Randomly full

This is a bit of a random post with some sewing to start of with!

Last Friday I showed you Marjorie’s block of the water tower. She has already finished the other block too!

I really love the “oily” fabric on the metal parts of the train. Have you seen the great wheels? Aren’t they wonderful?

I also got an email from Jeneta from Plum Jam who tested the train and the passengers car.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Her son has already claimed the pillow! Well, wouldn’t you, ha ha?

Don’t you think that making more pillows like this with different train carriages would be awesome? When you rearrange the pillows, the order of the train will be different!

Thank you very much Jeneta and Marjorie!

Now for the more random bits:

Last week I finally got around to do some online shopping with all of your great tips you gave me on my Blogaversary post. Thanks for the great tips! I will for sure be back in these online shops! Don’t try to stop me, alright? 🙂

I also found out that there was a new local quiltshop. I just had to go and see for myself the very same day… and yes! They are selling precuts and fabric of the bolt. All lovely, modern and fresh fabrics from Moda. I will talk more about this quilt shop very soon!

Okay, okay, fabric…. here it is!

Sketch in orange and two solids (by Moda?) from the LQS.

Online I ordered a “surprise” bundle of oranges and yellow, and surprise, surprise…. more Sketch! Ha ha!

Some gorgeous grays…

Some reddish-brown, golden green and blueish-jadeite, topped of by Aurifil thread a DMC thread in black.

Also, I just had to get some more “wood” fabric for my train set, but you will have to wait a bit for pictures of those! I will show you pics of those once I have used them in the train blocks.

My week was full with all kind of wonderful things; second hand shopping (great finds), buying a new computer, getting new tires for my car specially or the winter (which is still missing in action, which I prefer!), jewelry design class, birthday celebration of my mother, two parents-teacher evenings and two theatre shows with my students (teenagers) …

… oh yeah, and teaching full time…

Yes, really!

The first show was a ballet by the Dutch company Scapino from the city of Rotterdam. The show was called “Pearl”: modern dance based on baroque court dancing. Very beautiful! They even had a orchestra with harpsichord and all! Music was by Vivaldi. It started kind of formal but later on it was much more “loose”. Hairstyles and dresses changed. Attraction, courting, love, love making, sword fighting, twirling, decay and becoming yourself… lots of stuff going on!

You can click here to view a YouTube video of the performance!  You have to take a look at this; even the guys were wearing “dresses” with these large hip pieces! Here is the link to Scapino website.

Yesterday we went to see a music theatre show by the group Scrap Art Music from Vancouver.  Here is a video on Vimeo of the performance we saw. The video does not convey how much NOISE they made! They used all kind of conventional drums, but also stuff from the scrap yard. I believe I saw some parts of top loading washing machines used as drums and also plastic sewage pipes (new ones of course!).  If you are interested in alternative drum music, check them out!

Okay, I am tired now… of to bed!

Night night everyone!










3 thoughts on “Randomly full

  1. Wow! I’m tired too! I love what is happening with these train blocks! So fantastic.

    I’m pretty sure I’d be right at home at those shows. They sound right down my alley. i’ll have to check out the videos when I’m not dead tired. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,!
      I hope you have been able to get some sleep! 🙂 The day has already started here and it is time for some coffee!
      The two shows were so different; one elegant and a bit decadent, the other powerful and loud!
      Have a wonderful day,

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