This weekend we went to IKEA. I found some great cotton fabric on sale. It was a precut package of 44×197″ for just 15 euros!!! The cotton feels really nice, and is not so translucent as the famous words fabric you see on so many quilts.

I bought the goldfish cotton fabric in the middle of the picture below.

I also saw the left design in the store. I am guessing the one on the right has sold out.

I “stole” the picture  from this blog, because I could not get a good one of the IKEA site properly. There are lots of other very pretty pictures of other items from the same collection in that blogpost, too!

Somehow I totally missed this collection at the IKEA store…and I am there once every two months I think.  I so love the esthetics of this collection. So, the fabric was on sale: 25% off! The original price was not bad either; 5 meters for 15 euros is a tremendous bargain!

I am guessing you could find the repeat in the pattern to create a bigger piece, like for the back of a quilt. I think it would be fabulous as a quilt top too! I adore the big circles; they remind me of Japanese Sashiko Quilting. Each circle is about 17″ in diameter.

On the IKEA website it says:

A collection with world-wide inspiration

The TRENDIG 2013 collection is a fusion of Chinese culture and Scandinavian design. From bamboo stools to serving bowls decorated with goldfish silhouettes, this special limited collection showcases the best design elements from these far apart areas of our world.

This is what I have been working on these last few days. I am taking it slow.

It will be become a miniquilt for a friend. I found a free pattern of a bluebird on Craftsy here.

I am using magnetic bookmarks to keep the paper pieces together. I also have found these magnets very handy for organizing strips of fabric. Those always entangle on me! The magnet can only handle three thin layers of cotton, but that is enough for keeping my stash tidy when working.  I found these magnets at the local HEMA store, but I bet you could find them in any bookstore or stationary store.

These are decorated with cute 30’s reproduction flowers like you see on fabrics. Totally hip!


This weekend I  worked on a variation of the “Rambling Rose” FMQ pattern.

This was my original:

This is the variation with some leaves thrown in the mix.

The leaves were a bit difficult to plan sometimes and I had to backtrack once or twice, but overall I like this variation much better than the original. There is more variation in density. It looks like a real drawing instead of an overall pattern.

I adore the romantic look of these roses. I never thought I would, ha ha!

But there you go; I LOVE modern, I LOVE exotic, I LOVE traditional and I (unexpectedly) LOVE romantic too!


I am linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday here. And of course with Fabric Tuesday  and Linky Tuesday!

24 thoughts on “Trendy

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  2. Hello Esther:

    Your bluebird pattern reminds me of another one.
    Love the progression of sophistication in your rambling rose design. It is not only romantic, but also classical.. it has a bit of a 1930’s look… would look great on a velvety couch…..

    • Ha ha, yes it reminded me of another bird too! :-)))
      I will be doing threadpainting on this bird too and will be looking back at the bird pillow I made for you for inspiration!
      Hugs and kisses

  3. I do like your addition of leaves to the rambling rose! Like you, I love looking at it all. Even when I thought there was a movement afoot that I didn’t like, next thing I’d know was that there was a quilt in that style that I loved. I may not like doing it all though.

    • Inspiration come from all over for me too! I adore looking at English Paper Piecing, but I know that it is not ever going to be a project that I would like to take on. Same with crazy quilting, love it, but do not want to do it! But… you never know, maybe some day in the future I feel like trying these techniques out!
      Have a wonderful day!

    • Wow, 4 hours is way to much! The IKEA is about 5 minutes from my home, that is why I drop in regulary.
      Thank you very much Carla for leaving your kind comment!

    • Hello Raewyn!
      These Linky Parties are the best excuse for playing around with fabric!!!
      I adore the bluebird too. I think I will have to add some darker thread to its light gray belly as it is now of the same colour value as the background.
      Bye bye

  4. I really like the version with the leaves. More garden-like: flowers, leaves and drops of water. That’s just how I see it…
    Beautiful work!

  5. Wow! The roses are fantastic! It’s funny what we get into sometimes isn’t it? I’m stll shocked that I have pink hearts and flowers in my stash – on purpose – and cant wait to use them. hahahah!

    My closest Ikea is about 3 hours away. The last few times I’ve been, the fabric selection was really small not so cotton like. I should stop in next time I’m headed that way cause I really like those fish!

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