Look! Look!

When it is exam week at our school, we the teachers are “on surveillance duties”. Making sure the students do not cheat and that everything runs smoothly.

Yesterday my “tour of duty” was for 2,5 hours…..I try to keep myself busy with counting silly  things. Here are the results , LOL!

91 students had exams that morning:

– History:            24 boys,         34 girls

– Chemistry:      17 boys,          16 girls

– 8 wore plaid tops   (5 boys, 2 girls)

– 4 x striped tops

– 8 wore red tops    (1 boy, 7 girls)

– 14 x black tops

– 4 x dark green tops (the colour of a wine bottle)

– 16 x  grey  tops

– 2 x pink tops

– 9 x white tops

– 4 x brown or beige tops

– 5 animal print tops  (including 1 boy)

– 19 of these tops were hoodies

– 1 student wore a hat

– 47 students wore a pair of sneakers

– 3 students had red sneakers

– 1 student had a green pair of sneakers

– all of the other shoes were brown, black or beige.

– all the girls had long hair

– all the boys had short hair, but one boy had hair that covered his ears.

– 15 girls wore their hair in a pony tail

– 3 had their hair in a bun

– all of the other girls had their hair hanging loose.

– tick tock…. is it time yet? Counting the minutes until the time was up!

After all of the work for today was done at school I rushed to the local fabric store. They are closing down next week ( insert sad face) and I wanted to get a small supply of zippers. One of these I used for my “Seventies Vibe” pillow. This was my first applique project ever!


One pillow finished and done!
I forgot to link up to Crazy Mom Quits last Friday, so all of you who are dropping in from that Linky Party have not seen my other finished pillows yet.

( If you are tired of seeing them again  😉 , please just scroll down, I have some goodies to show you! )

These two small pillows found a new  home with one of my students. She told me today that she really loved them to bits! If you like to see more pictures, please click here.

These last few weeks some goodies were also collected! Some I bought myself, some are gifts. Look at these!

This is a metal box for sewing stuff, circa 7 x 5 x 3 inches…and another one for the small (excuse my language ) “crap” that keeps collecting on my sewing table

3 x 2 x 2 inches   Perfect for packages of needle!  (Thank you Monique, for this perfect belated birthday gift!) We found both these boxes in a fabulous store in the city of Nijmegen. The boxes are made by a company called Blue Q.

And then there was this in my mailbox…

A handmade bag from Schotland! I won…. (jump)…. I won…. (squeel) ….. I WON…. (dance)…. YEEHAA!!! I won a giveaway.

Look at this adorable little Harris tweed bag. The colours are deep and rich and just perfect: purple and green and red oh my!

In October, Alison from  Little Island Quilting had a giveaway! She was offering a handmade and bespoke bag made by Anne Marie from Sunny Bunny. You get to choose your fabric and colour of the leather handles too!

I showed off my new bag at work and so many people fell in love with it! Well, wouldn’t you?

And last but not least I found this gorgeous book in the supermarket yesterday!

Book? Book? Well it has lots of paper; shiny paper, printed paper, glittery paper, a few letters, but mosty gorgeous illustrations. This is a “rip apart” book! Use it for wrapping gifts, pop-up pictures, sending postcards and use the stickers…

It truely is a “Book for paper lovers”!

The next pictures I found floating around the internet. I did not want to take the book apart yet to create these pictures.

I may find it hard to rip out the first bit of paper, but I believe that every last bit of this book will be used!

My show-and-tell is hereby ended!

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend!


(p.s. I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for her weekly Finish it Up Friday Linky Party)

(p.p.s. I was not paid or rewarded in any way for the above links to other sites! I paid for the products myself or they were gifted to me)






12 thoughts on “Look! Look!

  1. I am in total love with your pillows and never tire of seeing them!!!!! The bag is wonderful! Classic!! The tear-apart book of papers, etc is so interesting and has such great potential!! Fun days ahead……..Hugs…..

  2. Love your random kid observations! I used to try to find a girl playing with short hair at every weekend volleyball tournament we used to attend… I can only remember ONE in 4 years.

  3. Hi! Wow, your post is full of cuties! I love your pillow (do you know the ‘Cushion for Christmas’ party? It must be long time sitting there and just watching the students, but I see you find fun way to spend your time! Your boxes are so cute and the bag is Super! Wow, how beautiful! And the book – couldn’t be better! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  4. Wow, Esther, your pillows are gorgeous!! I understand the frustration on that ‘tour of duty’ you had to do, only, from the other side. Those ‘to me from me’ gifts are lovely. I loooovvve old tins!! and that book – I need one….. its beautiful.

  5. I like how you put a smaller flap on your envelope-back pillows. That must make it much easier to insert a pillow form.

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