Friday Finishes!

To celebrate the release of Chugging Along last week I held a giveaway! One of the winners was Renee from Quilts of a Feather. She contacted me afterwards and let me know that she would prefer it if someone else got the patterns set. She already had so many projects on the go! So we agreed that she would give away her set to one of her readers!

W(ch)OO-(c)HOOO another chance to win THE COMPLETE SET!  😉

So hopp on over to her blog and enter the giveaway! Her blogpost will be up in the afternoon (mountain standard time)!

Now go, and come back here, OKAY? I have baby quilts  and one BOM to show you!!!

Already two weeks ago I made the second block Sew Kitschy BOM by Kristy at Quietplay. I have not had a chance to show you all!

I altered the centre of the cookie jar to fit in a piece of kitchen fabric I found that had the same type of diamonds!

This is what the pattern actually looks like:


I do not know if I like the outcome of my alteration or not. I will wait and see what the block looks like with the rest of the set.


Last night I finished up the two little baby quilts for two colleagues who became grandfathers in the same week!

This is the whole cloth quilt seen from the back (wonderful soft flannel!) before adding the binding!

And the front view after binding!

I adore the fabric with the animals! Wish I had bought more!!!


– “cheater” fabric on the front, lovely blue flannel for the back.

– Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, 80/20

– Thread Amann, Saba 120, 100% Polyester, white.

– size: 28 x 29 inches (because that is how much flannel I had left!)

– FMQ  dogwood, feathers, swirls, pebbles and McTavishing.


The other baby quilt has the locomotive from Chugging Along on it! I enlarged the pattern by 250% and added a border.

( Anybody else interested in a larger pattern for the Locomotive?)

As you can see I used the same binding fabric; a red cotton that has a little bit of an orange hue to it.

I added two triangles at the back in the top corners. I just folded a square into a triangle and shoved it underneath the binding before sewing the binding down. I wrote  a “to & from” on the back. The triangles also make it possible to hang the quilt on a wall. Add a stick and your done! I think this will only work with small quilts. Larger ones need a “tunnel” of fabric on the back to hang them nicely.

Also an official label of course!

This is what the FMQ looks like from the front and back!


– Paper pieced Locomotive with 5 inch border, blue cotton (lawn?) for the backing

– Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, 80/20

– Thread Amann, Saba 120, 100% Polyester, white. Aurifil 100% polyester , blue

– size: 30 x 30 inches

– FMQ  McTavishing (or an attempt to!), pebbles and “flames”.


I am looking forward to this weekend. I hope to do some more FMQ on the Soy Amado quilt I am working on. Also I have the third Sew Kitschy BOM I I would love to do!

Bye bye and good luck with the giveaway!


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48 thoughts on “Friday Finishes!

    • Thank you so much Cheryl! I had a good selection although I have more girl fabric in my stash. I really have tried to find affordable fabric for boys in the regular fabric stores, but everything is floral and pink! There is not a huge market for quilters, everything is geared towards sewers who make a curtain or a baby’s sheet or maybe a dress for a child. Most of the quilt stores have a lot of Civil War fabrics, but luckily there is one shop nearby (hey hey Rita!) which has the newer Moda lines! Hip Hip Hooray!
      Bye bye

    • Hello Angie!
      I have worked some some blocks this morning, and rearranged the blocks several times. Now I have a set plan and hope to finish the quilt within two weeks.
      Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment!

  1. Hello Esther: I noticed something for the first time when I compared the cookie jar patterns .. your design is much more three dimensional .. the original pattern looks flat. Another observation .. the back of your quilts are “impressions” of the front .. so I name you an “impressionist quilter”.

  2. Wow you are busy! catch your breath sometime girl! lol, thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving me such a great comment. I need all the encouragement I can get, days are counting down to the visit with the spinal surgeon and its playing on my mind, you know?

    • Ha ha, catch my breath?! I have been bitten by the quilt bug, severely! Normally I would spend my time in the evening in front of the tv, but new I sew for an hour or so! It relaxes me more that watching tv!
      I wish you lots of luck and good health!

    • I had the labels printed at “CottenTrends” online, but I have noticed that they kind of rubb off. I am using them up so I can get better once for items that will be washed often, like quilts. I think they are fine for pouches and other small stuff.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh dear this week has gotten away from me, but I will have the giveaway up within a couple of hours, promise! I love that animal quilt fabric, and the fun quilting you did on it.

    • Ha ha, how many hours? (Too much???) In a normal week anywhere between 5 and 10 hours depending on what I have to do for work. I use quilting, especially FMQ, as a relaxing (or meditative) exercise instead of watching tv. I watch less and less tv, and more and more quality programs, like documentaries on BBC. I also watch sic-fi pulp on the Sci-Fi channel, just because i love it! 😉
      Have wonderful sunny weekend!

