Good morning everyone!

I wrote about a giveaway and an interview on Amy’s blog  13 Spools yesterday.  Due to “different time zones” our posts did not “link up”. So, here is the correct link to the giveaway and interview!

Have fun reading the interview and do not forget to comment on Amy’s blog if you want to win the “Jewel” pattern!

Bye bye



7 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Hi Esther! So glad to meet you! I wish I’d met you sooner! I adore stars and paper-piecing, and yours are just my style. I’m still saying “Wow,” the more I see from your posts. Dazzle is amazing, and I wish I’d met you sooner for the Craftsy sale for it. I just can’t wait to see more. Did you know that in some cultures, star quilts are given as new baby gifts, to wish health and happiness for the new baby? Wonderful, right?

    • Hello Rachell,
      How nice to meet you!!! I did not know about the tradition about the star-baby-quilts. I love it though! It is perfect for well wishing! One of my friends is expecting a baby, so some more stars might be in order.
      The Dazzle pattern is not on offer yet… Not finished! in a week, I hope, it will be tested and later it will be on craftsy. Two of my patterns are free! They are called Freedom and Wish, both are stars!
      Lots of fun paper piecing and thank you for leaving your wonderful comment!

  2. Hi Esther:

    Beautiful ideas! Babies and starts .. of course .. when a new baby is born it is adored by family and friends and has a guaranteed “star” status and followers.
    Keep up the great work!

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