Honey Honey – Finished pattern

Welcome to the weekend everyone!

So , I have just changed the look of my blog: new header and new background color. What do you think?

This week I worked very hard on two quilts and also put quite some hours in finishing writing the pattern for the Honey Honey pattern. As promised, I will show you the pictures I received from my wonderful testers! Not everyone tackled the pillow size, some chose to go bigger! Wow-ee! Not everyone is finished yet, so you will be seeing more testblocks in the near future!

This block was constructed by Julie from Julie’s Quilts & Costumes:

Did you see that she used different background fabrics with the same color value? Great idea!!!

Jules created this one. Check ou t her blog here.

These colours are very pretty together!

Rosalee made this beauty:

And Allison from Babco Unlimited decided she wanted a bigger quilt…

Still a work in progress, but lovely not the less!

Marjorie worked on the same size quilt as Allison did. Look at hers!

This is what I made myself with the pattern:

Several testers are still working on their quilts, but you get your hands on the pattern already!  I am proud to say that it is now finished and available on craftsy!

If you would like to read more about the pattern, please scroll down a bit! I have also added some drawings of the pattern below for those who have not seen them before!

I hope your weekend will be fabulous!

Bye bye,


p.s. I am linking up with “Can I get a Whoop Whoop” at Confession of a Fabric Addict, “Finish it Up Friday” at Crazy Mom quilts at the “Paper Piecing Party” at Quiet Play!

YAY for Linky Parties!


Some more information on the pattern:

Honey Honey is inspired by the hexagon shape of a beehive and a similarity with the classic Wedding Rings quiltpattern. Honey oh honey, where art thou?

This is a foundation pieced pattern (paper pieced).
– The pattern consists of one block that is made up of 4 units.
– 1 block is 10 x 10 inches.
– You need to construct 4 blocks (16 units) to create the pillow.
– The illusion of the hexagon weave is only visible with the minimum of 4 blocks.

You have the freedom to keep it small (20 x 20 inches) or go bigger! What a showstopper it will be!

You can also create a Honey Honey quilt that looks even more impressive; a diamond shape set in the lattice work.

The paper piecing (foundation piecing) of the several parts of the pattern is relativly easy (difficulty level 2 or 3 stars out of 5). Piecing the pattern pieces together might be a bit more tricky as you need to turn the parts. (4 stars out of 5). The pdf file contains clear diagrams on how to turn the parts and blocks.

The pdf file also contains the following:
– Several layout options, including a variation on the pattern
– Several pages with color options to consider. The examples can help you decide which areas of the pattern you would like to emphasize with color, value or pattern.
– Coloring pages. Of course you can also think up your own colour combinations. You can try them out on the colouring page.
– Pattern drawings with seam allowances.

The pdf file contains 37 pages of patterns, coloring pages and coloring options.

The pattern works best with solid fabrics or non-directional fabrics.

The pdf file DOES NOT contain paper piecing instuctions!
The pdf file DOES NOT contain information on how much afbric you need.

22 thoughts on “Honey Honey – Finished pattern

    • They test blocks are really amazing, he? I was so glad to have these wonderful quilters want to test it for me! I so loved what they came up with!
      Have a great week,

  1. Very impressive range of applications by your testers. Love your new background. One quick suggestion: incrase the size of the “IPATCH” logo?
    Keep on quilting .. your creations are awesome!

  2. Should have known you tried that. The size must be restricted by the software. I think the honeycomb pattern will be very popular because you can so easily add the third dimension; it makes me think of the Imax theatre experience.

  3. Your blog looks great and this is another awesome pattern!! Your testers posts are always fun; seeing the same pattern in multiple colorways is jaw dropping!

    • Hello!
      Thank you for leaving another wonderful comment!
      I would like to create a wallhanging with the pattern these next couple of weeks. Just do not know what colours to use. I think a trip to the LQS is in order.LOL!

    • Hey Paula,
      Thank you for answering my question on the look of my blog. I was afraid taht it may be a bit “too blue”. I will see what I think about it in a few days.
      I was soo happy with all of the test blocks! Such a diverse bunch!
      Have a wind-less day! (Gail force winds here!)

    • Good morning Susan!
      I am very happy with this pattern too! I am so glad that the pattern itself “delivers” and it was relatively easy to do!
      Have a wonderful Monday!

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