BLOCK-aliscious #2

Hello hello!

Last weekend I started a new project and wrote this “mission statement”:

“I will be patching HST blocks on a regular basis for the next couple of months.  I will be using this schematic for the lay out of the blocks. I will be selecting the blocks randomly. I will be doing the blocks in a navy, blue and white combination as in a sweet and soft colour palette. So there will be two sets of the blocks in the end. There may be 16 blocks of one kind at the end of this project, but it is also possible that I will do all 72 in both colour schemes! The blocks will be on “show” in a special blog page. Maybe you want to quilt along with me?”

It is Sunday morning here and it is time for another BLOCK-aliscious. And here my second block: block number 8-4!

The red stickers indicate the direction of the pressed seam.

Here is the more colourful block in two different colour lay outs.


I decided on this!

Next week I will show you this cute block:

   Block 8-7

Have a great new week!


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10 thoughts on “BLOCK-aliscious #2

  1. I like the high contrast version better, I think maybe the design may get a bit lost with the patterned paler fabrics. Also, I’m a sucker for blue and white!

  2. Love the blue one the best. I thought this would be good pratice so I started on mine in red and BW. I started at 1-1. Is it better to press our seams open or not when you end up with so bulk from intersecting points.

    • If you decide to quilt these blocks heavily I would indeed open the seams. (Also if you want to send it to a longarmer, i guess) I will be doing straight quilting about a quarter inch away from the seams I think. (Or maybe something that does not “hit” the corners) I do not think it really matters much, just do whatever feels right for you!
      I have noticed that the seam can get very bulky with my method. In the last step of joining the two rectangles into a square I do press the seam open.

  3. An interesting idea using only HSTs in all the blocks for a quilt. I also prefer the effect of the navy and white combination, but from just one block it’s hard to see how the pastel blocks will combine. Am I right in understanding that the red stickers mean you press those seams TOWARDS the light fabric?
    Good luck with the rest of your project.

    • Hello Marly!
      The red stickers indicate which direction the seam is pressed when attaching two squares/rectangles. I am not talking about the seam of the two triangles that make up the HST. I always try to press towards the dark fabric.
      With some blocks this is not possible as I have noticed already. So the stickers “count” for the squares and not the triangles!
      Hope this helps!

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