Kitsch & Stash

Eeks, tomorrow it will be “back to work”!!!

And I just got used to having vacation….


As a farewell gift to the holiday season I started with the first block for the Sew Kitschy BoM by wonderful Kristy of Quietplay. Each month a new block will be made available for free. YES, FREE!

This is our goal:

If you do not want to wait a month before the next pattern will be available, you can always buy the set now and just keep going!

I finished the “Oven Mitts” pattern tonight.

I really like how I was able to get the gray background fabric to line up. Well, most of the time, that is ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh… meet my new stash…

and that is not all of it…

Some of it is waiting for me on the other side of the ocean. I will have to be patient for a while.

These are the fabrics that I can play with already!

Two laminated fabrics. The one on the left is Amy Butler’s Temple Tulip Emerald that I found on sale here. The right fabric I found on a local fabric market. It has no name on the selvage.

This is a left over piece of “Hollandais Africa” that has a layer of wax on it (so the website said). I have found out that I can not wash this fabric, so what to do with it? Ideas anyone?

Something to build up my stash a bit.

Some thicker novelty fabrics meant for pouches and “stuff”.

Restocking (top three fabrics) and the really nice gray I used on the foundation piecing pattern above. It is a weird piece of fabric with a WOF of 34 inches.

Some more Amy Butler on sale! Who knew that I could get my hands on this fabric for less than 9 euro’s per meter? I have to confess, I really like this fabric, the way it drapes, how it feels. It is real quality. I am glad I pushed myself and work with bigger pattern on fabrics. (For those who have not seen my Giant Plus quilt top with the Amy Butler fabric, click here)

Okay, I also stocked up on some Christmas fabrics…. just because I heard several family members say they liked my stockings so much.

Yesterday I blogged about a piece of solid fabric bleeding even though it had been prewashed. I have decided to keep going with the wall hanging project and just not wash it for a long while. And when I do wash, it will be with cold water. Here is the bleeding picture again of block that got wet.

I compaired the “bleeding factor” with cold and hot water. Hot water definitely made the fabric bleed more.



So COLD wash or NO wash it is!

I am linking up with Sunday Stash at Molli Sparkles and the Paper Piecing Party at Quietplay

Have a great week!




32 thoughts on “Kitsch & Stash

  1. Idea to remove wax from cloth: the first one I never liked: “ironing” it out. That would require a lot of paper towels. Second: you could try it with a little snip of fabric. Put it in the freezer long enough for the wax to harden and then rub the wax off. I have used both techniques on tableclothes after candlewax flowed a bit too much during fancy dinners.

    • Oops sorry, I was not clear about the wax. The fabric is treated with wax, it is supposed to be like this. I think I will use it for a pouch or bag. The beautiful pattern of the fabric is really big, so I better make a big bag to showcase it.

  2. Love your first block! Off to a great start Esther! Glad to have you join in!

    So many yummy fabrics – the Christmas ones are super cute!

    Shame about the fabric that ran! Have you looked in the laundry aisle at the shops to find something to prevent that from happening? We have Colour Catchers here – little sheets you put in with the wash that catch the dye. I swear by them!

    • Yes, I can get colour catchers over here too. Prices vary hugely from brand to brand. The ones from Dr.Beckmann that I found in a German grocery store seem to be the cheapest/best. I am close to the German border and lots of items are cheaper on the other side. Even the spray bottles of starch are cheaper, like more than 50% cheaper.

      I have done some investigating in pharmacy in the village today and there is a product that you could use when you have had a “laundry accident” and all of your white shirts have turned red because of one stray red sock. If I decide to wash the wall hanging and it has still bled with the multiple colour catcher I intend to use, I could always try that product.

      I will also try using salt with the prewashing of strong colours before using the fabric.

      The Oven Mitts block was great fun and I took my time placing the background fabric. I first stitched with a large stitch (4.0), than checked if the fabric was placed right. If not: “unsew” and redo. If right, restitch with a smaller stitch length. Just like you taught me! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Bye bye

    • Hi Mara,

      Yeah that bleeding fabric was a real bummer! I have read so many stories online about this happing to other quilters, so I promissed myself that I would always prewash my fabrics. Well even that did no help with this awkward fabric!

      I had been looking forward to this project and now it feel a bit wrong. I have decided to keep going though, as it will be a wall hanging and not an “cuddle quilt”. I do not expect it to need a washing soon.

      Thanks for dropping by Mara!

    • Hello Cynthia!

      Can’t wait to see yours pop up! I spied your fabric selection already. Love the blueish green and orange. Great choice, you know?! LOL!

