“By Jove! I think she’s got it”

No no, no musical blog post here but I could go on and on about Eliza Doolittles costume to the races…. THAT HAT! I want to bet that I would look awesome in it!!!

( Creative strip-piecing anyone? This photograph could easily be the inspiration of a modern quilt!)

I finally figured out what to do with the blue blocks I have been creating for the “Soy Amado” block drive. This is what I already had:


I made three more.


The back view:


I am really happy with how the McTavishing is going! Progress!

I am still using the old Pfaff as the tension problem on the Janome is not resolved yet. Because of the smaller throat space on this machine, the “flowyness” of the curves is a bit hindered, but overall I am very content!!! 🙂

I drew a circle around a large bowl from the kitchen and used a normal foot to go round and round before quilting the centre of these blocks.

… and than I added some different blocks with more brown, blue and gray! These are still in “flimsy”-state. I will cut them to size once they are quilted.

The block itself is not spectacular , but I love how it looks with the others! LOVE IT!!!

A few weeks ago I found a massive stash of ’70 pillow cases in brown, orange,  green and purple: some bold clouds and some hearts.


I am glad that I found the right project to use the brown hearts for!!! I LOVE that they fit in with the name of this project SOY AMADO = I am loved.

I am aiming for 25 blocks and turn them into a quilt myself. I will send the quilt to an address here in the Netherlands. Luckily that will not be a lot of postage so I can “spend” more on the quilt itself. I think that by the time this quilt is finished, about 65 % of the cotton is vintage or from a second hand shop. I have been collecting for about a year now and I discovered that I needed to start using the fabrics as they were taking over my cabinet space… NO BETTER THING than to use them for a charity quilt! This way I can make lots and lots of blocks instead of just 2 or 3!

There are even some more orphan blocks in my boxes that I could turn into seperate blocks. I already have a fabulous backing for those. Those blocks will be girly!!!

If you would also like to create some blocks for this charity, please click here.

I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend! I surely had to catch up with house cleaning after the mad dash to finish Chugging Along! Thank you all for your kind words! They warm my heart!


I am linking up with Anything Goes at Stitch by Stitch and McTavishing Monday at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventure.

55 thoughts on ““By Jove! I think she’s got it”

  1. Hello Esther:

    I just love the latest blue block quilt .. the color is so uplifting .. it reminds me of a spring sky .. our air here is filled with pollen and there is a strong wind blowing .. should get rain soon, to wash it all away .. hatchoe!

    • Goodmorning Annie!
      That fabric is one of my favorites too! It a sunny and cheery fabric!!!Here Spring has shows its face and this Thursday the weather will be awesome: 20 celsius…. Maybe! We may need to get the BBQ out! We really skipped winter this year:NO snow so far! a relief after several horror winters!!!
      Hugs and kisses

    • Goodmorning Jeifner!
      Thank you so much for cheering me on! It is a great project: creating beautiful blocks and quilts form orphan blocks that has been hidden in a box for 6 months so they will warm a child (‘s heart) in Mexico city. I feel blessed to be able to help.

  2. Your quilting is spectacular! Beautifully done! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt 🙂 I need to clear my decks so I can do one of these – such a wonderful cause.

    • I should have done that too… to many projects on the go! Two more baby quilts to bind, a paper piecing pillow to make, two quilt tops to quilt, another pillow to finish, one more little pillow as a gift for a teenager, and a wall quilt still in pieces….UHM…. quilt-problems???
      This project is so much fun, I just can not stay away from it!!!

    • Hello Moniique.
      That is my favorite too! I am thinking about a heart shape in the newest blocks with the dark navy border and do lots of pebbles in the centre of that heart and McTavish on the outside.
      Thank you for coming over for a visit!!!

  3. What great ways to practice some quilting! I think it’s awesome you are making a whole quilt to donate, I sent one block and was astounded at the shipping costs from here.

    • Hello Renee
      Yes! Shipping can be outrageous! That is why I am “grabbing this opportunity” to create a quilt for charity. I could not make something of this size if I had to ship it to the North America or Australia. As the shipping address for the quilts is here in my own country I do not mind!
      Bye bye

    • Hello Carole!
      Yes, Hope to do more McTavish blocks in the next couple of days! I have also found another orphan block that would be nice to add to this quilt. It is blue, brown and also has a fabric with hearts on it. I just have to think about how to integrate it with the other blocks. I am think about adding the same navy and aqua border as I have done with the other new blocks.
      Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  4. Ooh! That hat! How in the world can one move without it falling off? But, yes, I do think you’ve got it! Love the color combinations in that quilt too! Thanks for linking up and playing along!

  5. I think your blocks should “feel pretty”, as pretty as AH in the hat! The McTavishing looks terrific. Thanks for giving me lots of ideas on how to use McTavishing in pieced blocks.

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