Blogaversary – 1 year!


1 year…

…ago I started this blog, and I am so happy I did!

My life has changed for the better. Quilting and blogging have become my creative outlet to a busy fulltime teaching job as an art teacher in a high school / college. I so needed my own creative process and growth in skill.

Happiness, enjoyment, friendship, confidence, joy, and thankfulness! These have all come from this blog and quilting. I know you have heard this before in all of the New Year wishes of the other bloggers, but please let me repeat: “YOU ARE THE BEST!”

Thank you for letting me be part of your crowd, showing me all your pretty quilts, posting all kind of wonderful tutorials and videos that spurred me on and letting me test your patterns!

Thank you for supporting me, encouraging me, cheering me on, laughing with me, investigating with me, learning with me, hanging out with me, and indulging me buying lots of fabric while you are going on a fabric-fast!

Here are some mosaics I made as a summary for this year!

A year of experimentation:

Gifts for my friends and family:

The patterns I designed:

And all of the FMQ I learned this year!

Blogging stats:

– 141 Posts


– 2306 comments (half are my replies, ha ha!)

– most ever views per day:ย  531, Saturday November 9, 2013:ย  here and here

And to celebrate my blogaversary I am giving away some goodies to my one of my followers!

– The giveaway is open to followers, new and old!

– One comment per person, please!

– Leave me a comment! If you would like a topic, maybe you could give me a tip about a great European online fabric shop that has fabrics for reasonable prices or maybe you could give me a tip about a great sewing notion I should try! Oh, and I am always interested in good FMQ- books! Do you know any that I should add to my collection?

– The giveaway closes at Saturday, January 18 at 12:00 AM (local time).

– I will ship internationally.

– If you are a no-reply blogger, please leave your email address in the comment. If I can not contact you, I will select someone else. I will send the winner an email. If you are the winner, you will need to reply within 24 hours or I will select someone else.

– I will put all of your names in a “hat” (of some kind) and draw a lucky winner.

Here is what is up for grabs!

Four cuts of fabric, each 6 x 52 inches

The best ever scarf: hexies!

A set of cute gift tags!

The lucky winner gets all!

Good luck…

…and a big hug to you all!



28 thoughts on “Blogaversary – 1 year!

  1. Well done!! Hope there will be many more. As european fabricsshop go I can recommend for good deals, but also FabricHQ, seamstar and purple stiches (all sites)
    Happy Birthday and thank you for hosting a great give away!

  2. Yay! Congrats on a fabulous year, Esther. Holy cow – your quilting all in one picture is phenomenal. I am so impressed. It’s gorgeous! Love all of your paper piecing patterns!

  3. You’ve only been blogging for a year? It seems like I’ve been following youu longer than that! I have no sage advice about European fabric shops, or fmq books, but I can tell you that at temperatures of -70F exposed skin can freeze in under a minute. We’re in the middle of a blizzard in North Dakota.

  4. You’ve only been blogging for a year? It seems I’ve been following you longer than that! I have no sage advice about European quilting shops or fmq books, but I can tell you that at -70F you will get frostbite on any exposed skin in under a minute. We’re in the middle of a blizzard here in ND.

  5. Happy Bloggaversary!!!!! Your FMQ is so awesome as are your patterns and quilts!! This last year has been an awesome one for me, also, and I, too, attribute it to the special friends that have come to visit!!! Here’s to another great creative year!!!!!! Hugs..

  6. Congrats on your blogaversary!! You have accomplished loads this past year and all very lovely, especially your paper piecing. I live in Canada but was in London last year. I went to Liberty London where they have such beautiful fabric but I found them very expensive. Keep up the great work Esther!!

  7. Yea!!!! Your blog is one…. I have to say it has shown off a lot of talent in just one year. I was a tester for your Honey Comb pattern and and just volunteered to be a tester on your trains. Please keep on designing,quilting and blogging about it for many more years. I love the inspiration.
    Marjorie in Mexico

  8. Congratulations Esther! I can’t believe that it’s only one year! I love your Works and it was great to see some of them in mosaics! Thank you for sharing amazing presents! So beautiful Fabrics and that scarf is Super!
    I’m very happy to buy from It’s in Irland and Cindy is very friendly and helpful. While ago I bought ruler 6.5″ x 6.5″ and I’m really happy for that. Have a lovely day! Sunny wishes from Greece! x Teje

  9. Congratulations!!
    When I first found you I didn’t realise you’d been blogging for less than a year – keep going!!
    I’m in England and can recommend Justine at

  10. Happy blogoversary!! A notion that I didn’t even know it existed and its amazing is the “Clover Finger Press” tool. I got it from a Secret Santa, and I though that was just another piece of plastic that I would use once while piecing and then forget… but I was wrong!! It’s the best tool ever to press the seams (open or on one side, both ways is super-fast) and it creates a very crisp fold. If you don’t have it, I highly recommend it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congratulations on all the achievements in this first year!!

  11. Congrats! And than YOU for sharing YOUR awesome talents with us. I have no tips for you though, because I look to people like yourself to help build my skills. I learn every day. Well, maybe one: I do love my Clover mini iron though, for pressing those tiny seams while paper piecing. It never gets too very hot and is tiny enough to press only the seams I intend to press.

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