Chugging Along – test 01

As we speak /read the testers are hard at work trying out the “Chugging Along” pattern. I have sent out the paper piecing patterns for the different blocks to “roam the world”.Β  By the middle of February the results will come in and I can show you all of the wonderful work of the fabulous testers!!!

Of course I tested the blocks too. And I just could not wait to show you my results!

( It is evening here, so my pictures are kind of blurry. I had to tweak some pictures in Photoshop to make them presentable)

The whole set (so far… no promisses I will stop designing new blocks to add! πŸ™‚ )

The coal-car and the passenger’s car:

The freight car of course at the end of the train!

The train is rolling into the station…

… Don’t forget to load some water!

I used a scrap of fabric with bicycles for the “clock” on the station building. I will add some embroidery saying “Station” (DUH!) on the dark brown where it now says “ipatchandquilt”. I will also try to make the clock look like a clock, ha ha!

I just had to design some trees! I have another set drawn up on the computer, but it is not complete yet.

I wanted to show you the wheel of the different train cars. I used several scraps of “Comma” by Moda that were left over from my Christmas stockings .


I have plans for some more blocks like another set of trees and a railroad crossing and such.

Would you like to play with these blocks too? You could receive the complete set FOR FREE!!!

Just leave a comment with great ideas for blocks to add this pattern set.Β  The best comment will receive the whole set of blocks once the patterns is released in the middle of February!!!Β  Please leave your email in the comment if you are a no-reply blogger!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


p.s. I am linking up with the Paper Piecing Linky Party at Quiet Play, Finish Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and Can I get a Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

68 thoughts on “Chugging Along – test 01

    • That is a wonderful idea! I was thinking more in the line of a quilt made up of rows of trains or a very skinny and long quilt to use as a toddlers bed bumper. I will add you idea to the suggestions in the pattern!

    • A puppy? Well what would a boy be without his puppy! πŸ™‚
      I have not designed any people or animals for this pattern as I liked the idea of people fussy cutting their fabulous fabrics to put monkey behind the wheel of the locomotive and girafs as passengers. Or something like this. Maybe I will design some people blocks after this set is completed. Thanks for the tip!

    • Owww, I think all of the above! πŸ˜‰
      I have already been busy with the caboose, so that is almost done. The others will follow by the end of this week. I hope….A lot of my free time will be taken up by work this week. We will have parent teacher nights on Monday and Tuesday. Exausting!

  1. when i could make this quilt for my grandson ( 4 jears old) it would be a dream comming treu for him for he is a great lover of Thomas train and loves to play with the Thomas train when he is with me and he loves to see the movie of Thomas
    greeting Jitske

    • Hoi Jitske!
      Leuk dat je mijn blog hebt bezocht! Ik ben blij te horen dat je kleinzoon zo’n fan is van treinen! Mijn neefje van vier is ook gek op alles met wielen!

    • Hello Vera!
      YAY for grandsons and nephews! My little nephew mister T was the inspiration for this set. I am almost done with designing the blocks, just a bridge to make and writing up the patterns. Phew, almost done!
      bye bye

  2. I love the water tower! I love the whole collection, but I may be missing it, but where’s the caboose? You of course need a cattle car, but I think a zoo car with a giraffe’s head and maybe an elephants head peeking out would be a must? I’m newish to pattern piecing, but if you’ll let me I would love to test a block or two. I just keep thinking about the book, The Little Engine That Could, and of course Thomas the Tank Engine,.

    • Thank you so much for all of these ideas. The caboose and a cattlecar are already drawn up, as a car with boxes, containers and logs.
      Thank you for volunteering for the testing. I do not know if I need more testers, but I will keep you in mind!!!
      bye bye

  3. A rail road bridge or a mountain tunnel. The expansion will have the background for the scene. I love what you have done, but see it integrated into a scene.

    • Hello Penny!
      Yes a bridge! It will be the last part of the pattern to add. Most of it is done, (shape wise). Now I only need to write up the pattern pages. Some more work ahead, but I love doing it!
      Thank you for visiting my blog,

    • Hi Gina!
      Thank you for describing what a caboose looks like! I like the addition of the bell, but found it to be way to small to create in the pattern. I think I will add a drawing of a bell for those who want to embroider it on.
      bye bye

  4. Hi Esther! These are fantastic blocks and the train, buildings and trees are so wonderful! Just perfect Fabrics and colours, too! I thught about bench with suitcase. x Teje

  5. This is out of this world. I adore it. I immediately thought of a caboose with one of the conductors standing on it…or an engineer’s head seen out of the engine. I would love to play with these. What fun. Like how you did your wheels. Very creative. genie

    • Hello genie,
      How wonderful to read all of your comments! You are all such a great help deciding what needs to be added to the set of “Chugging Along”.
      Thank you for your ideas for the set!!!
      Bye bye

  6. Definitely some railway signs or “traffic lights” for the train. This looks like it’s going to be an absolutely delightful piece when it is all finished

  7. Beautiful blocks! Awesome idea for sure. I wondered if you might want an X block row for railroad sign or perhaps a traffic signal row … also how about a row of tracks? What you’ve done is really awesome and I look forward to making it!

