Yeeeey, it’s Frideeeeyyyy!

My oh my, am I happy that it is Friday! I need a rest and some playtime behind the sewing machine and the laptop!

This first month of “back to school” has been very testing, to say the least. I will not be going into detail about the how and why, but it comes down to “working much more for the same money”. I just hope that I find a routine that helps me deal with it all. It would also mean that sewing time will be limited, sadly. 😦

I will be taking it a bit slower with my blog so I can create my new routine and I hope that after it has been established I will be able to sew and sew some more! I will still aim for blogging once a week, so you will not need to miss me too much LOL!

Are you ready for something new?


Ta da!

I have been working on this pattern since last Christmas when I tried it with different fabrics. I have been hinting at this “mystery pattern” in my previous blogposts these last few months. This time I pulled the pattern again for a birthday gift for my brother (Yes it’s purple again for him!).  I am calling this paper piecing pattern “Honey Honey” for the hexagon shaped behive and a similarity with the classic Wedding Rings quiltpattern. “Honey oh honey, where art thou”? Pretty clever right? 😉

I will have to add some details to the pattern before I will ask for pattern testers. I will let you know when that is!

I have finally found the perfect binding fabric for a very pretty quilt, if I say so myself!


Yes, the Reetepetit quilt is finally finished. YEEEEY

Alright, I will admit to it… I loved working on this one! Love the piecing, love the quilting, loved putting the binding on!

See how I changed the size of the quilt pattern from large to smal to large again?

And I loved using my new labels for the first time too!  ( The little gray thingy, LOL! )

Finished quilt size 45  x 60 inches.

I have got one more finished very OLD W.I.P for you today!

I finally bound this “Cloud Nine”quilt.

Finished quilt size 45 x 45 inches.

Both the quilts are not really really finished…. need to hide some threads and throw them in the wash… I am calling them finished anyway!!!

Anyweeeyyy, it is Frideeeyyy!


p.s. I am linking up with Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and Can I get a Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Addict!

55 thoughts on “Yeeeey, it’s Frideeeeyyyy!

  1. Toooooooo clever! Love your ‘Honey Honey’ – can see that working very nicely with all my favourite pinks … and your big, small, big quilting is divine. Nice work, m’dear 🙂

  2. Love (especially) the quilting motif on ‘Reetepetit’. Cutter/machine at the ready to have a go at your pattern!! Where did you have your little label made???? I have been looking for a source for some new ones.

    • I found a Dutch company ( have to look it up) that prints them on one sheet. It is a polyester I believe. I think it was 18 euro’s voor 42 labels. I would like to try spoonflower labels too in the future. Bigger in cotton, so you have room for writing down a name and date.

  3. I love your Honey Honey block… the design looks so simple and complex at the same time 🙂 it’s amazing. If you need a tester, don’t hesitate to ask!!

    And I have no words about your quilting… I just started FMQ and I am pretty confident that not even in thousands of years I will be able to obtain your gorgeous results 😉

    • Alright Alida! I will put you on the mailing list for Honey Honey!
      The FMQ even surprised me, LOL! I found that precision quilting is just not my thing. I prefer more loose and flowy patterns. I started by drawing the pattern on paper first so I understood how it worked. After that I went straight to the machine, no markings on the quilt…Zoom!

    • Hey Kelly!
      This year is especially though, maybe because I know there is more stress on the way…
      Ok anyway! I am so enormously happy that I have my quilting as an outlet and all of you for support!

  4. Your quilting on both is spectacular Esther! Did you use templates for the centre bits on the cloud nine one or is that freehand?!?

    • Goodmorning Jess,
      I drew the designs on with chalk and away I went! I sew with a Janome Horizon so I have a bigger harp space than domestic sewing machines. That was helpful!
      Thanks for the visit!

    • Hello Suzanne,
      The piece is now about 20 inch square. Will turn it into a pillow / cushion for my brother’s sofa. I have made a test quilt with the same pattern that is more of a wall piece, bigger! I may show you all that one in the future!

  5. Oh my gosh Esther, your quilting!! I just love your quilting! And how you small size the pattern on the Reetepetit… fantastic!
    Cloud Nine is stunning, great choice on the binding.
    And your new pattern is brilliant, i’m game again if you need a tester!

  6. Wow! such great finishes. Congratulations. I got my labels a few weeks ago. It’s really fun to put your “brand” on your work, as it were. Have a great weekend.

  7. If my jaw was not resting on my desk…. I would say AMAZING! Your Honey Honey is Sew-Weet! And your free motion on both the finished quilts is beautiful! Love them both! You have been busy as a bee!

    • Hi Lorna!
      I am really happy that you are al liking the Honey Honey pattern! I have been working on it today. I am trying to add some extra possiblities within the blocks. It feels like a big complex puzzle at the moment, ha ha!
      I hope to be able to show you all more of it soon!
      Bye bye

  8. Awesome new pattern! So intricate and I can only imagine the fabric possibilities, although I am loving the purple:) Reetepetit…..i am in love! Fabric is adorable and the binding and quilting are perfection. Your work always wow’s me Esther.

    • Hey hey!
      The fabric / colour options for Honey Honey are a lot of fun to think up, I have to admit! I just switched off the computer after playing with this “puzzle” for about an hour.
      I love the reetepetit quilt too. It feels like this quilt is the one were all my skills came together perfectly for the first time.
      I hope your weekend is peaceful and sunny!

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