Sunny Sunday

Today we celebrated my nephew Tom’s fourth birthday!

We had some apple pie…. (30 second after I took this picture, there was nothing left!)

And unwrapped a lot of gifts!

I made Tom a set of bean bags (actually filled with rice instead of beans) and a nice quilted drawstring bag to put them in.

I did not use any tutorials for the bag, just “winged it”. That is why I am not showing you the inside, ha ha! I forgot to hide the seams there, so it is a big mess! But HEH, Tom is 4, he does not mind!

I used a very nice piece of quilting cotton from Dear Stella that I ordered from my favorite online quiltstore: Bic’s Business. I decided on a “nautical theme” for Tom.

I added some thicker uphostery fabric (curtains maybe?) from IKEA.

I found two cool carpets at IKEA too! Have a look at these! (No I did not buy them, although I was tempted!)

For the hexie-lovers…

..and the button lovers!

Okay , I am off to go and do some online shopping at the quilt shop I mentioned above! They are carrying more and more modern fabric! YAY!!!


12 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. I want that button rug too. Ikea must know that a lot of sewists/quilters visit their stores. The drawstring bag is cute-I apparently need to go online to look at Ikea fabric because the store I go to doesn’t have a fabric section.

    • Danger, danger… The Ikea store is 5 minutes from my home! I visit the fabric section often, and I know the shortcut to get to that part of the store quickly without walking for miles and miles while buying lots of stuff I really do not need… Like paper napkins or more baking supplies, LOL!

      • Lol, I’m pretty good at resistance when I have to actually get on the computer to order something. (Un?) fortunately, the closest Ikea is 2.5 hours away so I don’t get there very often.

        • Hey Laura,
          ” How do you survive without an IKEA on your doorstep? ” LOL!!! Sometimes I wish that this store was not soooooo close! But when it comes to fabrics and pillow forms, I am glad that it is! 🙂
          Bye bye

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes to Tom! What a cute crown! I am not surprised that pie disappeared so quickly. And I love your ‘watermark’ on that photo! Your homemade gift, I’m sure, will be greatly loved and well played with. Great job, Esther!

    • Goodmorning Lorna,
      Ha ha, I just add that little bit of extra information about me and apple pie… Dangerous combination!
      I hope your Monday is wonderful, here it has already started: dark and a bit cold!

    • You have wonderful taste! 🙂
      The fabric was very easy to work with and i will do so again! I have some fabric left over, so I forsee some more bean bags in the future,
      Have a wonderful week!

  3. Those bean bags and carryall are the perfect handmade gift for a boy that age – nice job ! Is pie a traditional birthday food there ? It looks delicious !
    I will have to get to Ikea – I have seen some really tempting fabrics from them around the internet. I live in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada and there is not one Ikea store here ! Land mass of my province is over 651,000 sq. km ( I had to look that up – I’m not that geekie ) You’d think we could have 1 Ikea store ! I’ll have to travel over 3.5 hours to the nearest store in Alberta.

    • Apple pie goes with everything, right? I think it is more of a family birthday tradition than a cultural tradition. We Dutch eat apple pie all year round… especially home made pie… it is always the first thing be be “gone” at what ever party you are.
      I really like IKEA for all kinds of reasons (storage solutions, home decor, pillow forms, kitchen stuff) , but I think you should be aware that their fabric collection is really geared toward “home decor” and not quilting. Some cottons are very thick and a bit coarse. Other fabrics, like the famous “numbers”, is a bit too thin for my taste. I really like the design, but would be afraid to use it on a more “heavy duty” quilt. It is really see-through. But if you would like to use the fabrics for real home decor purposes, please go ahead and buy it! Just prewash… shrinkage!

  4. Hi Esther! What a wonderful bag and present! I love those fabrics! Great finds, too – just perfect carpets! Yummy apple pie! x Teje

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