Try to say that fast three times! 😉

Stephanie from Quarter Incher organized another great swap in January of this year! It was time for round 2 of the Triple-Zip-Pouch Swap.

These were the rules as discribed by Stephanie:

Make a triple-zip pouch based on your secret partners requests. You can alter the pouch size if you wish. There were some great modifications in Round 1 you can skim through in the flickr group

  • Stuff it with goodies
  • Everything must fit in the pouch before mailing to save everyone money on postage
  • Mail it off by March 1st!

We used a tutorial by A Quilters Table. As this is my first swap, EVER, I decided to stick to the tutorial. (Mostly that is…)

This is what I made for my swap partner Jennifer:

Somehow I ended up with a too large piece of fabric for the inside largest pocket… I just cut it off so it would fit. I will try this pouch again and hope to find where I missed something. My pouch looks the same as the others, so I am guessing it is alright! 😉

I spied the Flick site of my swap partner en discover that she likes working with squares and fussy cutting cute kids fabric. I decided to make her something that was a little bit different and just for her. Elegant, scrappy and feminine, even in blue! Some tiny paper piecing and some pretty feathers! She had indicated that she had no special request and that I could do whatever I liked… so that is what I did!

I used an iron on batting /fleece and a polyester Aurifil thread for the quilting. All of the fabrics are cotton. All of the inside pockets are the same white fabric with the blue flowers.

Of course I put some fabric goodies in this pouch!

Yes, it is the same collection of fabrics that I gave away on my blogaversary in January. And of course the cute button magnets I also bought for myself!

Question: I have never participated in a swap, so I have no experience with this at all. Is there an “unwritten rule” on what goodies to add to your swap item? I have seen people put all kinds of candy in their packages, but I know that some people have food allergies or intolerances. I opted for fabric as that’s what quilters want, right? I also found it hard to find items that were not too heavy so the postage would not become outrageous.

Out of curiousity: What was the best / worst item you have ever received from a swap?

For the next couple of days I will be watching my mailbox as I am expecting two packages… one pouch for me and lots of fabric to finish op the paper pieced train.

Can’t wait!

Thank you so much, Stephanie for organzing such a wonderful swap. I had a lot of fun creating the pouch!!!


(P.S. I am linking up with ” Finish It Up Friday” over at Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict’s “Can I get a Whoop Whoop?” )


12 thoughts on “Triple-zip-swap

    • Good evening Rike,
      There is a great tutorial by “A quilter’s Table” and there are several alternatives around for the finish. i just search with google for help when i ran into the trouble with the piece of fabric that was too long. I must have made a mistake somewhere but I was not able to find it. The pouch looked OK so I think it was alright to leave it like that.
      Bye bye

  1. I’ve never participated in a swap, so I can’t comment on the worst goodies I’ve ever received, but I’d be delighted with what you sent, so I shouldn’t worry. I’d much prefer fabric to sweeties I can’t eat anyway!

    • Thank you for the confirmation on not to send sweets. Fabric from another country must be better than sweets that are eaten within 10 minutes.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello Esther:
    Just love this triple zipper bag. I cannot even imagine the process of making it. The swap recipient will be very happy. The blue and white colored fabric reminds me of the delft blue patterns on tiles and jars.

    • Hello Doreen,
      You are totally correct! I did not set out with “Delft” in mind, but the “Dutchness” has seeped through somehow, ha ha! Have a great weekend Doreen!

    • Hello Jenny!
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment here! Glad to know you have a blog too… Which i am now following! 🙂
      I hope you will find some cool projects to use the goodies in!

  3. That is a great pouch and I suspect that the recipient just loves it. The worst thing I received in a swap was a block that was way too small-so much that I couldn’t use it. It was so disappointing, especially since I loved the fabrics and the construction was well done other than the size.

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