Groovy Seventies

One of my friends just had her third baby! After two gorgeous boys, now there is a new shiny little girl!

The baby’s room was decorated in groovy seventies colours like yellow, orange and brown.

Are you digging it?

Nobody knew if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so the room was decorated with a gender neutral wall paper with trees. Once I saw the wall paper pictures pop up onto Facebook, I just knew I had the right fabric to turn into a quilt: a fabulous yellow, orange and brown thin tablecloth and a sheet that I found in a vintage shop not that long ago! I added new cotton fabrics from various sources to make it more gender neutral.

Here are some horrible pictures of the blocks on my design wall as I was contemplating how much white there needed to be between the blocks.

Horrible pictures, right?

Would you believe me if I said that I was trying to copy the authentic seventies “dodgy camera” look?

Nah…. won’t work, he?

I decided to go for the wider white strips in between the blocks and add a small green border on the outside of the quilt. I bound the quilt in a dark orange and brown stripey fabric that I adore. I quilted flowers on it to copy the flowers in the fabrics. (Maybe I was hoping it was going to be a girl…)

I also made a little fabric “play-thingy” for the baby. Who knows what these things are called? It has ribbons on the side and often the fabric is very soft, like “cuddle” or  “minky” on one side.

I used scraps of the quilt fabrics. I like the look, but next time I will use a different technique for a postage stamp quilt. I have seen tutorials where you first stick the little stamps to a interfacing and then you sew the rows. The results look awesome!

Mine is a bit wonky…

I quilted on side very densly so the baby would feel different textures.

Mom, Dad and two brothers “approved” the quilt and “thingy” and they will soon be used in the baby’s room! 🙂

It was sure fun holding such a tiny baby girl… It has been a while! People around me are getting lots of boys lately, ha ha!

Yay for little girls in pink dresses!


35 thoughts on “Groovy Seventies

  1. Aww, how sweet! I do like the thicker sashing between those blocks, and that sweet green floral border! When I’ve made similar baby toys I think it was called a taggy (I used bits or various ribbons and cords). Girls, are indeed, a delight to have around!

    • Ah a ” taggy” it is! 🙂
      I am glad I went for the wider border around the coloured blocks. Firstly because it looked better, I think. Secondly because the quilt got bigger, ha ha! I did not want to make more blocks. Sometimes you just want a quilt to be finished, right?
      Bye bye

  2. Very groovy indeed. What colour to make things when you don’t know if the baby’s a boy or a girl is always a problem – and one I had to face recently when my nephew’s wife was found to be expecting triplets! So, triple trouble indeed. I’m glad you went with the wider sashing, those prints need a bit of air around them!

    • When the quilt was done, I was afraid it was too girly. I let out a big sigh when I heared it was a girl and not a boy! I did not intend the quilt to be this floral, but the fabrics just “led” me this way.
      Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. It lloks like a spring meadow with flowers popping up all over the place. Great projects .. surely very much appreciated by the recipient.

    • Hello Doreen!
      I love the quilt too, even though I was happy when it was done. December was a lots-of-sewing-month and this was one of the things that just had to be done!
      I was soooo lucky to find all these yellow vintage fabric! without them the quilt would not be that much fun.

  4. Hi Esther! I adore this quilt! Wonderful Fabrics and great choise for the colours! I like the wider white between. Have a lovely day! x Teje

    • Thank you very much Susan!
      I lucked out again with the fabrics. I found two vintage fabrics in yellow (one is on the back…. forgot to take a picture of that, oops!) and a collection of new fabrics in a FQ bundle in oranges, yellows, browns and greens. It fell all into place within one week! 🙂
      I hope your weekend will be lots of fun! By the way, I am a bit envious of your stack of movie tickets! Wish I could join you! As a substitute I bought myself a good Fantasy book. I hope to be able to start reading this weekend.

      • As you know, I LOVE Valdani thread. I’ve aaluctly been trying their 12wt hand dyes through my sewing machine and it’s working. Recently, I have been delving into the rayons and they are beautiful. The only reason I didn’t use them in my art is I didn’t want the sheen.

  5. Esther, this quilt is awesome! The colors and fabrics are so unique, and I’m sure you captured the feel of the nursery perfectly. I think the sashing between the blocks really keeps it fresh too!

    I’m so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Hello Nicole!
      I will be making two taggies soon; two of my colleagues will become grandparents soon… BABY BOYS again! ( where are all those baby girls?)
      Thank you for visiting my blog!

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