May Break

We are in the middle of our May Break: two weeks of well deserved rest before “all hell” breaks loose! In the middle of May the final exams take place for our senior students in school. Until then I am enjoying myself with small odd jobs in my house and cleaning up the sewing room. That last task was finished this morning, luckily!  Hey, clean surfaces again! Yippee!!!

Of course, some quilting did take place too these last couple of days! Here is proof:

My friend Angelique already created a blue and white tablerunner last year, but this year she wanted to create another one. This is her second quilt project ever. I did the cutting of the fabric … of course I messed up big time! (Why can I do complicated stuff, but the easy things like measuring trip me up? Too eager to start, maybe?!) Anyway, we “made it work” and Angelique did all of the piecing herself. She selected this FMQ pattern for the quilt.

Which I love!

Here is my handiwork:

The quilting is actually finished by now, but I am enjoying my free time to much to go and retake the pictures, ha ha!

The light blue fabric with the ferns was the hardest to quilt. The thread really disappeared into it. This light blue fabric has GLITTER on it! Angelique fell in love with this fabric, but it is one I would not have selected at all (to say it mildly…). But while working with it, it was kind of growing on me, especially with the next project Angelique started!

Before I show you that one, here is the back of the table runner… more glitter fabric!

See the glitter?

So , we had lots of the glitter fabric left over… and we started working on Christmas stockings, LOL! Last year Angelique saw my stockings and wanted to create her own.

Here are mine:

Angelique wanted a more elf-like stocking and we decided on a pattern from Modkid by Patty Young. It is a free download  from the Baby Lock  website from 2012. To go directly to the pdf, click here.

With the rest of the glitter fabric we will be able to make 4 stockings. Angelique is perfecting her straight stitch quilting using tape get equal distances.

I did some fancy stitching on another piece.

Here the fabric feels right for me…. some elf will be prancing around with glitter boots!

I used a old white piece of cloth for the back of each stocking part. It quilted up beautifully. Shame it is the inside, ha ha!

Angelique and I will go out and hunt for some vintage lace to use for the cuffs on these stockings. I think these lacy glittery stockings will look right at home in her beautiful house come Christmas time!

A few months ago I wanted to “do something” with testblocks of my paper pieced stars. I put some borders around them… and then I put them all into a closet because I did not know what do further.

They came out of the closet this week!

I am thinking I should try a more improv quilt and use these blocks.

I am also tempted to do a medallion style quilt with this flower star in the centre.

What do you think? Scrappy quilt, or medallion quilt?

I would love to do more with the fabrics from my bundle above!

I just had a peek to see what the fifth block is!

I am off now to download this new pattern!

But before I sign off, I wanted to tempt you with this picture from my latest blogpost! These cups were drawn with a 3D pen! (No, I did not draw them, but I wish I did!)

Have a wonderful week!!!


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19 thoughts on “May Break

  1. Those orphan blocks would make a beautiful autumn-themed quilt if you have any more gold/orange/brown print fabrics. And think of the lovely leaf patterns you could quilt, tumbling down like autumn leaves.

  2. Lots of great projects Esther. You are so talented! Tough decision on those blocks. I can see them used both ways. I know inspiration will strike and you will create something amazing!

  3. You’ve been so busy and productive! I especially like those orange/yellow blocks! I’m really into medallion quilts right now, but it looks like you have a really good start on a sampler!

    • Yep, both could be pretty! I may put them all away again for a while, ha ha! I have already been sucked into another project that requires some set-up attention for the next comple of weeks!
      Thanks for the advice!
      Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. you have been so busy! your quilting on the blue quilt looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see your text blocks put into a quilt. They’re going to look fabulous!

    Thank you so much for partying at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for you lovey comment. I still do not know what to do with the testblocks. I may have them on the design wall for a little bit longer to look at. In the mean while I will be working on another block-project that is a bit simpler . Sometimes I just want to do simple patterns for a while. Inspiration for the testblocks will strike when strike some of these days!
      Bye bye

    • I believe those stockings will be gorgeous too! I am glad that we started early in the year with them, because I know that other people will want them too. I do not want to still be sewing stockings in the middle of December, ha ha! We just got a half year head start! 🙂

  5. Youre so skilled with the FMQ. I love how even and thoughtful your patterns are.

    By the by – I totally dig glitter fabric! Throw a few hot fix crystals in there and you’ve really got something in my wheel house!

    • Ha ha, I though you would like the glitter fabric. I just goes to show that I must reserve judgment on fabric until I have seen in quilted up! I am just glad that the glitter does not come off much! I am not in the mood for a glitter floor, ha ha!

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