Two finishes

Hey hey!

Lots of pictures today!

I finished two quilts this week. One of these is completely new and the other one you may remember from last week. This is what I showed you then.

I had a pretty floral fabric in my stash for the back and used the darkest fabric from the top to bind the quilt with.

I have named this quilt “Dotted Flowers”

Thanks Mom for holding this one up for me!

I quilted this one with some large flowers that are dotted around the quilt (hence the name “Dotted Flower”) that also tie in with the prints on the fabrics: dots and flowers/leaves.

As the backing fabric was a bit to short, I added some red and white polka dots! Just love those!!!

Quilt stats “Dotted Flowers”:

– Just a bit bigger than 51 x 61 inches

– 100% Cotton fabrics, front and back

– Batting: Hobbs 80-20

– Thread: Gutermann, beige.

– Time: about a week and a half.

– This quilt will be added to my etsy store very soon!


The other quilt I made this week was kind of an emergency quilt. One of my dear friends lost her father-in-law last week. In his last week the father-in-law requested a vacation with the family: his son, my friend and their two young children and FIL went to an island in the north of the country (Vlieland). The vacation was emotional and wonderful. Very very very shortly after that vacation the FIL passed away.

This Saturday I set myself to making a quilt representing this family vacation. I wished for the two young boys to be able to snuggle up with their parents and talk about the island vacation and what happend to their grandfather. I chose fabric with a nautical theme, autumn and of course big trucks as I think that young boys will like those anyway.

I worked with 9 different fabrics for the squares. I laid them out using the answer key of a sudoku puzzle. Each number signified a certain piece of fabric. This way you get a even distribution of the fabrics. Sometimes you get clusters of colours though, it is very random!

Each piece of fabric was 6,5 inches.

I built the quilt as a Nine Patch.

Here are some close-ups of the fabrics:

After all of the 9 blocks were finished, I added a solid blue as a border and bound it with a “watery” quilting cotton.

I quilted it with loops to symbolize the wind and water on the island. Also the three loops were a part of the pattern on the light blue boats fabric.

Here you see the backing light blue fabric that felt like clean crips sheets. Wonderful!

In the blue border I quilted words that had to do with the vacation.



and so on and so on…

Quilt stats “Vlieland”:

– A bit larger than 60 x 60 inches,

– All 100% cotton fabrics

– Quilted with a light silvery Aurifil thread   (Which went dreadfully! I will talk about this another time. I know what went wrong, thankfully!)

– Mailed on Monday and hopefully received today.

– This was kind of a stressful project as I wanted it to mail it on Monday. Boy, I knew that making a quilt was a lot of work, but making a new one in a day and a half is something that I will not do again… if I can help it. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


I will be linking up with “I Quilt Linky Party” at Pretty Bobbins, “Needle and Thread Thursday” at My Quilt Infatuation and “Finish it Up Friday” at Crazy Mom Quilts! And also to Michelle’s Romantic Tangle’s “Let’s make Baby Quilts” and “The Free Motion Quilting Project” over at Leah Day’s blog.

24 thoughts on “Two finishes

    • Hi Beverly!
      I love doing sudoko’s, so this idea came very easily. You could find sudoko’s with 12 numbers instead of 9, or maybe more, I do not know for sure.
      When you combine more than one puzzle you can make your quilt bigger!
      You could also use the same puzzle but use 18 fabrics instead of 9. Than you make a pile for number one with two alternation fabrics and so on. This way you can use more fabrics and still be “in control” of the randomness! Good luck with it!

  1. You are amazing, Esther! That quilting on the green and pink quilt is gorgeous. And the binding is perfect. And to make such a fun looking quilt to help those boys remember their grandfather and the trip they had together – you are the sweetest! Great job on BOTH!

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  3. Esther, both of these quilts are awesome! Your quilting on Dotted Flowers is so pretty, and perfect for the pattern/fabrics. And those are really adorable fabrics on your scrappy nine patch!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Hello Katelyn,
      I love that fmq pattern too! It was quiet a pain to get it done though, as my machine would not work with the thread. All kinds of trouble. EEKS! I do think I will use these loops again, as they were relatively simple and quick (when the machines does what yuou want it to do!)
      Have a wonderful Monday!

    • Hello!
      Thank you for visiting my blog!
      I wrote the letters on the fabric using a chalk pen and than FMQ-ed over it. It worked pretty fine. I am used to write in big letters as I am a teacher. I have seen quilters use printed letters that were transferred to the fabric too. There is a kind of “copy paper” around for fabric and it comes in different colours, like white. I do not know if the next trick works, but it is worth a punt. You could also rub the back of the printer paper (were the letters are) with chalk en lay the paper, right side up, on the fabric. Now use a pen or pencil to trace the words onto the fabric. I have used this trick with canvasses and cardboard. It may work on fabric too.
      Have a wonderful week,

  4. Lieve Esther,

    What a great gift your quilt was! (yes, I am the ‘happy receiver’)
    Of course it was beautifully made (how the **** did you make those letters?!) but the meaning of it was so special. My boys really liked all the fabrics (‘jaaaa, graafmachines! boten!’) and we were so moved by the words in the border (we also discovered the word ‘opa’). The last couple of days were very emotional and there already have been times this week that I crawled under your quilt for comfort.
    Thank you so much for this wonderfull present,

    Love Judith (and the boys)

    • Hey judith,
      So glad to hear you have received the quilt and that it is serving its purpose.
      Letters: lower de feed dogs on the sewing machine ( transport voet) and move the fabric! Next time when we are together, I will show you.
      Lots of hugs and hope so see you soon!

    • Quilting the words was actualy not harder than regular fmq. I drew the words on the fabric with a chalk pen, but any kind of transfer method would work too, i presume.
      Have a great day…. gail force winds here today! “Hold on to your hats”, LOL

  5. I love that fox fabric, soooo cute! Your fmq is great, I particularly love the flower quilting design not he first quilt 🙂 thanks for linking up and I look forward to hearing more about your experience with the thread 🙂

    • Hi Gemma,
      The flower FMQ was a lot of fun to do, the “loops” on the boy quilt not so much… I will write a post about this soon, probably Thursday or Friday, depending how much time I have to try things out again. I have had the same problems on another projects again this weekend. Grrr! The thread keeps slipping down the cone and entangles around the stick you put the cone on. It snags and often breaks. It has even cut into a plastic part of my machine. I think I need to get something called a “net” to put around the cone. I will go to the fabric shop this afternoon and ask if they carry something like that. Once I have one of those, I will retry my quitling and see what the difference is.
      Thank you for leaving another great comment, Gemma!

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