  4. TWO Friday finishes? You know, I think I’d turn the cheater baby quilt around and show the front, the quilting is very beautiful and more interesting to me than the fabric design!

    • I love the back on that quilt better too, ha ha! It is also flannel, so I could not stop touching it! It is so soft and cuddly!
      I hope to find some great flannel locally so I can use it more.

  5. Oh Esther!!!! I love love love your quilting!!!!!! The large version of the engine is awesome!!! The cookie jar, with the special fabric, had my attention. It’s really a perfect design match and I think it is great!!! The rest is coming along beautifully!!!! Some fun quilting ahead!!!!! Your work is beautiful!!!!!! Hugs………………….

    • Hey hey Doreen!
      You are always so full of compliments! Thank you very much!!!
      I love piecing the big train; about one and a half hour spend one a block of 20×20 inches! I love the BIG results!
      The vintage kitchen fabric also has some utensils on it. I am thinking about how to use those in the other BOM blocks. Don’t know yet. i am making it up as I go! 😉

      • I think we all have come so far in our FMQ skills…….we have critiqued and helped each other to become much more adept at this art!!!! Such a wonderfully blessed group of bloggy friends we have!!!!! Luv you all!!!!!! Hugs to you, dear Esther!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Jessica,
      You know that is a very dangerous thing to do, right?! LOL! I think they would want you to create a train car every day! If you decide to create a train quilt, I would love to see it!!!

    • Hello Kathleen!
      The pattern was a relatively easy to change to fit in the vintage fabric, but it took me a while to line up the fabric so it would look like “just” right with the other big diamond. Lots of trying, folding, sewing and checking (yes, also unpicking, ha ha!)
      bye bye

    • Hello Amanda!
      You know what? I had totally forgotten about it!!! I found it again in my stash while I was rummaging for the Soy Amado quilt drive. Sadly the red border had bled and the white is a bit pinkish now. I have tried to get the pink out, but it must have happened a long while ago, as the pink stayed where it was even after several washings. I had wanted to create a yellow cookie jar, but the pinkish vintage fabric clashed so much, that I used the yellow floral fabric for the background in the block.
      Anyway, it looks alright now, but I reserve judgement on the block until the others are done.
      bye bye

    • Good afternoon Lorna!
      Quilting all of those little projects is really improving the FMQ! I love the fact I can work on something, finish and walk away from the sewing room. I try not to do any FMQ when I am tired. I also love seeing the progress with the blocks up on my design wall now. I had to make some room as there was some other project (not mine) on it! I hope to show pictures soon!

  6. I LOVE your FMQ! Both baby quilts are wonderful. Where do you order your labels from? I also like your cookie jar with the alteration. I’m yet to finish my cookie jar block!

    • Hello Jeneta,
      I have ordered the labels from ” CottonTrends”, but I am not sure how they hold up after several washings. I am trying to use them up and then search for others, maybe a woven label??? I could also try a label that I design myself and have it printed by Spoonflower or something similar!

  7. Love all your finishes, especially the large Locomotive, and yes, I would like a large pattern. Your quilting is awesome! I really need to practice more.

    • Hello Cindy!
      Okay, i will work on the larger train pattern in the next two weeks! I find the blocks for Soy Amado a perfect excuse for quilt practice! The right size, so you are finished before you get tired!

    • Goodmorning Kim!
      Nah, I made the two baby quilts in the last three weeks and the blocks was done two weeks ago…. so actually I have not been doing much on the sewing front, just two bindings, ha ha! A bit too tired from work to do a lot of sewing!
      Thank you for creating the SEWjo link up! Friday Link ups are sometimes a bit to early to show my quilts and ” stuff”. Saturdays are much better!!!

  8. Wow, how fantastic. I have not done any FMQ at all yet. I’ve started hand quilting my first quilt but I’m sending a couple of quilt tops away to be done professionally. I’m so scared I would mess up! I’m trying to find a class locally before I start. Love your whole cloth quilt. I’ve signed up for a day class with a top Welsh hand quilting teacher. I think hand quilting is so relaxing

    • Hello Catherine!
      WOW, handquilting! I do not think I would have the patience for that! I absolutely love that look. Just AMAZING! Just can’t see myself doing it…. but tone year ago that is exactly what I said about FMQ too! See what a year can do?!
      I wish you lots of fun at the class!
      Good luck!

  9. I love your adaptation on the Sew Kitschy Cookie Jar! The diamonds look awesome and all of the fabrics are so pretty!
    Also, the baby quilts are just awesome! So fun and pretty!

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