Hello everyone!

For those of you dropping by through theย  April 1st 2014 Link Up to Sew Cute Tuesday; welcome welcome welcome!

I have linked up this older post. Have fun looking at these gorgeous colourful star-flowers!!!




The pattern for DAZZLE is finished!


Here are the gorgeous pictures of all the blocks my testers made.

Julie from Julie’s Quilts and Costumes created this orange beauty.

Renee from Quilts of a Feather came up with this sizzling Dazzle!

Alida from Quilting, Paper Piecing tried a different colour lay-out! The centre of the flower spins!

….and last but not least….Sarah create this sweety!

Here is my test block again…

… and some more yummy pictures of some of the options you have with this pattern.

A special thanks to my pattern testers Sarah, Alida, Julia and Renee! Thank you for helping me out on this incredible tight deadline.

You girls are fabulous!!!

Renee, a special thanks to you for your wonderful ideas for the colour options page!


The pattern DAZZLE is now available on CRAFTSY!

It will be on sale for a whole week!


*** S A L E ***

( ends Sunday 29 September 2013)

Yes, I have been working on my pillow with the “Honey Honey” pattern too!

I stitched in the ditch…

… tested some FMQ designs on a piece of plastic…

… and decided to stick with the pebbles!

Oops, they are tiny!


Bye bye


P.s. I have linked up with Sew Darn Crafty and Freemotion by the River.

april 2014 : Sew Cute Tuesday @ Blossom Heart Quilts


25 thoughts on “Dazzling

  1. Hi Esther:

    It is amazing how the pebbling doubly “softens” this quilt (not only in the tactual feel of if but also softening the lines of the design). I just love the clean, contrasting color combination on this one.

    • Hello Annie!
      The pebbling really makes it much more tactile! I love how it feels! All of the thread makes that piece of the blocks a bit stiffer, but that is OK as it will become a pillow anyway! I also like how the thread makes the background a little bit darker. The contrast between the dark and light areas is more in balance now.
      The purples are much richer in reality… It is very hard the capture purple on camera, I think.
      Thank you Annie for always writting such lovely and thoughtful comments!
      Lots of hugs!

    • Hello Marie,
      I used the front of on old school report.. I do not know if you know what I mean. When you hand in a paper at school (or work) you can get the report “bound” with a plastic or metal ring and a plastic front and back. I keep the plastic fronts and back when I do not need the report anymore. Reycling at its best?!
      I used a whiteboard marker to draw the lines. Just have to be careful not to draw on the fabric. Maybe I should add a dark line on the plastic with a permanent marker so I know when to stop drawing.

  2. I think I might say this every time but it is amazing to me how different the same block can look with varied color placement. Beautiful block and your testers made gorgeous samples!M

    • Good evening Gina!
      Yes, it amazes me too every time!(SMILE) I will pass on the compliment to the testers!
      I hope the remainder of this Sunday is nice and relaxing for you and your family!

    • I had another go at the pebbling today! I am really happy that I chose to stick with the pebbles, it is so right for this pattern and fabric selection (in my opinion). I hope to be able to show the pictures soon!
      Bye bye

    • Yeah, aren’t all these testblocks wonderful? I was really impressed with the results. Isn’t it funny that they all used a different colour lay-out? They all decided to make the pattern their own!
      Have a great week!

    • Hi Janeen!
      Thank you very much for your kind comment! I love this pattern too as it is so versatile! It is all up to ourselves to decide to make it complex or not! Love it when a pattern lets you that!
      I hope your week will be wonderful!

    • Hello Connie!
      Last night, I finished the FMQ on this pillow panel. As the pebbles are so tiny, it took me a while! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Anyway, I have to think about how to turn it into a pillow… May be I will stick with the trusty envelope back, or I might even venture out to a zipper. EEKS never done that before!
      Thanks for your visit and the kind words!

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