I.P.-Hop

  1. Holy moly that’s a lot of sheep! How cool. I love eco friendly solutions to problems. We don’t evict our bats because they eat our bugs. šŸ™‚

    Your work is lovely as always. I so enjoy seeing what you are up to!

    • My cat has the “bat duty” over here! She eats/catches whatever dares to fly/crawl in the house, thankfully! I guess there are also bats here, because I can hear them flapping around the building at night. The sheep have moved “to greener pastures” by now. It was great having them in the field!
      I hope your weekend will be filled with joy and happiness!

    • Goodevening Laura!
      The FMQ was great practice without becoming too repetitive. I love browsing the internet for new patterns and ideas. Than I just doodle a lot on paper.
      Hope you have fun with your FMQ!

    • Hi Paula!
      The sheep were thankfully quiet at night, but the kept on MEHH-ing quite a bit after dusk. They are gone now, and I kind of miss them a bit, LOL!
      Did your new stash arive yet?

  2. Oh what a lot of wonderful projects going on here. I REALLY LOVE the quilting on the quilt, just amazing.

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