    • I have thought about a row of tracks but have decided against them for now. All of the blocks are either frontal views of objects (house, tree) or side views (train cars). I found it weird to add a track as if we were looking down. I may add them anyway to the pattern, so people can decide for themselves.
      If I have time I will add the x-block and some lights, depending on how long it takes to test the new blocks that I have been writing since last week.
      Thank you for your great suggestions!

  8. I love your fussy cut fabrics. My son always wants me to draw a tanker car and a car carrier. His favorite is with a truck on it. He also loves tunnels. Great job!

    • Okay, a car carrier! Wow, you all keep coming up with new train cars! Ha ha!!!
      I will see how much time I have left for writing that block up before the planned release date for this pattern. I am still debating if I want to add a tunnel or not. I will let you all now what I decide upon!
      Thanks for the wonderful suggestions!

    • Hi Pauls,
      No need to apoligize! I know how hectic a week can be!!!
      Yes, the bridge! That has been planned, but not drawn up yet. Maybe I can do that on Sunday, I guess…. if life is not FULL with other things.
      Bye bye

  9. Well, lets see, I do loads of crazy quilting and I can see these cute little trains making their way into my own art. If I won, that is surely where these would probably pop up, but I have a wedding coming up soon and then maybe babies! I don’t know right away, but something like this!

    • Well yeah, these train cars would go perfectly into a crazy quilt. I know the pattern is driving me a little crazy by know!!! I have even been dreaming about trains, YIKES!
      Have a great weekend!

  10. Just fantastic as always Esther! My two little guys are huge train fans! We live three houses down from a set of tracks and can see the trains go by out our living room window, whenever my oldest (four) see’s the logging cars he gets super excited!! He thinks they’re carrying jobi wood from Misty Island (Thomas fans over here!) Though he also thinks that all the tanker cars are filled with chocolate milk!
    I love the way you’ve fussy cut for the clock! Perfect!

    • Yay for logging cars! One has been drawn up today, but needs to be tested this weekend! I hope I have enough brown fabrics for the tree trunks. Or… maybe some shopping is in order! LOL!

  11. Wow wow wow! These are so awesome!! I am feeling an insane need to create a train quilt! Thanks also for stopping by at my blog and commenting πŸ™‚

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  15. I was so excited to suggest signal lights and crossbars then I found someone already suggested it. Most of the train books and train sets that I read/see with my sons have fences and cows. Something about cows seems to fit the idyllic train scene world! I would LOVE to pattern test for you if you’re looking for any more people!

  16. The train is so adorable. One of my grandson is named for my father-in-law Hayes. It was his mother’s maiden name. Anyhow, his passion was trains. He loved trains. His degree was in engineering and he DESIGNED a model engine and coal car himself and made them. He earned a model railroad designer and builder certificate for them. That is not an easy feat. He built small train cars from kits. In one passenger car, he added a water cup dispenser in the restroom. You have no idea how small that was. I have no idea how he did that fine, fine work. My grandson has a thing for trucks (he’s 2). He calls them NUNS! I was visiting them in Albuquerque and he said he wanted to go see if the nuns were working. Well, his dad and his family is Cathoic, so I just blew it off. I thought we were headed to church. Nope, in the edge of their addition, they are adding homes and the earth movers were working. He calls the trucks that because of the noise they make – Nun, nun, nun as the motor revs up. Kids are something else. I need to make a train for his room. If he doesn’t appreciate it, his mother will as obviously she adored that grandfather and has fond memories of him. As soon as I post this, I’m headed to follow you. Thanks for great patterns. I wish I could have been a tester – just found you.

    • Hello Susan!
      How wonderful to meet you too! I adore your story about the Nuns! I really laughed out hard!
      I will be designing more “boys” paper piecing patterns in the future, so when I need testers again, you could participate then! Thank you for your fabulous comment!

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  18. I am working on a circus train for my new grandson. Children like all types of animals in the train cars. Your train is perfect for my project. I am hoping to use your pattern. Looks great.

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