Comma’s Christmas

Mom & Dad, please stop reading! 🙂

All the rest of you, please continue!

Last summer I got my hands on Moda’s Comma.

I loved it so much that I did not dare to cut into it. But I decided last week that I would make this a Comma’s Christmas. Why buy fabric if I was not going to use it? SILLY! The line is not Christmassy, but I used it as such! The orange is close enough to red, right?  🙂

( We here in the Netherlands celebrate two days of Christmas. We just stuck an extra day after Christmas day. I do not have a clue why or when this tradition came to be, but it is very handy! We never have trouble making arrangements with family, because we always have another day to pick from. This year my parents are coming to my house first Christmas day. The second day we will spend at their house and all of the rest of the family will gather there too. It will be a “full house”. )

I made my parents a quilted stocking each as a present. They are quiet large and I do not have anything to put in them yet. I will have to go out to the shops this weekend.

The middle one is for me!

This fabric is not Comma! But it goes with the rest quiet well.

The backs…

I love how the grey fabric looks a bit like fur!

I used fabrics, patterns and FMQ that matched the recipients personalities. I am happy with how they turned out, but I may do some “foot surgery” on the stockings. I do not like the shape of the foot of one of them.

Becides a charmpack I also had some half yard cuts. I turned one of them into a tablerunner. I may do another one, but it is also possible that I will make napkins out of the rest of the fabric. Or… nothing at all, depending on how the rest of my “must finish before Christmas”-projects go.

Tablerunner hanging from the radiator… no clean surfaces at the moment! All kinds of Christmas stuff has invaded my house. First thing tomorrow = clean-up!

And the back is in red, just in case I might want to make things more Christmassy!

I need to remove some threads from the back, but that can wait until the new year. Essential things first!

Okay, I going to write my to-do-list now and will be “checking it twice”!

Lots of hugs and a happy holiday to you all!


(p.s. I am linking up with Crazy mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday and Leah Day’s FMQ Friday Linky Party.)








21 thoughts on “Comma’s Christmas

  1. Esther!!!!!!!! The stockings are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! And…….I SEE FEATHERS!!!!!! YAY!!!!! (sorry for shouting……I am excited!!!!!!!!) I love them all and the runner is great. That fabric is super duper!!! BOTH sides!!!!!! You did major good!!! Hugs…………..

  2. OMG!!! These are amazing. Love that they are fabulous on both sides. I agree with everything treadlemusic said!!!!!!!! What a great gift.

  3. Wow! Your free motion quilting just floors me Esther! Those stockings are each very beautiful and unique! Great job! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Quilty New Year!

  4. I can guess who will receive the boots. They all look perfect .. no need to perform foot surgery! ALso love the table runner.. it looks rather Christmassy because of the stars and the white background reminds me of snow.. None to be found today in Florida .. it is 28 C.. Your FMQ added another dimension to this runner and it “pops”.
    Happy Holidays

  5. Really love your stockings!! The backs are equally as gorgeous as the fronts. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year1

  6. Beautiful makings and as always the quilting is gorgeous. Glad you mentioned the threads. How do you get rid of them, do you just cut them off or tuck them in somewhere? Thanks and Merry Christmas 🙂

    • I think I will just cut the threads off at the back and not bother with burring them in the batting. To much work for a table runner that I won’t use every day. On the top I just snipped the threads after I stitched about 10 stitches, locking the threads by rocking left to right a bit.
      Bye bye

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