Catching up

I took it really… S…L…O…W…

… but I finally finished the bluebird mini quilt!

I liked working on some PP again after taking time off from my trains in the Chugging Along Paper Piecing Pattern.

It has a sleeve at the back, that I still have to handstitch down.

I used the same light purple Aurifil Polyester thread for the FMQ pebbles and the stippling.

The green border I filled with more Rambling Rose FMQ.  It is sadly not very visible… I should know better than to create something so dense on a busy and high contrast fabric. Please imagine that the FMQ in de border looks a bit like this:

In this old W.I.P. picture you can see that I used two different blue fabrics for the feathers and that the light gray fabric for the underside of the bird was darkened considerably by the threadpainting I did.

Look how well these blue fabrics work together:

The top fabric is “Island Paradise Cayuga 6831” by Northcott.

The bottom fabric “Tidings of Great Joy” by J. Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures, I believe.

I tried to create feathers on the blue wings of the bird, seen better from the back!

Sadly the tension on the old Pfaff was acting up while I was trying to darker the bottom of the bird with the thread painting.

Not so pretty, but we Dutch say “Daar wonen geen mensen.” = “People do not live there. ”    Meaning nobody will look at/care about the back.

I did have some trouble working with the pattern. Some of the pieces just did not want to line up. Don’t know why, must be me! 😉

While FMQ on the bird, I also had trouble with the bulkiness the many tiny pieces of fabric had created. I even broke a needle! After changing to a JEANS needle, everything went fine, but I stayed away from the bulky areas. I would recommend to keep the quilting very simple with a Paper Piecing pattern like this.

This mini will be  gift for a friend. Recently she celebrated her birthday and I had wanted to have it done then. Sadly I could not finish on time due to some vertigo problems I have been having   (Health: nothing dangerous , just very annoying! Everything back to normal now mostly!)

The bluebird is a symbolic gift. I read somewhere that dreaming about bluebirds can be a explained as a symbolic representation of hard work and new beginnings.

On the day of the party my friend heard that there had been a fire in the building where she holds her office. I had intended the bluebird as a gift for her hard work for her company and new beginnings in the future.  How appropriate this bluebird has become?! Her office will be cleaned soon I hope and she can go back to work!

This mini is the second attempt at thread painting. I did much more thread painting on the very first project (also a bird as you can see below) but I did not dare on the second because off the needle breaking early on in the FMQ process.


While cleaning up my fabrics after the Paper Piecing this week I discovered I had forgotten to show you the new fabrics I have collected these last couple of weeks.

I only know the names of the 1st and 3rd fabric. The others are new fabrics I bought in a local quilt shop, but sadly there is no text on the selvages.

1. Daydreams Wonder yellow 27173 12 Moda

3. Jinny-Jou – Sow the Love

This wonderful vintage apron has already been cut up for my cookie jar of the  Sew Kitschy BOM organized by Kristy of Quietplay.

Lots of the new stash was used on the blocks!

Before I forget; I found this vintage fabric in a second-hand market for just 50 cents. It is a dress-like shirt by Marimekko that someone cut up badly… no more sleeves and it has been shortened.

50 cents people… 50 cents!

Wonderful quality cotton in safron!!!    L.O.V.E.!!!

I am trying to do some research into what this piece of clothing originally looked like and how old it is. I will keep you posted!


This week these new beauties were added to my stash:

1. Kaffe Fassett; Antwerp flowers PWGP139-bluex

2. Philip Jacobs: Painted daisy PWPJ057-magen

3. Westminster Fibers, Sugar Hill Lantern white PWTW045-white

And  an Amy Butler charm pack  which may be combined with the solids from my stash on the right. Maybe…

And finally I wanted to let you all know that my Soy Amado quilt has arrived at the local address here in the Netherlands and it will be arriving in Mexico soon I hope.

Before I shipped it off I took some more pictures:

I received a postcard back letting me know they received the quilt. To my surprise the recipient is a purser from our Royal Dutch Airlines KLM. It is good to know that this company is helping us all to get these quits to Mexico!

Thank you KLM!

Okay, now I have finally caught up with showing you all of my projects!


Tomorrow is prom-night for the senior kids here at school. Time to get my fancy dress out and try walking in the high heels again…

Bye bye!



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Paper piecing Party this week at Where Jane Creates

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13 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Your second bird quilt looks lovely. We have a bird here called a blue jay; it comes in the spring. It is much larger and more agressive then other wild birds. One of them has been fighting with my cardinals! I will try to send you a picture of a blue jay. There is also a smaller version called a Florida gray jay.
    Keep up your beautiful work!

  2. The great thing about not posting for a while is that you have a lot to show when you do! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next now that the Soy Amado quilt is done.

  3. Wow! Heels!!! I haven’t worn those in……..well, let’s just say a while!!! Your projects are wonderful. I haven’t tried thread painting, at least densely, yet but can certainly understand the “needle thing”. Love your border FMQ pattern……next time you’ll let it show off better, I’m sure!!! Busy gal!!!! Hugs……………..

  4. Love that bluebird! He’s beautiful! The thread painting adds such a nice texture–and I completely agree that PP blocks should be quilted lightly and/or with heavier needle and caution! haha, I usually just do some minimal stitch in the ditch for the main area and whatever around it.

  5. Wow, quite a show your put on today! Your thread painting is so cool, and I enjoyed seeing your new stash additions, esp Sow the Love. Have a good weekend!

  6. I love how you added the thread painting to your bird, he’s lovely!
    Great stash additions too and you Sew Kitschy blocks are looking awesome.
    Thanks for linking up.

  7. Wow Esther your projects are just beautiful!! I simply love the Bluebird (of course) and your cardinal thread painting is awesome as well. Thanks for sharing them — so glad I checked out last weeks’ NTT. Karen

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