Open European Quilt Championships Veldhoven – part 2

Some more goodies from the quilt show I visited Tuesday.  (For part 1 please click here.)

These next quilts were from members of the various European quilters guildes and some guest collections.

“Jubilee quilt” (Dutch guild???)

I looked like the squares were actually “minis” that had been appliqued  to the blue blackground. The blocks were hand sewn.

Some details:

I am so sad that this photo is so blurry! It is an EPP block that so looks like my Honey Honey pattern!  Actually this Jubilee quilt is the very first one that I photographed in the show… and it was the one with this block. Kind of weird how things go!

My Honey Honey pattern looks like this, remember?

Ok, back to the show!

This gorgeous quilt won first prize in last years in the Traditional category. It is made by Kea Gutker de Geus-Ploegman, a wonderful joyful lady!

Here she is in the picture!

An oblong log cabin in which the strips have different sizes! Quilted on a longarm.

Another one of Kea’s quilts:

This next one was called “Millenium Geflonker”  (loosely translated as “Millenium Dazzle”)

This next gorgeous zingy quilt was by Bärbel Lehrke. It is called “Schräge Wege”, loosely translated as “Crossroads”.

The photo does not do it justice. The orange was actually more of a neon colour. It really stood out from the rest of the quilts.

This “Butterfly wings” quilt had monograms on it. I do not know who made this. Maybe someone of the Dutch Guilde.

This is an example of the work by Dutch quilter Hilde van Schaardenburg. She combines embroidery and quilting. The colours were lustrous and esoteric.

This amazing quilt was one of many by Maya Chaimovich from Israel. Click for here for an interview by the Jewish Channel on YouTube (starts at 04:00 min). They talk about an exhibition this past summer in Manhattan.

Some details:

This quilt was made by Brigitte Morgenroth and was called “Wirbelwind’ (“Twister”)

I do not know who made this superb black and white quilt. It is gorgeous anyway!

Some examples of Bella Kaplans, also from Israel, large collection of quilts.

The last art work I would not classify as quilt, but I found it very interesting. I kept coming back to it.

It is called “Skin” and was made by Maryan Geluk. It is made with the punch technique.

I hereby declare my “show and tell” of the quilt show in Veldhoven FINISHED!


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14 thoughts on “Open European Quilt Championships Veldhoven – part 2

    • Yes, it is truely a lovely medallion quilt! It was so amazing to see all of the variation in quilts, modern, tradition, avant-garde… It was very hard to select favorites, so I did not! 😉 It was a feast for the eyes! I will surely go again next year.

  1. Thanks you so much for posting. Loved them all. There are a limited number of geometric shapes and a limited number of arrangements, still it is annoying when someone else thinks of your idea at the same time you did. This week a speaker at guild told of two books coming out at the same time, hers and another, and one quilt was almost identical.

    • Yes, you are right, there are only so many designs out there! I think we sometimes “pick up things from the universe” (or whatever/whoever you may call this) even if we are on the other side of the planet… or a bit closer, ha ha! I think it just tells us that that design really needed to be out there at this moment.

    • The circle quilt was very beautiful. You might wnat to investigate the other quilts by the same lady. She a certain style that is very recognizable. The embroidery thread was very thick and shiny. The embroidery was “appliqued” to the background. The design was very well thought out.

  2. Hi Esther:
    How inspirational! You must have collected a great many ideas at this show. I was struck by the range of colors, shapes and styles. I also saw a lot of cross-over with painting/art history/ sculpture. Am sure you will come up with a lovely combination for your next project.

    • The colours were sooooo amazing. My little (old) camera did not catch them quite right. Next time I will bring my fancy camera! You can adjust the light setting from “natural light” to “artifical light” for instance. My little camera does not have this option so many of the shots were too yellow of a bit washed out.

  3. What beautiful quilts – all amazing designs and such wonderful colours! Thanks for sharing, Esther 🙂

    • Hello Jennifer!
      I am so glad that I went to see this exhibit. I was even inspired to try out some traditional pattern or HST stars/blocks. I have an idea for that already. I was also mightely impressed by all of the free applique and FMQ work too. It looked as those quilters had not worked with fabric but with paint an large brushes.

  4. goodness, don’t you just love looking at quilts! seeing them in person helps you appreciate them so much more, no matter what their style or your own. what a fun show!

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