Paper Pieced Meet ‘n Greet + Giveaway!

Go over to Amy’s fabulous blog 13 Spools for an interview with yours truly! 🙂

You know what? We will be giving away one of my foundation piecing patterns to a lucky winner!

Hey! When you have visited Amy’s blog, please come back here! I have some more things to show you! LOL!

My latest pattern “Blooming Hot” is still on SALE! Sale ends on Sunday evening! I have reduced the price on Craftsy for these two days!

I have been working on a new pattern, a really “Prickly” one! Somewhere this week I hope to finish writing the pattern and I than I will also contact my testers (old and new) so they can have a go I they want.

I do hope I also have time to finish up the pattern of “Dazzle” which you may have already seen. I turned it into a very cute birthday pillow for my friend N.

And this has been on the design wall for a week or two…

I discovered that some of my remaining test blocks have similar colours. So I have been adding borders in other fabrics to try to pull them together. Not sure about the dark brown border on the bottom left. I may take it off, or make is smaller. Don’t know yet.

So, the first week of school has passed and I am exhausted! Or actually WAS exhausted! I am slowly getting back my energy. Boy, was it busy with organizing, teaching, running around, paper work, phone calls and emails. I don’t know, but it feels like this has been the busiest “first week of school” ever… or I may be getting older, ha ha ! 😉

Later today and tomorrow I will have to invest a lot of hours into preparing a lesson on 19th century opera and music. Like I know anything about that!? Oh well, tomorrow evening I hope to be much “wiser” about the subject. I sure wish that this endless prepartion of art and cultural history came to an “end”. Okay, you are never done preparing for a lesson, but the research is the most time consuming. Once that is done, I can just add and adjust in the following years. I HOPE!

Alright ladies and gents, I am off to the kitchen… going to wip up a meal!



9 thoughts on “Paper Pieced Meet ‘n Greet + Giveaway!

  1. Good for you, Esther! I hardly recognized your blog. It looks fantabulous! I’ll be joining in the Paper Piecing madness this week. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!

    • Hey! I love that pillow to bits too! I had a hard time giving it away, LOL! I put a photo of that pillow on my “business cards” for the blog. They are always a big hit!
      Thanks for dropping by, and I hope your week will be wonderful, peaceful, joyful and “sewful”!

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