Yep, Yeah, Yay and YAHOO!

I finally did it!

I opened up my Etsy shop!

I am aiming for Dutch buyers at this moment, so all of the texts are in Dutch. I will be adding English text within the next week, so all of you can understand too! It took me a while to decide on my prices. There are actually not many Dutch quilts on offer that I could compare to and even less that have the intricate FMQ on them. I hope I now have priced them at the right level, not too high, not too low! I am excited to see what happens!

So celebrate opening my store I made myself some cool cookies!

They taste wonderful!

Designwise they were not really a success! The dough got stuck in the cutter, too sticky!!! Somehow the dough also got runny in the oven and the imprints of the cookie cutter+stamp disappeared completely. Luckily the cutter+stamp worked on the fondantย  well, so I stuck those pieces on top! I think that using gluten-free flour was the culprit as the dough rested in the fridge for at least an hour and a half. Or maybe the recipe that I used was not right at all. Who knows a great recipe that will not get runny or even a gluten-free recipe that I could use? I think I will try this recipe out next time!

This is the cookie cutter that I have used! Thank you very much Patricia for gifting it to me for my birthday!

Except for having a messy kitchen, I also have a messy sewing room now…

I tried some of the FMQ with a ruler as normally done on a long arm machine that I wrote about a week ago. I will try to get my hands on a real thick ruler that you are supposed to use. As an experiment I used my thickest normal ruler, but I think I will not do that again. It could be dangerous as the ruler could easily slide under the needle and make that break… EEKS, flying needle points I do not want!!!

Thisย  started on the design wall…

Disappearing nine patch with pink and green fabrics that alternate!

Building up the blocks…

I decided it needed a bit bigger, so I added a hot pink border and then basted the beast.

I have already started the quilting process. Pictures will be shown later this week!

One more thing…

Yesterday I went to visit my sister and her two gorgeous boys. Tom, the eldest (4), was showing me a drawing he had made in school.

Me: “Could you make me a drawing?”

Tom: “You are a girl , right?”

Me: “Yes.

Tom: “Okay, I will draw you as a princess then.”

Me: “Do all girls like princesses?”

Tom: “All girls ARE princesses!”


So, there you have it! We ARE princesses, even if we don’t have a tiara to show it.


p.s. I am linking up with W.I.P. Wednesday! Also linking to “My Quilt Infatuation” and one more…. oops forgot which one! Please help!

26 thoughts on “Yep, Yeah, Yay and YAHOO!

  1. Congrats on the Etsy shop – bit exciting!!

    Wish I had a great GF cookie recipe but I haven’t come across one! I know that sometimes you need xanthan gum or an extra egg to help GF flour stick together when cooking but that’s as far as my limited baking knowledge goes!

    Your D9P looks fabulous – lovely colours!

    • Hello Kristy,
      Yes, very exiting! If the internet does not work for selling my quilts I might try and find cute children “toy and clothes” stores that will let me hang them on their walls and such.
      I have heard about the Xanthan gum, I have not been able to get that yet. Needs to go on my “to hunt down list”! Maybe I should give it another try with a different GF flour. This batch had a lot of corn flower in it (I think). The flour I used two weeks ago for my birthday party came from a different store. I will have to do an investigation in the differences between those flours.
      It is strange, but the D9P quilts is even much prettier in reality. The camera can not catch the vibrant pink and makes the green too strong. When the quilt is finished I will make an effort to get better daylight pictures. This one needs it, badly!
      Bye bye

  2. Such a cute comment. All girls are princesses. He’ll treat women with respect. Love you cookies and FMQ samples.

    I am interested to see how you go with thick rulers, so I’ll be back to visit again

    • Hello Jo,
      I found a new ruler to play with today, but no luck on the special “ruler toe”. Today I went to a quilt show in Veldhoven and even the representative of Janome hadn’t heard of it. She will help me find it though! We will hunt it down together!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good luck with your Etsy shop! I pinned a saying over at Pinterest the other day “Charge what you are worth and don’t apologize” and it’s very true, especially for quilters. Too many of us undervalue our hard work. (PS – love the cookies!)

    • Thank you very much for your well wishes! You are so right about “prices”. I just hope that people over here do not think I am insane to ask “that much” for a piece of fabric. There is no real widespread quilting tradition here like in the US. People have no idea what they are looking at and how much times it takes to make a quilt.
      (PS – the cookies WERE lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  4. Congrats on your shop Esther! And lovely D9P too! I just finished up a D9P top too and it was interesting to see how you assembled yours. I tend to join in pairs and stitch into rows, then stitch the rows together. I think i like your way better, i’ll have to give it a try!

    • Hello!
      I saw this technique online somewhere. No clue where that was, sorry! The trick is to try to make blocks with the least amounts of seams to match up. So instead of making rows of 5 blocks, with each 4 seams to line up when sewing it onto the next row, you go for smaller units. You still have to sew all of the seams, there is no way to get out of that one, but with only 2 or 3 seams to match each time, there is less room for error. Oh, and you still have to do the row with 4 seams anyway to finish it of. Anyway, it works for me!

    • Hello Gemma!
      They were cute and absolutely wonderful! I will surely make some more next week! Of course the stamp will be used too!
      I have been playing with the ruler this last week, so I will be posting about that sometime this week!
      Have a wonderful Monday!

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