      This is what I wrote to Kristy, the designer of the Sew Kitschy BoM patterns:

      “The Oven Mitts block was great fun and I took my time placing the background fabric. I first stitched with a large stitch (4.0), than checked if the fabric was placed right. If not: โ€œunsewโ€ and redo. If right, restitch with a smaller stitch length. Just like you taught me! ”

      Maybe this helps!
      Good luck, and good fun!

  3. You should be able to wash waxed fabric gently in cold water with wool detergent. Don’t wring it out at all, and hang it up very wet and allow it to dry straight, to prevent cracking the wax coating. Just be careful sewing it, as if it’s heavily waxed it may gunge up your machine needle. How about a travel pouch for toiletries, where the wax would be a definite advantage in preventing leaks, etc? It’s too beautiful to do nothing with.

    • Yeah, that is a wonderful idea!!!
      I was thinking about smaller pouches not showing the beauty of the pattern on the fabric, but a big toiletries bag would be perfect. I will be on the lookout for a good patterns to use.
      Thanks again!

  4. Hi! I’m happy to see you join Kristy’s bom and your block is beautiful! I didn’t make mine yet. Wow you have so much beautiful NEW Fabrics! I love the novelties and sardines! x Teje

    • Hi Teje,
      I thought you would like the Sardine fabric, you seaside girl! Ha ha! :-)))
      I have no real clue about what to do with the novely fabrics, just that they will become pouches of some sort.
      I wish you lots of fun with the SEw Kitschy BoM pattern!
      Bye bye

      • Same here, Esther, I love fun Fabrics like my latest with stamps but then I just enjoy watching them and can’t decide what to make. Pouch is great idea and always needed. Byeee! x Teje

    • Hello Gina,
      Happy students? I am not sure about that! :-))) But I personally had a great day at work! Loved seeing the kids again and doing some pencil drawings with them. These were exercises actually for a big realistic drawing of one of their shoes. They always dread the assignment but they are also always very happy with the result. They surprise themselves! I love seeing that!
      Have a wonderful week, Gina!

    • Hello Lorna!
      I am happy that I decided to expand my horizons in 2014 and participate in this BoM! It is my first, hi hi!
      I have a large pile of selected fabrics on my desk at the moment for the other blocks… Can I wait another month for the next block? Maybe not! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I hope your week will be wonderful!

    • Hey Laura,
      You are doing the BoM too? How fun!!! Can’t wait to see your block popping up in the next couple of weeks. Just skip all of the other BoM patterns you have going on and stick with this one. You DO NOT need a craftervantion!

  5. Love all the fabrics…..especially those Christmas prints!!!!!!! Looks like you’ve gotten a ‘ton’ of great advice and suggestions so I will just leave you with big HUGS………………….

    • The Christmas fabrics are really pretty, especially the darkest blue one. It is a colour very close to purple and the gray is a sparkly silver! Very pretty! The fabric line is from Northcott “Wonders of Winter”. I think I may buy more in the near future of the other colours in this line.

  6. you’ve got some great fabrics there ! Too bad about the bleeding dye – I always have synthropol on hand – I’m not sure if it will help now but it is very good for pre-washing fabrics and I always put some in the washing machine the first time I wash a quilt. Book/journal covers may be a good use for your waxed fabric.

    • Hello Colleen!
      I have tried to find synthropol online, but it does not seem to be available here in the Netherlands. Next time when I go to the local quilt shop I will talk with the owners and ask them if they know of a similar product.
      I like your idea for the journal covers! Thanks for the great idea!!!
      Thank you for dropping by!

    • Goodmorning Susan!

      I thought that that little bit of skewed fabric would not bug me, but it does, so I will try to remove it later today. I hope I will be able to remove it with the stitches being very small.

      At first I selected varies pink fabrics but the were so very close in value to the gray that they would dissappear in the block. Glad I switched it around for these colours. The pinks will be used for one of the other blocks.

      I also try to use the warmer colours in the objects that are in the forground. This way you create depth in the block. The cooler colours always “push” objects to the background. Ever heard about blue suitcases appearing smaller than the same suitcases in red? This is “colour perspective”!

      I hope you have a great week!

  7. Hi Esther,

    So much fun fabric! I’ve thought of joining the QAL, but haven’t completely decided yet. I still can’t tell that the background fabric isn’t lined up perfectly even though you’ve pointed it out. It looks awesome to me.

    • Hi Allison,
      You are so sweet! I had great fun with the block. I really need to do more foundation piecing, or design some more patterns of my own.
      Have a wonderful Friday!

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