Win some, lose some

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you are all well and rested before Monday arrives! That is the day school starts again and holidays are definitely over. Today I have started a big clean up of the sewing room and moved out all of the bags of papers that need to be sorted. That will be a task for tomorrow.

The last two weeks have been”interesting”. Just before Christmas I came down with a mighty stomach bug. All of my plans for the week had to be cancelled. No Christmas, no family gathering and no trip to Italy…

Yikes, I could not even go on a trip that my friend and I had been planning for months: Rome, Assisi and Florence were on the program. I had a very hard time making the decision NOT to go on the trip and listen to my body telling me “NO!”.

So I listened…. I lay on the couch, watched tv, slept and did nothing. My friend did go on the trip and asked her parents to join her. I am glad she decided to go! She kept me posted through the whole trip with daily WhatsApp updates and pictures! I loved that!

The unwrapping of the Christmas gifts at my parents house I did get to see through the blessings of Facetime. ( I can’t tell you how much I love my Ipad!). This way I did not feel that far away from all of the fun. A few days later my parents did come to visit me and we got to enjoy all of the decorations I made especially for Christmas.

My Christmas presents were quilting related of course! I had asked (secret) Santa for some Amy Butler fabric. These fabrics I have always admired, but somehow I tend to stay away from anything so floral and bold in design. I thought it was time to push me out of my comfort zone a bit and try something new! (It is actually weird that I have never bought quilting fabric like this as many pieces of my clothing are rather bold in pattern and colour.)

Big bold fabric, big bolt pattern!

I combined the bits of Amy Butler with a solid navy and various floral and geometric fabrics from my stash.

I am glad how the quilt top turned out. The pattern was so quick to sew! Unbelievable, how easy it was. I spied the pattern on Leanne’s blog  She Can Quilt and saw she had used similar colours and also fabric by Amy Butler. So I just shamelessly copied her idea! 😉

Just like Leanne I did not cut individual squares, but for each “plus” I cut two squares (5,5×5,5) and 1 rectangle (15,5×5,5). Sewing this together was super easy and I would recommend doing it this way! You only have about 2 seams to line up per row. Like I said: super easy!

Santa also brought me this special ruler!

I just started a new quilt pattern using this ruler, but have caught a snag. One of my pieces of fabric got dirty somehow and I tried to wash out the stain. To my horror the darkest fabric bled! I know I have prewashed this fabric when I first got it about a year ago, so I not expect this to happen.

Here is a picture of the back of the block that I washed by hand. See how the blue is coming through the white? I have trieed it again on a test block I had made. This time I did not rub the fabric, but put it in hot water. Here is also bled ever so slightly. It is hardly visible, but it is there. BLUE!

I had envisioned this new quilt to be a wall hanging for my bedroom so nothing had would need regular washing.


– Stop and replace the bleeding fabric?   (Everything is still in blocks and I am about halfway through my design.)

– Continue and hope for the best whenever the wall quilt will be washed?

Thank you for the advice!



22 thoughts on “Win some, lose some

  1. You might try washing with a Color Catcher in the water. They work well when I pre-wash; might work well when you are hand washing afterwords. I find them in the detergent aisle.

    • Yes, I could give those a try. I always use them when washing a finished quilt. I have never had a problem with fabric bleeding. I thought that prewashing the fabric helped prevent this. I know one thing for sure; I will contact the quilt shop and warn them that this fabric is not to great.
      Thank you for your advice!

  2. I agree with using a color catcher. Another solution is to not worry about it. If it’s a wall-hanging, it will only get dusty, right? I often throw things in the dryer to beat the dust out. Of course over time that will work less well, but by then perhaps you won’t care and will be ready to use a different piece of art in its place.

    I like the quilt top!

  3. That is amazing .. staining after prewashing. Could the lighter coloured fabric have “attracted” the blue? If this stain is on the back of the quilt, I would not worry, but I would not hang the quilt on an exterior wall, but an interior one. There is always some mositure on an exterior wall and the staining might continue.

  4. You could try a cold, gentle wash, but without detergent and use a big handful of salt instead, plus a colour catcher. Salt was used to ‘fix’ dyes in the old days before modern chemical dyes, and it may work here too. If you have any scraps of the blue left, try soaking two bits, one in warm and one in cold water. If the cold doesn’t bleed so much, you know you will always have to wash in cold water, and not leave the quilt in the machine at all when it’s done. I’ll be interested to know how this turns out – I never prewash anything, and so far I’ve been lucky, but then I always wash every quilt in cold water, with a colour catcher or two.

    • Thank you for all of your great tips. I have done the cold+hot water test and there was huge difference between the two. It still bled, but with the cold water is was much much less! I think that that is the solution: wash only if absolutely necessary and than use salt, cold water a many colour catchers.
      Thank you again for helping me out!

  5. Esther, I always have a little bottle on Synthropol at my washing machine. I actually had a quilt that bled just yesterday and I photographed a before and after just to show how well it works. (I even accidentally dried the quilt in a hot dryer before I saw what had happened.) This product will also set the dye for future washing so it doesn’t happen again. And it is pretty inexpensive. I will hopefully be writing up a post soon.

    • I am very interested in seeing the before and after pictures of you bleeding quilt. I have tried to get my hands on this chemical you speak about, but I have only found one product that sounds similar. It was especially for rectifying laundry disasters (white shirts turned pink etc.) The package said only to use it on “kleurechte” fabrics, meaning fabrics that do not bleed after the first washing. I am not sure that this is the same type of product as Synthropol, but I will check with the owners of the quiltshop!

  6. I agree with the color catcher suggestion. I have had that happen and I treated with stain remover and washed with several color catchers and it came out. good luck. that quilt is so gorgeous! I hate to hear that you missed your trip though!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Hi Kelly,

      Cancelling the trip was not great, but I know that I can (and will) go on similar trips with this dear friend again. We both love Italy, going to art museums and old churches.

      I am glad to hear that these bleeding stains have a chance of coming out with a good washing, plenty of colour catchers and a stain remover.

      I have decided to go ahead with the quilt and not bother ripping out the offending pieced of “bleeping bleeding” fabric. 😉

      Thank you Kelly for your comment!

  7. Oh dear. I’m so sorry about your Christmas. We had one of those years too when people were too ill to come. No glorious trips had to be cancelled tho. What a shame. You did your new fabrics proud!

    • Hi Carla,
      I have to admit that I indulged in some retail therapy after cancelling the trip! Not eating all of those lovely pizzas in Rome gave me this gorgeous pile of new fabrics, ha ha!
      Esther (and cat who decided to walk across the keyboard)

  8. I love your plus quilt top. It is the perfect blend of floral, solid, and geometric. How do you like the sidekick ruler? I have her hex-n-more ruler, but have yet to try it out. I am glad you are feeling better, and hope you are able to work out that wall hanging problem.

    • Thank you very much Jasmine! That is a great way to discribe the giant plus quilt top!!!

      I have been playing with the ruler a bit and “inventing my own ways” of using it. Why oh why do I always take the complicated route??? So far it is going well, but slow as I need to turn the ruler 180 degrees or even flip it upside down sometimes. In one word: confusing!

      Anyway, I am looking foward to trying out a pattern with the same ruler as it is intended to be used…. later!

      Bye bye

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