Quilt-ish #3

It is time again for some more lovely quilt-ish inspiration from the internet! These quilt-ish posts are all about patterns, designs and colours! I do my best to collect wonderful pictures and videos that can be an inspiration for quilters and non-quilters!

How about a pebble teacup or a McTavish cup?


These wonderful objects are drawn with a 3D pen! It works just like a 3D printer, but you have a pen in your hands that eminates the molten plastic. You can drawn almost anything in 3D! The pen that was used to create to above cups is a LIX 3D pen and it looks like the most lightweight 3D pen around.

Oh , I could just image using a pen like this on art quilt! 3D awesomeness!

There is a video showing how the pen works.It is just like magic; you draw a line from the table upwards and the line stays put, even at an angle!  I would like to suggest you start the video at 01:35 min.

Let me say it one more time: AWESOME!

More awesomeness:

How about some FMQ shoes to strut those quiltmarket floors? This high heeled beauty is by the British luxury shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood!   All I can say is: “Bring your credit card!”

In April 2014 the Belgium musician Stromae released a fashion collection that sold out within days. The collection was designed in cooperation with Coraline Barbier. It has strong geometric patterns that also are a bit African. The clothes are very similar to the outfits he wears in his video clips (if not the same). Stromae has been on the top of the hit list since 2010 and I am a fan!

The fashion line was for men and women, young and old. The collection contains shirts and socks. You can buy them online and in a store called Hunting and Collecting in Brussels.

Here are some more detailed shots of the patterns.

Did you spot that the pattern is and adult with a child?

This shirt was worn by Stromae in his video clip “Papaoutai”. I have found a clip that has English subtitles as Stromae sings in French. You can set the subtitles to English right underneath the video. The music is very modern and his lyrics are very strong. Please if you watch the clip, do so until the very end. The song is about absent fathers. The young boy in the clip wishes he could have a parent like the other kids, who teaches him “how to move through life” (as I interpret it). The whole thing is set in an idyllic suburb with very cute tiny cars. Yes, it looks very cutesy, but the message surely is not. Kids do as they are taught.

Another recent song by Stromae is about “all men being the same” (“Tous les memes”). He portrays the male and female role in the video clip. It is easy to see which role he is playing by looking at the background colour: blue-green is for the male perspective, the purple-pink colour signals the female role. (This clip is not about crossdressing but about telling a story from different points of view.)

These hearts look like to designs by the Dutch artist M.C.Escher, don’t they?

There is some more Escher inspired design I wanted to share today. As you may remember; in March this year the Nuclear Top was held in The Hague. The logo (underneath)  for the international summit was designed by graphic artist Marieke de Beurs-Brommersma who works for the company Thonik.

The logo starts with the quite stark lines and triangles and flows into doves of peace. Just like in the above Escher designs!


This floating birds in the logo reminds me of a collage done by the famous artist Henri Matisse from 1947. It is calles “Polynesia, The Sky”

This large original paper artwork was recreated into a quilt by Fran Soika in 1981 (Novelty, Ohio).

The label at the back:

This quilt is featured in the book “Quilts – Masterpieces from the American Folk Art Museum” written by Elizabeth V. Warren, which I own. I have found an article on this book here.

There is enough inspiration out there to quilt a 1000 years… or more! 🙂

Have wonderful weekend!



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15 thoughts on “Quilt-ish #3

  1. Pingback: May Break | ipatchandquilt

    • Matisse is one of my favorite artists! I once saw a big exhibition on him and I came home very inspired! I must dig out that book I bought there and look at it again! It was fabulous!

  2. Wow .. you are radiating with artistic inspirations .. your mind must be on vacation to come across so many connections between art and quilting. Very obvious that you love it!

  3. I have loved Escher work for what feels like forever. It was so fun to see this collection and to see Henri Matisse’s work come to life in a quilt!

    • Hello again!
      I love it when “everything comes back to quilting” when I do these posts! Art, design, pattern: all one big pool of inspiration!
      Bye bye

    • Thank you very much Susan!
      I love doing these; it resembles very much how I teach at school. I talk from one item to another to come back to where I started. Here that is quilting! I love how quilting is training my eye to see more connections between art forms!

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