Spreading the love

What a wonderful Friday!

I have just finished the Soy Amado quilt!


I am so happy with the orange sashing. Orange and blue are opposites in the colour wheel and therefore enhance each other! The quilt now POPS!

Just compare with this picture without the orange!

Much better, right?

Some fabrics in this quilt are new and some are vintage.

The blocks were all quilted before assembly. The orange fabric is the join between the blocks.

I used this video tutorial for the assembly of the blocks. I like the look of this, but came to the conclusion that at certain spots the sewing machine has to go through 10 or more layers of fabric. As I also used a thicker orange fabric instead of the normal quilting cotton, I was worried that my sewing machine would protest. It did not!!! The old Pfaff did the trick! I can’t believe how powerfull that machine is.

I FMQ-ed SOY AMADO on one of the blocks. The letters just about fit the centre of the block. (Oops, I see that I forgot to quilt a little bit near the letter S. I will fix that tomorrow!)

The Soy Amado block and quilt drive is organized by Little Island Quilting in the UK. All of the quilts are going to a project for former street children in Mexico City.  Go and look at all of wonderful scrappy and gorgeously colourful quilts that are being made from blocks from quilters from all over the world. GO!

Many of my blocks were decorated with quilted hearts. I also integrated fabrics with hearts on the front and back of the quilt.

Here are some close ups from before the blocks were assembled:

If you like to read more about all of the different blocks, click here, here or here.

Here is the back of the finished quilt:

The back of the quilt shows all of the FMQ better than the front. I have used a navy thread and a light blue thread.

I used these blocks as practise pieces for FMQ. I am trying to get my version of McTavishing down! 🙂 I sewed along with the McTavish Along at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures. Next Monday we will all start learning a new pattern. Flowers are next! Won’t you join us?



Quilt stats:

– 62,5 x 50 inches

– new and vintage fabric, all cotton.

– Heirloom Hobbs 80/20 batting

– 100% Polyster thread by Amman and Gutermann.


If you like to see more of my Friday Finishes of the last month, please click here and here!


I will be treating myself to a quiet weekend enjoying the clean closets after the “Deep Cleaning of the Spring Purge” of last Sunday!

If I feel like it I will tackle the kitchen cabinets next…. big BIG maybe!




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41 thoughts on “Spreading the love

  1. It turned out wonderful, Esther!! The quilting and colors, you made a fantastic quilt–I hope it is treasured for a long time.

  2. Hello Esther:

    T.G.I.F. WOW! This quilt looks all dressed up with the orange piping. It reminds me of a Mondriaan painting with its fresh and linear lines. It will make the receiving child oh so very, very happy. I can only imagine the smiles. Keep up the great work. Annie

    • Hello Annie!
      I adore the fact that the quilt looks so fresh and joyful! I am happy I was able to participate in this block and quilt drive for this charity. It just feels right.
      Hugs and kisses

    • Hello Cynthia!
      Thank you very much! I was a bit worried that the quilt would become “too blue” with all of the blue fabrics. I am glad that the orange and red make the quilt more cheerful. I am also really pleased with how the FMQ patterns work together. It is a real mix of traditional and modern patterns. It feels a bit symbolic to me: the quilt was made with old and new fabric, made with my grandmother’s Pfaff and my own Janome! 🙂

  3. Wow! The orange looks great, but your free motion quilting is AMAZING! What awesome work! I’m curious how much of it was done on marked lines and how much was freehand.

    • Hello Sarah!
      Nice to meet you Sarah!
      I only marked the heart shapes (paper template), the circles (a bowl) , squares and the letters (paper template). The squares I stitched with a regular sewing foot, but all of the other stichwork was done with a “darning foot” on the old Pfaff. It has a oval opening for the needle and hops up and down a bit. It is very similar to a FMQ foot on the modern sewing machines, but it can not be adjusted in hight. All of the stitching, except for the shapes I mentioned above, was done freehand. I would not attempt FMQ on larger pieces than the blocks as the harp space of the Pfaff is not big enough. But for 12,5 x 12,5 inches blocks it is fine.
      Bye bye

    • Good evening Claire!
      I love how everything came together with this quilt: the fabric finds, the orphan blocks, the quilt along etc. etc.! Since I started reading quilt blogs I have always wanted to do a charity quilt. I am so glad I did, and I am sure I will again.
      Thank you for leaving such a kind comment.

    • Hi Bea!
      Thank you for commenting on the back of the quilt. I really made an effort the create something interesting even with mostly solid fabrics.
      Bye bye

    • Hello Teje,
      Thank youfor dropping by even when you are traveling! I so enjoyed your picture of the Marimekko store!!! I have found a vintage Marimekko dress a while ago and will be using the fabric in a quilt. The shirt was already “hacked” so I feel fine chopping it up for fabric. The sleeves have been removed and it has been shortened a bit.
      Have a great trip!

      • Thank you Esther! That dress was a great find – I can imagine you could use it for pouches etc. x Teje

    • Hello Jen!
      Yes, indeed; I am very pleased with this quilt! I have never undertaken such a large charity project and was pretty pleased that I could use a large part of my orphan blocks and add some new blocks to get to 20 blocks.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Esther ……..absolutely gorgeous quilt and quilting. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial reference its great and very clear. Have a great day …..Marie xxx

  5. Esther, this quilt is glorious, front AND back! The orange makes it just pop, perfect. The child that get’s this is never going to want to ever give it up!

  6. Esther, this is fabulous! You’re completely right about the orange really setting off the quilt just right. It’s all so beautiful. Congrats.

  7. Oh my!! Your quilting is stunning! I can’t wait to lurk around here for design ideas to try 😉 The orange borders really made it special.

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