Bargain Week

First of all: thank you all for responding to my request for testers for foundation piecing patterns! I have not gotten around to answering all of your comments yet. I hope I can do just that tomorrow evening.

I have seen some very pretty pictures already of the test blocks of “Blooming Hot”. I hope to be able to show you these beauties by the end of this week! A little patience, please!  If everything goes well, the pattern will be on offer before the weekend!

Today was the first day back at school, and Oh Boy, did I miss my summer break! 😉 Hundreds of excited (and not so exited) teenagers running around the school building, looking for their friends and peers.

It was a busy day: we first of all started the day with a communal breakfast for the teachers, headmaster’s speech, shaking lots of hands of people I hadn’t seen in 7 weeks, catching up with some teacher friends, three meetings with other teachers,…. catching my breath…. handing out the class schedule today to my group of 26 teenagers, going on a sort of scavenger’s hunt with them, just escaping the horrible weather by 2 meters (just a few big drops of rain on my head),  making some phone calls, picking up paper copies for tomorrow’s lessons, trying to find a coordinator for what seemed forever, another two short meetings, going on a home visit  to an Italian family of which the eldest son is in my group ( No, that is not a common thing to do on the first day of school, but in this case it was the necessary), popping in the shop for some food, crashing on the couch…. with a beer! 😉    (Yes, of course it is a pink beer! A girl is got to do what a girl has got to do!)

Before I fall asleep behind this laptop I wanted to show you my week of bargains! Last week, in an effort to find some really cool new outfits, I went into the city to do some “back to school shopping”. Well, you know how when you really really really need “that very cool outfit” you can not find it in ANY shop? Yeah, that just sums up my three hour shopping trip! NOTHING, ZIP, NADA! OH sooooo frustrating! As I was heading back home, I spotted a market stall packing up their wares… a boatload of yardage! The stall holder shouted “1 euro per pieces, ladies come and get them”. Yeah like I am going to pass that up! 1 Euro per piece! Each piece of fabric was 1,5 m square! So I got-me-some!

Spending lots of money (LOL!!! 6 euros!) just felt right that moment.

I spend another 6 euros yesterday at what we call a “rommelmarkt”. Stalls are set up and people try to sell their unwanted goods. I guess you can compare it with a yard sale, but not in a yard! Some of these markets will be indoors in a gymnasium, community centre or a boy/girl scouts building, some are outdoors.  This one I am talking about was outdoors and the weather was not the best so not many people were perusing the wares. I found all of these for a “massive amount” of 6 bucks!

A bunch of magazines and also a book with patterns!

I have not read them all, just looking at the pretty pictures and some articles. I especially loved the ones about the history of some quilts/patterns, like this one about a Dutch silk baby quilt from 1670.

Flipping through them I found all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

I put the ruler on top to show you how SMALL the pieces of that Santa project are. I suspect that the pattern has to be enlarged, but even than…. that looks like a very scary project!

And the best bargain of the week was me WINNING a giveaway with SewMamaSew! YAY, I can go on a real spending spree in Jennie’s wonderful Etsy store called Glam Fabrics! I am having a hard time picking out what I would like! It is all so wonderful!

I am going to take the Ipad to bed to look at the pretty fabric in Jennie’s store! hopefully I can stay awake for a little longer!

Good night everyone!







10 thoughts on “Bargain Week

    • Hello Cynthia!
      I have been soooo busy with work, i have not been able to select anything from the site I won the giveaway for 😦
      I hope that tomorrow evening I find some time to finally do that! YEEY!
      Bye Bye

    • Hello Marie,
      Thank you very much. Finding the magazines was a real surprise. I have never before seen anything similar, ever, on a market over here. I will sure keep a look out for more! LOL!
      I hope your Friday will be pleasant!

  1. Oh, Esther…I love your bargains..especially the magazines. They cheer me right up seeing how they cheer you right up. Aren’t we lucky to be quilters!

  2. Fantastic bargains Esther! I finished up Blooming Hot today, and will hopefully be getting a blog post up with pics tomorrow! Awesome pattern!

    • Hey hey! Your bloom is fabulous!!! I love the fabrics you selected and the points are very very good! I have just written a post about the pattern and of course I had to show off your block! Hope you do not mind!
      Thanks so much for helping me out!

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