Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Photography

Hello everyone,

I am back again!

This is my second entry for the fabulous Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

This quilt is entered into the Quilt Photographer category. For this entry I have decided on a little quilt that I made with kind of subdued colours. Not my normal cup of tea, but it worked perfecty!

Well, I had a rummage in my scrap bin for the wonderful Quilt Block Drive for the Canada Flood Victims that was organized by  Cheryl  that you may know from her blog Dining Room Empire.   While rummaging I came across two pink fabrics that I really loved  three years ago when I first started quilting (on a very small scale, and by far not the addiction that it has now turned into LOL). I wanted to experiment a little bit more with the those type of colours and try to use up these last bit of subdued pink fabrics. This is what the little scraps turned into:

Sorry, I did not know which picture to choose from all of these, so I posted them all! 😉

If this is against the rules of the Blogger’s Quilts Festival link up, please let me know and I will adjust this post. I have tried to find the specific rules fot the Photography category, but could not find any!


– Name: “Butterfly in the Woods”

– Size: circa 45 x 45 inches

– Fabric: quilting cottons and vintage fabric, all cotton

– Batting: Hobbs 80-20

– FMQ: stitched in the ditch, pebbles, circles, swags, butterflies, hearts and flowers

– Thread: Gutermann, polyester

– pattern: in the centre  a variation of log cabins, three different borders.


Thank you for reading this blogpost!

I wish everyone participating in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival lots of luck and bundles of fun!



22 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Photography

  1. Wonderful quilt! And wow on the quilting, too! Isn’t it interesting how different patterns can totally change the look of “not your favorite” fabrics? Gotta love that about quilting!

    • You are so right! Maybe we should not stress out that much about buying “the right fabric” all of the time. It is the total look that counts! I am very happy with the “look” of this butterfly quilt!
      Thank you for leaving your heartwarming comment,

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