Blooming Hot – testers wanted!

Greetings to all foundation piecing/paper piecing geeks out there!

I have written up a new pattern ; it’s called Blooming Hot!

The pattern will be on offer on Craftsy after the testing phase has been completed! You can get your hands on it earlier though… and for free! I need testers!


Do you want to test drive this pattern? This is what I am requesting:

I am looking for 2 or 3 testers.
I have found three terrific testers already! Thank you all for responding to my request. If you still like to be a tester, please send me an email anyway and I will put you on the testing-email-list!!!

– “Test results” (a.k.a. written feedback with pictures) need to be in by Thursday 22 August! That is in a week and a half! Please only contact me if you can keep this deadline!

– This pattern is more difficult that my other patterns. There are 16 points gathering in the centre! Please only respond if you are experienced (or geekishly fantastic) at foundation piecing. ( It is possible that some of these points will not match up perfectly. Be prepared to add applique, a button or some embroidery to this centre to hide the little imperfections. )

– The pattern took me about 3,5 hours to complete! Please be aware that is a big job!

Not scared yet? Still want to do it? 😉 OK, sign up then by sending me an email at! I will send you the pdf document containing the instructions and pattern. The first three people to respond will get the pattern! If there are more “applicants” than needed, I will be offering the other patterns that need to be testing in the future to them first.

If you are not willing/able to take on this big of a project in this tight deadline, please be patient. There will be other patterns soon that also need to be tested! Maybe there will be one amongst those you would like to test.

Here are pictures of the tests I did myself.

I am off to draw some more very cool flower patterns!

Bye Bye



18 thoughts on “Blooming Hot – testers wanted!

  1. That is so cool!!!! Reminds me of a kaleidoscope!!! I would love to do this, BUT (reminder to self!!) I have too many customer quilts (and bridal alterations) to get done in that same time frame!!! Keep me in mind, though, for a future testing!!! Gorgeous, amazing pattern, Esther!!!! Hugs……

    • Of course, of course, weddings are a priority! 🙂 i will put you on the emailing list for the other patterns! Thanks for responding!
      Good luck with the commissions and alterations! I wouldn’t know where to start!

      • Sometimes, I don’t know where to start, either!!!! LOL! I do the hem alteration first so I don’t lose any marker pins…yikes!!! Don’t even want to go there!!!!! (Nightmare!) Looking forward to your future pattern-trying….Hugs…….

  2. Esther, I could give it a try for you. I am just finishing another one up which should be done tomorrow. I don’t have a whole lot of experience but you can check out my blog as I have been doing a bit of paper piecing lately. ( the kiwi and kea are recent. Anyway just let me know 🙂

  3. This is lovely! I totally wish I had time for it but unfortunately I hardly have enough time to cross of what’s on plate right now — I’m sure your testers will turn out fantastic results 😉

    • Hello Sarah!
      Sorry for the late reply, real life caught up with me this week! I so understand that just getting the normal stuff done every day can be “testing”!

    • Good evening Mareenchen!
      Thank you for lovely comment! I really love the pattern too, but it is time consuming for sure! A little bit early, but anyway: I hope you have a great wekend!

  4. I’d love to give it a try for you. I just did a paper pieced block with 16 seams meeting in the center. Would love to do one with foundation. Let me know if I can help.

  5. Shoot I just found the email.. have you found all your testers?

    Please keep me on the tester list I love to paper piece Sue Cox

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