Open European Quilt Championships Veldhoven – part 1

Today I went to see a quilt show! I have never been to a show before so I did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised about the large amount of quilts and textile art on show. In the catalogue it says that there were over 170 quilts, but a lot of what I saw was is not depicted in that booklet, so I am guessing that it was at least twice as much if we count all of the “minis” on show and all of the shop samples.

This year the theme of the championship was “Berlin”.

Let’s start with “The best in show”:

“Skyline” , Claudia Scheja, 175 x 175 cm

Catalogue text: “…Undeniably the silhouettes of the city are outlined against an evening sky and leave us alone with our memories of glorious and dark periods in the history of this city. Epidemics, forces of nature and especially the Second World war and the building of the Wall have left their traces. The reunification turned Berlin into one of the most vibrant cities of Europe”

Some more details, sadly a bit blurry!

I have to admit that of the other 45 entries for the “Berlin” theme I did not take many pictures and even the ones I do have are blurry. It is kind of funny to look through my pictures and come to the conclusion that I prefer pattern, abstract or stylised depictions instead of “realism”. I was much more taken with the second part of the show of the quilts by the Dutch and German guilds. Next years theme is “Old masters” (Rembrandt, Botticelli, Jeroen Bosch) Mmm, that is something I could work with. Maybe, maybe!, I could give this a try myself!

Here are some pictures of the second part of the show. I have just added the numbers of the catalogue. If you are interested in more info, please leave a comment and I will give you the details!







146, 145 and 144:



162: (My picture did not come out very nice, so I found another online)

These detail shots are mine again:

I will show you more pictures of the quiltshow later!

Still have some “loot-shots” for you! Let’s just say that I entered the building with money and left without it!   😉

I got two sets of Aurifil samples to play with, new applique scissors, lots of needles, a bit of fabric and a pen…

….and lots of Aurifil thread…

Hey, it was on sale! What is a girl to do, except fill the box?

Can’t beat that at 2 euros per cone! They were trying to get rid of the collection of the previous colour chart… and I do not mind to help them out a bit! They even gave me the box for free!

I also found a Handi Quilter thick ruler for “long arm ruler work”, that I have talked about in my previous posts. I also bumped into the Dutch representative for Janome who immediately tried to help me find the special “ruler toe”. No luck! She hadn’t even heard of it. She will try and help me find it though! Let the emailing commence!

It is time for bed now. I will definitely dream in colour tonight.

Sweet dreams everyone!



8 thoughts on “Open European Quilt Championships Veldhoven – part 1

    • Hello Carla!
      Ohw, the shopping was amazing! I had a list of things I wanted to get and I stuck to it, mostly! (I snapped up a bargain here and there.) The fabric selection on offer was a bit of a dissappointment. Mostly traditional or reproduction fabrics. I did not see any of those bright fabric line booths as they have in the US or Australia. I will just have to keep finding my fabric “here and there”. I have come across a company called “Poppy Europe” that have nice and cheery fabrics, mostly kiddies stuff, that is also soft and warm. Other brands like “Stenzo” are so sleek and slippery, those fabric just feel “cold”. I think they have some kind of coating on the fabric. Just eeks! I have just finished an “emergency quilt” for a friend with the “Poppy Europe” this weekend. It was lovely to work with and came out of the dryer perfectly!
      Have a wonderful Monday!

    • Hello Carli,
      I am so glad that I went. I will try to go and see more quilt shows in the future. The next one is already next month, but sadly I have other plans for that weekend. I have decided to become a member of the Dutch quilters guilde so maybe there will be other things/shows that I will visit soon!
      Have a nice day!

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  2. Quilt shows… they are amazing right? I never know if I’m inspired or awed! I love to go, but sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed with all the awesomeness. Like OMG, how will I ever do what I want to do or be that good or or or….

    Thanks for sharing, I love to look at them!

    • Hey Susan!
      It was wonderful to see that there were quilts by “beginners” and “really amzingly advanced quilters”. It is like you can see: “Hey, I could learn to so that too, just have to have more more practice! or “Wow, this is just a piece of art!”
      I hope your week has started well!

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