Sunday Love

Here are more blocks for the Soy Amado quilt. I knew I would not have any time to quilt this week 😦 so I saved these pictures from last week.

Anyway, I hope to be able to a bit of quilting tomorrow and thursday. I still have 4 more blocks to go to get to the 20 needed for the quilt. The new blocks will be similar to these next ones.

For this first block I used very very simple patchwork but let the quilting take over the show. I did start with a stitch-in-the-ditch around the centre, but that was because I had a different plan first. After quilting around the inner shape I changed my plan and this is the result.  When I do this block again I will skip the stitch-in-the-ditch, I think.

Front & back:

































The second block has the same patchwork as the McTavishing blocks, but the quilting is different.

To refresh your memory: here is the McTavish “look” in a contrasting thread.

Here is the same patchwork block  but with a less contrasting thread and a feather heart FMQ. I used a template to draw the heart shape, but the feathers were done freehand.

































Here is the last block. Same set up. I like the upper “feather fingers”  in the heart of the previous block a little bit better.


I LOVE these blocks!


I do not know about you, but I have been having trouble with flickr and the wordpress site.

I discovered that if you do not like the new set up of Flickr you can get the old look back by changing the language on the bottom of the page. It is a really quick fix! I turned it on to German, and now I can just find the web address for the pictures again just like before. WHY DO THEY CHANGE THINGS THAT ARE WORKING JUST FINE???

In wordpress I am having trouble with adding the pictures from flickr. Every picture  ends up on the top of my draft. What is up with that? Who knows how to fix that problem???


Today I went through the house like a tornado. Grabbing STUFF that I do not want anymore, STUFF that can go to a new home, STUFF that is cluttering up my cabinets, STUFF that just needs to go into the trash, STUFF that needs to be recycled…. STUFF, STUFF, STUFF everywhere. It felt really good the do this DEEP CLEANSE, but after doing all of this work, there is not really much to show for it. There is still laundry in the the living room, bags  and bags in the hallway and the vacuum cleaner needs to be set to work. The cabinets do have more space in them though. I am surely not done but I am glad that I got this far.

So, now I am tired! 🙂

I am off to bed!



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30 thoughts on “Sunday Love

  1. They all look so wonderful. Your quilting is quite impressive, my dear!!!! As much as I hate to SID it sure does stabilize things nicely! I have a client’s quilt coming up that I would love to bypass this step but I know I would regret that decision later!!! Beautifully done, Friend!!! Hugs……………

    • Hello Doreen,
      The SID is not my favorite too, but you are so right; it is necessary for stabilizing the fabric. Thank you for cheering me on. I can feel the cheers all over here in Europe, ha ha!

  2. Hello Esther:
    Do the words Soy Amado mean “I am loved”?
    Your quilt radiates a name.. it should be a combination of
    heart, love, warmth, flower and sun.
    Just lovely .. waiting for our spring weather to arrive tomorrow.

    • Yes, the words mean “I am loved”.That is why I chose to use so many hearts in the quilt. One of the block I still have to do will have these words on them. I have no idea how I will dot that. We will see! 🙂
      We have enjoyed wonderful spring weather with temperatures about 20 C for the last couple of days! WOW!!!

  3. I think I like the last heart best… I haven’t worked out how to fix the photo problem yet. Are you working with an Apple Mac? I’m wondering if that’s the problem – I’ve talked to people working on PCs and they’re not having this trouble. I’m on a Mac, and it’s driving me MAD! How did you fix this post – I see you have photos in the middle…?

    • Goodmorning!

      I work on a pc, but switched to a Mac when wordpress was not loading right. Everything was sooooo slow and sometimes the window I was typing in, just disappeared. Working on the Mac solved that problem.

      The Inserting of the pictures was the same on pc and mac. On both, the pictures showed up on top. I then cut & pasted them to the right location. That is why the blogpost looks okay now. It took me about 3 times longer than normal to write the post, and this was a really simple one… Hope that they get this fixed soon.

      I am going to tey using a different internet browser tonight. Maybe that helps?! Now I am using Explorer. I will try Firefox an maybe another. Which one do you use?


  4. Wow Esther. Those kids will feel the love with all those hearts quilted on the blocks. I have been shovelling out my bedroom closet. It feels good to get rid of clutter and pass it along to someone else. Enjoy your week

    • YAY for decluttering. Four bags will go with me to work tomorrow. Good riddance, ha ha! I will have to find a moment were I can bring bags full of clothing, bedding and towels to a local charity. There are only open 2 days week. I wish you a wonderful clean and cheery week too!

    • Pfff, SID! I am not envying you! 🙂 Not my favorite thing to do, but it needs to be done especially when creating a FMQ feather. I have been doodling lots of heart-feathers on paper this last week. Maybe I could use those in the last few blocks I still need to do for the quilt. I will keep you all posted!

    • Ha ha, STUFF is taking over the world!
      This morning when I woke up, it felt a little bit discouraging to still see all of the stuff everywhere. I will be able to hand over two bags to colleagues who could use some items. Most of the other things will be going to a local charity. I still have the kitchen and living room to go through. I hope to create more cabinet space so it will be easier to keep up with these sayings: “Flat surfaces are not storage” and “everthing has a place, and there is a place for everything”

  5. Esther, I am loving your quilting. You should do a solid color quilt and just let your quilting be the star. It’s looking really awesome.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I have been thinking about just that! A wholecloth quilt would be a real challenge and I would have to think about how to tackle a quilt like that. I have some gorgeous antique sheets I could use, but also a silk from Syria. That one is a bit rough to the touch, so i might have to rethink that.
      Anyway…. I will add a wholecloth to my quilty bucket list!

    • Hello Renee!
      Yeah that one is pretty awesome! 🙂 and is was so easy! I went around and around the heart shape on the fabric. There where lots of stopping point so I could reposition my hands.
      I love the effect,

    • Hello Gina!
      You know, that block was pretty easy to do! I just echo quilted around the pattern on the fabric. It created a really cool look! Totally unexpected, but to desired!!!
      Have a wonderful Monday!

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