Chugging Along – Finished!!!

It is done!

The paper piecing pattern “Chugging Along” is finally finished!

Last night I uploaded the various sets to Craftsy and I will add the individual blocks in the upcoming days. It will take a while as there are 31 separate blocks.

(Yes not 30… I needed one more!)

The GIVEAWAY for this pattern is still OPEN… but just for a few hours more! Tomorrow afternoon at noon (local time) it will close, so hurry up! Click here to go the giveaway. 

The GIVEAWAY is now closed!

Now I only have to show you some suggestions on how to use the pattern!

So here goes!

You could combine two blocks and turn them into a pillow.

Why stop at one pillow? Make more pillows of all various train cars and the locomotive. By rearranging the pillows, the train will be rearranged!

You could also make a long quilted strip of trains to act as a bumper pad in a todler’s bed. Or make a long quilted strip of trains as a cushion for a bench.

Create a wall hanging of various rows of trains or just keep adding rows to create a lap quilt!

The train could also become a border on a quilt!

Or like this!

You could make the pattern more dynamic by turning the blocks.

This type of lay out would become more balanced if you picked just one background fabric, like this:

The individul blocks themselves can take some tweaking too!

The Station Block can be turned into a house!


Turn the clock into an attic window! Also leave out the frame of the timetable and turn that whole part into another window.

These next blocks would like some embroidery!



You can always decide to ignore lines in the pattern to get some variation in blocks you are repeating!

These are detail shots of the exhausts on the train.

Just like in the pattern:

Ignore one line and do some fussy cutting!

Use a different fabric than suggested and create exhausts of different hights.

The last suggestion is to use fussy cutting!

Maybe you would like to add a conductor in the train ( a monkey maybe? ) and show the passengers in the passengers car or the cattle car! The station could have a “real” clock or if you turn that block into a house; a lead-painted dormer window would be so wonderful!

One of my blogreader Kathleen had another great idea:

Wow, again, this is such an awesome set of patterns. And believe it or not, after reading this post, I actually thought of another way to use them. How about making each one up individually, sort of mug rug style, so a child can play with them and arrange and rearrange them on the floor!

Wouldn’t it be fun to use the blocks like a puzzle? Or placemats?

Here are all of the blocks one more time and than I will stop talking about trains for a while, ha ha!

And than there are the 4 Finishing Blocks (5 actually):


An empty block and the two corner blocks.

For those who would like to add tracks there are substitutes for these parts of each of the pattern:


Yes, now I am done!

Phew, that was three months of intense work (really intense!) I have learned so much in this process. The most important being not to write about a new pattern before I am almost done. I have grocely underestimated how much time it takes to create a set of patterns.

It will not stop me from creating a pattern set again though! :-)))

If you would like to read more blogposts and see more pictures of this pattern, please click on any of these next links:


Different sets

Test blocks 1

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My quilt top

Baby quilt

To go directly to my Craftsy store, click here!

I have written up a “Print & Play ” document with all of the blocks in the pattern. Print the pages with the pictures and lay out your unique train quilt! You can find that document here.

I will be linking up with Linky Parties today as I feel like CELEBRATING!

Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Quilting Day this Saturday!


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58 thoughts on “Chugging Along – Finished!!!

  1. Hello Esther: TGIF ..

    What a project this was .. I really like the re-aarragements of the train patterns, especially along the edges of a blanket. It makes the edges of the blanket look like train tracks.
    Very creative and beautiful.

    • Really TGIF!!!
      I am so relieved that this project is now finished! I have had a lot of fun deisgning these blocks and I have learned a lot! A win-win-situation!
      Lots of hugs

    • Goodmorning Alida!
      I adore these border too!
      If I had not made te other quilt top already, that would be the one I would go for! Have a wonderful sewing and quilting weekend!

  2. It’s a very clever, fun series, and little boys (and maybe girls) everywhere will have loving mothers, aunts and grandmothers who will be rushing to make them something from the set. Well done!

  3. Wow, again, this is such an awesome set of patterns. And believe it or not, after reading this post, I actually thought of another way to use them. How about making each one up individually, sort of mug rug style, so a child can play with them and arrange and rearrange them on the floor!

    • YES it was a lot of work, and YES, I would love it if I could replenish my stash with the proceeds or maybe, maybe get the EQ software if it is a real succes!
      Here’s hoping!

  4. I follow you by email. I would like to enter a chance for the giveaway. Doreen Hersh:

    Thank you for the opportunity in the giveaway. I really like your train set blocks. I might try to do something similar with one of my childhood set toys.

  5. Oh my! It’s finished! Congratulations Esther – this is an amazing set of patterns and so versatile too! May you receive much support for your hard work! K

    • OH MY OH MY! It is DONE, DONE , DONE!!!
      This was such a massive project and also quite an obsession at moments. I love the results.
      I hope to just sew some simple patchwork blocks the next couple of days to balance out all of the brain crunching of the last three monsths!
      Happy sewing!

    • I do hope so! I have put so much time in them! I would love to replenish my fabric stash and get some software… So far, I am not there yet! 🙂
      Thank you for your everlasting support!

      • You know I’ve “got your back”……always, dear bloggy Friend!!!! I so treasure your friendship and sweet comments/visits!!!! Hugs and blessings……………………

  6. Every time I see these I want to make more and more! They all turned out so nice! My son still asks me to make more train cars for his quilt (which is already finished, hanging in his room). Your trains were a great hit with a 4 year old boy!

    • THANKS! I do not know if will still thank me after having to make all 31 blocks…. sorry! But hug your little boy for me! I think he is my biggest fan!!!

    • Hey hey Kim!
      How nice of you to come over for a visit. I so enjoyed your new SEWjo Saturday linky party! You wil see me there often I think, ha ha!
      Thank you for the WOW!!!
      I hope your week will be fun of sewing fun!

    • Hello Dorian!
      Thank you for letting me know that there are lots of boys out there who would love to have a quilt with trains (even the ones that are maybe to old to admit to it, ha ha) It gives me hope that this pattern will be a succes eventually!

  7. Words escape me.. WOW this is wonderful! The ways you used one figure, and just a few adjustments it was made into another figure. Creative just doesn’t cover it! Wow…hats off to you!

    • Hello Shirley,
      I had so much fun thinking up all of these options! I also know that once quilters see the drawings they will want to try these trains out too!
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving your wonderful comment!

    • Hello Cinzia!
      YES, yes I hope so too! Because that would mean I could keep designing this type of patterns in sets instead of separate blocks. I do love to tell a story in a quilt and blocks like Chugging Along let me do that!
      I hope you and your loved ones are well!

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    • Wow, that would be fabulous!!! Thank you so much!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Some of the pictures from that last post are “only visible to me” on flickr. If you want to use one of those and have trouble with it….let me know, I will send you the url.

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  13. Hi Esther, love it! I would like to buy the patterns, but I can’t find them! Could you tell me how to purchase? Love Mayke

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