The mother lode

I hit the jackpot!
Look what I found in a second-hand market this morning:

1970’s pillow cases!

They are ginormous, really HUGE!

I think you could hide a kid in there. The seller and my mum too said that they are probably from Germany were pillows tend to be larger. LARGER? These would have been able to invade a mall country, guys! 🙂

Hey, more fabric for me to cut up and that is exactly what I did after they went into a very hot wash.

Big bold clouds in greens and brown & orange…

… and purple!

There seems to be a colour difference between these fabrics even though they are the same pattern.

These went with the others!

Last week I was lucky too!

I found a sheet and pillow case; new in its plastic wrapping, probably dating from the eighties, by looking at its old fashioned price ticket.

It reminded me of a fabric I had seen in the new quiltshop I talked about this Friday.



It is the “Giggles in expolosion in Blue” by Moda. Maybe I should take this mayor HINT from the Universe and go and buy the Moda fabric! What do you think?

Okay, I promised you a picture of the other new fabrics I got these last two weeks. I needed to get some more of the green fabric for my trains quilt, so I did some online shopping. Of course other stuff ended up in  my shopping cart too….

As I wanted there to be a log carriage on my train, I also needed some more browns. Here is proof om my shopping:

And proof of me using it!

This weekend was filled with lots of paper piecing. Even though I have worked many (MANY) hours on my “Chugging Along” blocks, I am still not done. Two more blocks were drawn up and pieced. I still have about three blocks to design and test. After that the dreaded digital work continues with finishing the pdf files. I had hoped to be able to have the whole pattern set ready by the middle of February. I am still aiming for that, but I am not going to hit myself over the head if I can’t meet this (self set) deadline. I had never planned on this pattern to get so big as it has, so I have to accommodate  for the extra blocks. But, the pattern is so cute! And you have not even seen half it! Really!

I hope to host a big reveal party soon!

For now: I am stepping away from the sewing machine.

Did you hear me? I am stepping away…


p.s. I am linking up with Sunday Stash, today hosted by Kate Quilts, and Submarine Sunday at UssCrafty.

24 thoughts on “The mother lode

  1. I think your mother is right, they’re for big French or German pillows. I have one pillow that size I use for sitting up in bed when I’m reading blogs in the morning. It’s more like a small floor cushion than a bed pillow… I like those old prints, they remind me of Marimekko fabrics. I can see why you got excited about them!

    • Aha! Not an invasion of the monster pillow case than, it is just the Germans / French! LOL
      I looked up the Marimekko fabrics; OH MY, they are gorgeous!!! Thank you for the name of this brand.
      Still raining at your place?

  2. Yes, it’s raining. It’ll probably carry on for the next month or so, on and off. I’ll be ready to build an ark by the end of it. I have two Marimekko shirts which are my absolute favourites, one in turquoise/aqua and the other in pink/orange. When they finally give up being shirts, they’re going straight into my scrap bag for quilts! There’s a Marimekko shop in Covent Garden in London (or was when I left there) and it’s the most gorgeous place, worth a visit if you ever go over.

  3. Those pillow cases are awesome! I love those green swirls – I just ran out of them a few weeks ago. Do you know who makes them or what they’re called. I want to pick up some more. The train is cute as a button, too!!!

    • That was so weird ! When I found the sheet I really had a dejavu! “Where have I seen this before?” The fabric designers must also be collecting vintage fabrics, ha ha!
      Have a great week!

    • I was so happy when I spotted the box with fabric. The seller told me they are also running a shop. I think I might be visiting them soon, ha ha!
      Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. What a great find! It’s like a happy treasure find. I love the train blocks. They are all turning out so cute. I can’t wait to see them in your store.

    Good luck staying away from the sewing machine. That is one goal I can never quite keep. 😉

    • Hi Allison!

      I worked on a new project today: a mobile Phone pouch for my mother. It was way harder than I had thought because of the small size of the pouch, but I pulled it off. I do not think I am going to repeat making a small pouch like this! 🙂
      I will stick to patchwork an paper piecing! Maybe work on the train set tomorrow evening. Let’s see how far I get with piecing some more wheels. Luckily I am getting better (and faster) piecing those!!!
      Bye bye

    • Good evening Kathleen! These last couple of weeks I was really lucky on the fabric front! Hope that the “running streak” continues!
      I wish you lots of Lucky finds too!

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