Hello everyone!

Tomorrow I will turn 37… OUCH, it hurts a bit to “write it out loud”!

I feel like 28 instead, so if anyone asks tomorrow, that is what I am sticking to!  🙂

To celebrate my (37th) birthday I am putting two of my favorite patterns on sale with a whopping 37% discount! (Better than 28%, right?)

Take a bow, patterns C:

and of course “Blurry

I will keep them on sale for a whole week!


Some dear friends and family members have asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I sadly could not help them much! Except for “sunshine on my birthday”, or “more fabric, please”!

Thinking about my wishlist a bit more I decided to treat myself with some new quilting goodies this month. I need your help for that!  Could you tell me what specialty rulers you use for cutting / quilting or what book you found inspiring?

I am especially interested in books on FMQ. I am not a beginner anymore, so I am looking for something a bit more advanced.

There is no quilting shop around here that has this kind of books on offer, so I never have a chance to know what the books really are.

I also saw something very interesting on Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures about using rulers on your domestic sewing machine. What rulers should I really get and which ones NOT? Are there brands to stay away from? What should I look out for?


Okay, I also have something fun to show you too!

At school, the twelve year olds were given an assignment to write their name in pretty fonts and use patterns in the background. I decided to let them use NOT SO RANDOM PATTERNS, LOL!!! I had them do FMQ with a pen! They were not allowed to trace the letters, they are all handdrawn! Impressive right?

I might steal this idea: FEET!

Last week I showed them where the patterns came from and they were very impressed by the pictures in a book I brought and of course by all of the real quilts and pillows I took to class! One of the girls even told me this week that she had made a pillow at home!

I inspire them, they inspire me!

Bye bye


p.s. I am linking up with Freshly Pieced and Sew much Ado!


30 thoughts on “Birthday!

  1. I retired from working in schools and do miss seeing the inventive things teachers and students turn out. Great project for your class. Thanks for sharing your discount too. Happy BIrthday and my you are so young!

  2. Happy birthday – I’ve been celebrating 29 for a while now:). I love your student’s drawings and even more that you inspired one to make a pillow.

  3. Your students did very well! My attitude toward age: it is only years. What matters is being as healthy and fit and flexible (mentally and physically) as possible–and not linking those features to “young.”

    • Goodmorning Kristy!
      Thank you for your best wishes! The sun is not here (yet)… don’t think we will see her again this week. Lots of cold rainy weather coming our way! I think I need to find my winter boots that are lined with wool. No, it is not snowing or freezing for that matter, but I do not do well with cold feet!
      Have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday ! Don’t ever stop celebrating birthdays ! Ever ! I just turned 38 this year, so I have an idea of how your feeling ! But this advice I have for you, Celebrate your birthday, be PROUD of your age, for with age comes experience. Imagine ALL the things, you never would have experienced had you never gone past 28. You have EARNED those years. CLAIM them !

    • Goodmorning Heidi!
      Thank you, it was a wonderful day yesterday!
      This art project was not a really new one, but adding the FMQ pattern was new. I had so much fun seeing the kids try them out!
      Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dear Esther…. Happy Birthday to YOU! Don’t make out like 37 is so bad. It makes us old folks bitter. Ha, ha! Thank you for sharing the pictures made by the students. They are awesome and inspired me too!

    • Hello Lorna!
      Thank you very much! Okay, I will be proud of my 37 from now on! It is young, LOL!
      Normally I try to keep work out of my blog, but in this instance it had to get in there. Some of these kids are real artists, other ones, that I did not show the artwork of, are kind of impatient and messy. But that is alright, they are 12 years old. I might show some more pictures later this week from a different group.
      I hope your day will be wonderful and joyful,

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