Giveaway – we have a winner!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for coming to my blogaversary party this Thursday!

I had a blast reading all of your comments and already have been eyeing those recommended webshops and notions! I forsee some shopping in the near fututre!

SO… I put all of your names in the bowl….

And Susan’s name was on the first paper to come out of the bowl!

Susan, I have sent you an email. Please send me your snailmail address so I can get the goodies on a plane!

( I tried to make a cute little video of my cat picking one of the papers out of the bowl, as she was fascinated by all of the papers I was preparing. She tried to “catch” the papers and played with them a bit. But she had a slight case of stagefright and would not repeat her trick once the camera was out and ready to capture the scene. So , please IMAGINE my cat doing that great trick!)

I hope you all have a comfortable Sunday inside, were it is warm/cold (Pick one according to geographical location)!





5 thoughts on “Giveaway – we have a winner!

  1. This is so cool!! Thank you for the give-a-way.

    By the by, can I tell you how fantastic I think it is you put these on paper and did an actual drawing?? Very nice touch – I shall copy your method in the future. 🙂

  2. Congrats, Susan!!!!! At the moment, it’s sunny, breezy and 36F!!!! What a difference a day makes!!!!! Did a little sewing, now football. The play-offs. Have a good one………..Hugs…..

  3. Congrats to you Susan. Maybe one day before I go to the happy hunting ground for old school teachers I will win giveaway. Happy you did and I know you are happy you did. genie

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