Lucky Finds

I wanted to show you some of the new additions to my stash! The two fabrics on the right (orange and flower) I found in a large indoor fabric market. They are both half a meter cuts. I am so glad I found some cool orange fabric, it is so hard to find!

The other 5 are FQ and from a set I found in a drugstore of all places while I was out on a shopping trip with a friend! šŸ™‚ I have never seen this store sell fabric before and I guess that is why it was on sale too! I will be going back do this store in my own town and see if they have some too! Maybe I will find more! The FQs look very similar to the sets I have found in American stores like Jo-Ann’s. Not the best quality in the world, but the best of “modern fabric” (if you want to call this that) I have found in a local store.

Another “Lucky Find” was a stall on a market where people sold off their unwanted items. The stall was filled with bolts of all kinds of fabrics that were marked down to 1 euro (yes!) per meter if you got the whole bolt. Most bolts only had less than 3 meters on them. I picked out these two polyester fabrics.

I have used to top one for a pillow back already!


I did my best to match up the chevrons in the two pieces of fabrics.

Here is the front of that little throw pillow:

The star in the centre is foundation pieced and was a try-out for a pattern that has not been written up yet. The star was “living” in orphan blocks box.I was happy to rediscover it there!

Last week I heard that one of my students, that has been in my class for 5 years, endured a (second) life altering tragedy.Ā  IĀ  already thought highly of this student, but I now know this is one special young women. The way she is handling life and keeping up with school on the highest level is so immensely impressive! To make her holiday season a little bit more bearable I have decided to make her (and her family) two pillows to brighten up their teeny tiny temporary home. The blue star pillow is one of these pillows.

What do you think, does this pillow need a little button in the centre?

The stitches may look like a blanket stitch but they are actually FMQ-ed.

I also had another “orphan star” !

I am in love with this one! I found this star pattern here. I will turn it into a pillow on Thursday evening so I can gift these two little cuties to that special student on Friday.

I was also able to create a new test block and two new samples for my FMQ-sample-book.

Testing out various ways to create a strings of “pearls”. Here are some pen drawings that will help you see better!

The clam shell technique:

First quilt clam shell shapes down to about half way the row. Than repeat the same clam shell pattern, but now upside down! In the centre the two half circles will come together and form your pearl.

I also tried out this technique:

I do not know the correct name of this technique, so I have named it “zigzag pearls”. In step 1 you meander up and down. In step 2 you repeat the same movement but in such a way that the “two waves” together form a circle.

And of course the good old pebble technique:

Kind of wobbly! LOL!

This is what my test block looked like. I did not practice before sewing this block. This is it!


Calm shell:Ā  I really like the clam shell technique. It fitt the best with my movements and felt the most natural to me. With some more practice this will be lovely!

Zig zag: it is Okay, but I do not love it. Too uneven when you really want neatness. It may be quicker than the other techniques?!

Pebbles: I love doing pebbles, just not as a large string of pearls. The “backtracking” shows up a lot when using contrasting threads. For little pearls I think pebbles are the best way to go.

What are your experiences with “string of pearls”?

To finish up, the two feather samples for my FMQ sample book!

The purple marker is still visible after a few days. In the other sample it has dissappeared already. I so enjoyed working on this last one!

Okay, ladies and gents! I am off to bed now. Tomorrow is a schoolday! šŸ™‚


(p.s. linking up with Freemotion by the River for “Linky Tuesday” and Quilt Story for “Fabric Tuesday“!)


11 thoughts on “Lucky Finds

  1. Your quilting is lovely and the tutorials very clear. You are very sweet to gift those special pillows (which would be loved by anyone!!!) but that is what makes quilters such special people…….huge hearts!!!! Blessings……..

    • Hello Gina,
      These blocks have been in “the box” for over 7 months. It was time for them to see the daylight! šŸ˜‰ I am glad I found the clamshell technique, so much better than the zig zag, at least for me!

    • Goodmorning Carla! I hope so! I have tried to pick orphan blocks with two different colour schemes just in case they prefer one over the other. I did not want to ask the student what their taste is as I know she would not let me make anything for her. She is modest.

  2. You know, there is no such thing as a cool orange – they are all hot! hahahaha, color humor. I kill me.

    I LOVE what you’re doing with the pillows and the sample book. The last one is something special, I hope it shows up on a project soon!

    • HA HA!
      Hot orange in the country with a monarchy of the House of Orange! Always on the look out for modern orange fabrics!
      The last feather is my favorite feather until now too!

  3. I love these! Especially how you purposely (I think . . .) pebbled around all those curlicues in the brown background. As far as a button in the center, I like the way all your stitching looks as it is. It’s very neat and it would be a shame to cover it up.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Yes I pebbled around the swirls in the fabric ! šŸ™‚
      I love how this copper coloured thread actually looks like gold on the dark brown fabric. I wanted to add some bling into the pillows without actually adding beads. The polyester thread by Aurifil shines like metalic thread does, I guess.
      Thank you for leaving a comment!

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