“Mo Mo, Free Mo”

More and more, more free motion!

A few weeks ago I went to IKEA to get cheap cotton to use as backings for the insides of pillows. You know, the part of the pillow you normally do not see?

Do you do this too, or do you use fancy fabric for the insides of pillows?

Well anyway, I cut a few meters of the cheap unbleached cotton into large squares to use for the “pillow-insides”. ( I washed it first at 60 degrees Celsius to make sure it would not shrink more than the quilting cotton I would be using on the same pillow.)

It created a nice little pile, but also another pile of waste material as I could not cut all squares from the large piece. I kept these scraps thinking I would use them on smaller pillows.


While doing some research on google for FMQ inspiration I came across the wonderful pictures of a FMQ sampler book made by Candy from Candied Fabrics! So I decided on the spot I NEEDED one too! It looked so pretty!

And that is why I am feeling my wrists today… you know you can too much FMQ? šŸ˜‰

Here are my results so far; some good and some “slightly less good”. But hey, in the spirit of sharing, I am also showing you the ones that I will (or not) redo at a later date. Especially the ones with that I used a thick longarm ruler for need some work (like, reDO NOW!)

The rectangles are about 6 x 8 inches ( a piece of a cardboard box I had) . I sewed the rectangles with a walking foot, the rest was done with the darning foot.

Stippling: with this so-called simple pattern I have difficulty keeping an even distance. If the patterns are smaller I have less problems.



lots of eeeeees!

Spirals to the left and right.

An echo pattern that I call “hooks”


I call this “angular echo quilting based on the letter H”


Orange peel quilting

Dodgy rulerwork… especially the centre….Hey it is practice too! šŸ™‚ I need to measure more carefully, for sure!

And last but not least…Lots and lots of markings…. that will hopefully disappear with water and time.

I used a small spool of Aurifil Cotton thread that did not give me any trouble at all. I did not have to do anything out of the ordinary to that spool. It just worked perfectly!

My feathers are kind of OK for now. They are a bit wobbly sometimes and some are a bit angular. I am not aiming for computerized perfection, just having fun!

Mission completed!

Signing off for tonight… a pile of laundry is awaiting my iron! Pfff…. not so fun!

Uhm, maybe I will just go to bed instead! Too tired for laundry tonight!


(P.S. I am linking up with “Anything Goes” at Stitch by Stitch and Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the River


30 thoughts on ““Mo Mo, Free Mo”

    • Hello Erin!
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am already on the lookout for new patterns to add to my collection. I will continue this weekend I hope!
      Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  1. I don’t use fancy fabric on things that won’t show. Unless it’s completely and permanently enclosed (like the backside of a quilted bag that will have another lining) I do at least go for “not hideous.”

    • Hey Michelle,
      Thank you for letting me know that you also use cheaper/ugly fabric for the insides of pillows. Normally other bloggers do not show that part of their pillows, so I wondered!
      Bye bye

    • Thank you very much Anita!
      They are a lot of fun to do. And if one sample does not look very good… I just throw it away and start a new one, LOL!
      I hope youare having fun sewing/quiltling!

    • Hello Mandy,
      Thank you ! It is a lot of fun to try the different patterns out again. Some I have not done in a while.
      I have used a colour thread on the front and a white thread in the bobbin. This way you can get an idea of what the pattern will look like if you use matching threads or not!
      Have a wonderful day!

    • Hey Susan!
      I love the spiral too very much! I made the spirals by echoing around a previous shape and changing directions once in a while. This way you get spirals to the left and spirals to the right.
      Bye bye

  2. A great idea!!! I might have to explore this idea!! Right now, I have a spiral sketch book for doodling and that’s the farthest I’ve gotten. A computer/machine produces “perfection”, a person creates “warmth”……I vote for the 2nd!!!!! Hugs…….

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about – your feathers look absolutely wonderful to me. And the one with the cross hatching! Amazing.

    I’m with you, pillow linings usually get leftovers, solids, or muslin – nothing pretty.

    • Ha Ha Sarah, you so kind!
      The thing is, I am looking at those gorgeous pictures ot those FMQ-wizzards with a grand longarm and years of practice (and maybe even an pantograph) … not really fair comparison, I know. As an art teacher I am trained to look at lines and shapes carefully and anything that deviates from the “perfect shape”
      just looks “funny and weird” instead of “charming or original”. I need to retrain my brain I guess! šŸ˜‰

    • Hello Cheryl! Thank you for your kind comment! I love to meander, but I also enjoy the fact that I am free to use other patterns too! Please play with the FMQ! You will love it too!!!

    • What a great idea to use old sheets for that! I know of a place very close by where they sell second hand sheets that look brand new. I will go and have look there during the Christmas vacation. Thanks for the tip!

  4. HI Esther… beautiful FMQ ! very inspiring.
    I have a question about the pillows you have been making. I am making a pair for my daughter and would like to put an invisible zipper on one of the side seams so that the pillows can be used either way. Would this work with all the extra layers ? Or is there a preferred way ( for example: horizontal zipper or envelope back ) of approaching this when the pillow top is quilted.
    Thanks for any advice you can offer, Colleen

    • Hello Colleen, I wish I could answer your question, but I do not know! šŸ˜¦ This is the first time I made a pillow with two quilted sides. I did find it very bulky at the end. I have finished theillow by now and did decid on no binding, just sewing on the inside and than turning it inside out. I topstitched it again, but it was tough. If you think your machine could handle all of the layers, I think you will be alright. Hugs Esther

      Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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