Chugging along

So I had a new paper piecing idea…

…and the idea grew and grew.

And now I am drawing up all kinds of railroad cars and ‘stuff’!

These are the test blocks for block 1 and 2.

Each block is 8×8 inches.

Four blocks are already drawn up, a fifth is on its way and there are plans for a sixth block.

Slowly but steadily this train is chugging along!



P.S.    If you would like to be a tester for this pattern in the near future, please let me know! I will send out emails to the testers when all of the blocks are drawn up and pieced once by myself. I am looking for testers who would each love to test two of the six blocks (or more if you want!). You can pick and choose which blocks you would like to test! Each block can take up to 3 hours (Yikes, but worth it!) to piece. The blocks lend itself for fussy cutting: how about a monkey behind the wheel of the locomotive or a donkey and a giraffe behind the windows in the passengers car? That would be a fun trip!

P.P.S. I am linking up with “Anything Goes Monday”at Stitch by Stitch and “W.I.P Wednesday” at Freshly Pieced.


43 thoughts on “Chugging along

  1. This are so fun, you did a great job! Look forward to seeing the rest of the train. Sign me up to be a pattern tester! I’m a bit swamped right now, but could do with in about two weeks, I think.9

  2. That’s going to be a fun train, and a great pattern. I’d offer to test, but my paper piecing skills are not good enough yet. Lots more practice needed first!

    • 🙂
      Whenever you feel “ready” for testing one of my patterns, please do not hesitate to let me know, okay?
      This one is a bit more of a “advanced level”pattern because of the wheels. But the other parts are mostly straight forward.
      Have a wonderful week!

      • Yes, I saw the wheels and thought “um, maybe not!”. If the blocks are 8″ square, those are tiny pieces. I’ll keep a look out for something more suitable for my skill level.

    • Good morning Patti!
      Thank you very much for volunteering! I am so happy with all these helpers!!!
      I expect to need a week or two to finish writing the rest of the blocks and the pdf file. I will put you on the mailinglist!
      Thanks again,

  3. You do such great designs. I would love to test for you but I’m not sure if I am advanced enough to the wheels. If you are willing to let me, I’d give it a try.

    • Hello Marjorie,
      Thank you for your comment! You know what? When I
      have the whole pattern written up, I will send you the wheel pattern and you can try it out / look at at it and than decide if you want to continue with the rest of the pattern.
      Bye bye!

  4. I would LOVE to test the train pattern – my 4 year old has a bit of a thing for trains! I love the idea of fussy cutting passengers. It looks fantastic.

    • That is wonderful! Thank you for helping me out. I expect to send out the test-request-mail within two weeks! I am so exited, 🙂
      Glad to know that 4 year olds would love these train blocks, as I designed them with a particular 4 year old in mind!!! 🙂

    • Goodmorning Marian!
      Thank you so so much for volunteering! I am so happy to have so many responses to my request!!!
      In about two weeks, I will send you an email with all of the information.
      Have a wonderful day,

  5. I’ve been hoping someone would do a train soon! Unfortunately, this is a little too soon for my piecing skills, insert sad face here. I am getting better all the time though!

    • Hi Jasmine,
      I am so happy these train blocks are turning out this cute! You never know if the idea in your head will work with fabric and that it is all possible in this technique without it being 1000 pieces.

  6. I would love to test the pattern for you! My husband and son both love trains, and I think my skills could tackle those wheels. You can check out my work on my blog if you’re not sure. 😉 Little animals at the wheels and riding the cars? What a great idea! It’s going to be so cute when it’s done.

    Also, I love that you’re from the Netherlands. My whole extended family lives there, and my parents are immigrants. It makes me feel a kinship with you. Sorry if that’s weird!

    • Ha ha weird? Any girl calling herself applepiepatchwork is family in my book! Yay for (Dutch) apple pie!
      Thank you for volunteering! I will be sending out an email in about two weeks with all of the information! I am glad to hear that there are so many train fans out there!!!
      Bye bye

      • Oh, I love appeltaart. It’s one of my favourite things ever. I recently had olliebollen again this New Year’s after a 6 year drought, and my goodness, it was the most amazing thing I ever tasted. Soooo good!

        • Oh, don’t you start about oliebollen… Way to good only to eat once a year! We try to sneak in another eating-moment by February-March as we celebrate the festival of Carnaval here in the south of the country. Maybe you could find one of those extra eating-moments too? I recommenend any holiday you can find! 🙂
          Oh, do you know about stroopwafels….? You could sneak those in at any given moment!!!

          • Stroopwafels are awesome. My kids love them too. Someday we will all go overseas to visit extended family, and then we will go to one of those little stands on market day and get one of those giant fresh ones. Then the imported ones we can get here will never be the same.

  7. Wow, Esther! These are amazing. As always.

    I’d love to give these a try, However, I’m going on a family vacation in 3 weeks–don’t know how helpful I will be. My dad is a train enthusiast–he has even sidetracked family vacations to be sure to visit a train museum or train yard. This would be a fun gift to make him.

    Good luck with the final pattern preparations.

    • That is wonderful! Thank you very much for wanting to help me out!!! I will contact you within two weeks. Have a great Thursday. Here it has started very early and dark, LOL!

  8. Hello Esther. If you still need a tester, I’m game. My 2 year old grandson loves ‘choo choos.” I’m amazed that you have time to design these.

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