Spring Cleaning

Is the sun shining for you?

We’re enjoying a gorgeous day here with 20 degrees Celsius, blue skies and a fierce wind!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring I have decided to lower the prices of all my paper piecing patterns, except for Honey Honey and the newest collection of Chugging Along of course!    🙂

For the reduced patterns, please scroll down!

I wish you all a fabulous “Worldwide Day of Happiness”!!! If  you are not familiar with Pharrell Williams song “Because I am happy”, you may want to check it out! It is sure to be an earwurm on this Happy Day!




These next patterns are all REDUCED 20% or MORE!

To go to my Craftsy store, please click on the images!

Blooming Hot:






Take a Bow – C :

Take a Bow – D :

Take a Bow A & B:

Take a Bow – E :


11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. LOVE the take a bow collection!!! Happy Spring to you:) I did some spring cleaning myself yesterday so I guess I am on time.

    • Thank you very much Paula!
      I love the bows too! Strangely they did not take off. Well, I guess that sometimes happens. We do not all like the same thing, right? 🙂
      I have several test blocks of the bows that I hope to turn into another block for Soy Amado. I am aiming for an (almost) empty orphan blocks box by the end of May! I love using all of my fabulous vintage fabric finds for the block drive too. I normally don’t use them as they have patterns on a large scale and most of the paper piecing I do, uses up the small scale patterns. I already have some new ideas for a few girl blocks… to many ideas, not enough time!!!

  2. I, too, love the bow pattern!!! So much “on my plate” right now I dare not put my toe in those waters!!!!!!!! Spring is coming, I know, but the amount of snow on the ground (w/ more coming tomorrow) is a bit disconcerting!!!!! It’s been a long season!!!!!!! Hugs………………….

    • You still have snow? it is just not fair! We have had quite some sun the last couple of days, with a gorgeous warm day this Thursday! We actually have had NO SNOW this winter at all! The last three winters have been absolutely gruesome, so this was a wonderful surprise!
      Hope the snow melts soon! I am sending some sun-warmth your way via the digital highway! 😉

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