From the House of Orange

No no, I do not mean our royal family, just that my house has been taken over by orange fabric!

First a finish I did not show you yet. You have seen many picture of the Work In Progress (W.I.P). This is one of two pillows my parents requested. I will try to make the second one before Christmas.

The pattern was inspired by a quilt drawing I saw online . This gorgeous quilt pattern is called “the Tempest” and can be found on the Cherry House Quilts website. As I was uncomfortable with traditional patchwork techniques (inexperience) I drew a paper piecing pattern based on Cherri’s design.

You want some detail shots?

Yes, I thought so!

If you would like to see more pictures of the FMQ I did on this pillow, please go and have a look here.

The back was also filled with FMQ!

I tried to create a symmetric design with a zipper in the middle. Of course 😦 I miscalculated and cut of too much from my panel. In an effort to fix it, I added the lighter orange border. It worked out for the best as the zipper did not get in the way of the binding this way.

If you would like see how I created the feathers, please click here.


I have also just finished the front of another pillow. On this I let my “applique run free”. I finally got some vliesofix to try my hand at this technique. I have been dying to try it out!!!

For this pillow I was inspired by the Seventies!

Here is a picture after fusing all of the shapes (Oops, forgot to take pictures before that!) and starting some FMQ in the negative space. I wanted to keep it simple.

(The blue marks still have to be removed with some water)

After all of the creme background was filled with FMQ, this is what it looks like!

I am not sure I like the pillow better with or without the FMQ on the creme fabric. For a first attempt at applique, I am happy with how it turned out.

Some detail shots!

My favorite shape:

And of course a picture from the back, which is also LOVE!

I have been looking at real seventies applique work on childrens clothes and toys, and it all looks to be finished with a very small zigzag. I much prefer the more messy FMQ style which looks like a pendrawing.

I already have plans for another seventies pillow. A strutting parrot, a crazy owl, a doped out fish, lots of wacky mushrooms, or maybe just one big flower???  Any suggestions? LOL!

I hope your Monday will start peacefully and set the good vibes for the rest of the week!


(p.s. I am linking up with Submarine Sunday, and Sew Darn Crafty!)

30 thoughts on “From the House of Orange

    • Hello Renee!
      Scribble is a good word for that! I adore the effect on the back of the panel. I may to a quilttop with just those lines soon! No need for applique there, ha ha!

  1. I love your orange pillow -your fmq is looking incredible! The applique pillow looks pretty cute too. I really need to make next year the year of fmq so I can get comfortable with it.

    • Hello Laura,
      There is really no magic to FMQ, just practice. Like driving a car; give gas moderately and know when to turn the wheel gently and keeping your hands at 10 and 2, LOL! Do not be afraid and be patient! You will get there.

  2. I love the orange pillow……the feather motifs on the back are awesome!!!! (Not a total surprise that I like them so much, hmmmmm???? LOL!) The applique turned out so nice…..really like it with the quilting!!! Hugs……..

  3. Orange pillow: HOTDIGGITY! It reminds me of the 70’s when most of my furnishing were either orange, brown or beige! Love the second pillow also .. it has a certain amount of airiness in it… you could call it “spring time”.

    • Goodmorning Kristy!
      I hope you and your family are well and looking forward to the Christmas celebrations.
      I have been working hard on another project that I did not show yet because it is a gift for a friend.
      By the way, I will join your Sew Kitschy BOM! It is so super kitschy that is is so “right”!

  4. HI Esther, looove your pillows. the color combos and the fmq !! Your parents will have a very unique piece of art for their home. I finished my pillows for my daughter and put the horizontal zip in the back instead of the invisible zip in the side seam because I wasn’t sure if the uneven layers front and back would make the zipper want to curl one way or the other. They are my first attempt at pillows and your pillows are inspiring me to be more adventurous with the next ones.

    • Hello Colleen,
      Your pillow looks wonderful! I love all of those fabrics together! Very sophisticated!!! I think you are right about the zipper. I have not made that many zipper backs for pillows to really have a funded opinion, so this is just my “instinct” talking! 😉
      Thank you for dropping by!

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